Report: Suh unlikely to be suspended

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As the football-following world waits to see what the NFL will do about Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh’s most recent dirty play, it makes sense to give credence to any reporting done by the media company owned and operated by the NFL.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports that it’s unlikely that Suh will be suspended for a low hit behind the play on Vikings center John Sullivan.  Presumably, the NFL would have something to say to its employee if its employee were dead wrong on a matter this significant.

If it’s true that a suspension is unlikely, it’s also unfortunate.  Suh was suspended two games in 2011 for a pro-wrestling style half-hearted stomp on the arm of Packers offensive lineman Evan Dietrich-Smith.  The illegal hit on Sullivan was far more likely to cause injury, and in turn to limit or end Sullivan’s career.

Between the two incidents, Suh applied a foot to Texans quarterback Matt Schaub in a way that will make it far more likely to allow him to hit those really high notes.

In many respects, Suh’s most recent hit is the manifestation of the kind of cheap shots a bounty system encourages.  If players and coaches are going to be suspended for words that could lead to such outcomes, players should be suspended for actions that actually do.

Especially in light of Suh’s history of infractions.

This one is a no-brainer.  Suh should be suspended.  NBC’s Rodney Harrison, who once was suspended for a game based on a series of illegal hits, strongly believes that a suspension is warranted.  During Monday’s Pro Football Talk on NBCSN, Harrison suggested a four-game suspension for Suh.

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  1. Why would he be suspended?

    Obviously the ref made a mistake on the call, and upon viewing the replay the NFL sees that the Vikings player was just overreacting, trying to cover up for his unbelievably horrid QB. 

    At least the Vikings looked really good in that game, other than that play.



  2. come on packer fans lets see what you have to say to this? I believe he should be suspended myself, just like what looney did to williams how sad if nothing happens again I feel its because its the vikings, it seems not many care for them, they are a team just like any in the nfl.

  3. This is yet another Suh storm cloud generated by the media. You love him when he’s on your team, hate him when he’s not. I’ve never seen a player so blatantly misconstrued…#sheep

  4. Get over it. No one was injured. Sullivan neither was injured nor did he miss a play. He in fact forgave Suh. It was an unnecessary block that cost the Lions a TD and field position. Probably a fine as well. A suspension? Really? If you’re an upcoming team on the Lions schedule you probably think Suh needs a suspension. The rest of reality disagrees. Anything to take away the fact the the Lions just beat down a playoff team from a year ago. Whatever makes you sleep better at night I suppose…

  5. I was just going to say before reading what Rodney Harrison said, should be a 4 game suspension. This guy won’t learn from the fines, that’s pretty clear. If he’s off the field, then maybe it’ll sink into his head that he can’t do these things.

  6. Florio, I usually respect your view but this time, you are simply wrong. There was nothing malicious at all regarding the hit when you watch it in full speed. Certainly nothing different than what goes on at every other game each week. Your view is skewed by your personal opinion of the man.

  7. So much for not taking stupid penalties. What did they talk about in his players only meeting? How to cover your elbow pad in plaster of Paris?

  8. okay hyzer what if sullivan would have been injured so what he is a viking suh, has done plenty of dirty hits, you lion fans are starting to be alot like the packer fans. If Felton would have been in the game it would maybe have turned out different as he is adrians blocker, and we were missing williams also from what looney did.

  9. Lighten up Suh Haters. If you want his scalp, I’m sure he’ll do something else this year to warrant a suspension. And if he doesn’t—isn’t that what you light-weights want—I mean to clean up his act?

    Shouldn’t that make everybody happy?

  10. Suh has yet to hurt anyone for longer than 2 seconds. Big brother noogies have applied more pain to third graders than Suh has to opposing players on his supposed cheap shots. None of his supposed cheap shots will even contribute to long term brain injury the NFL is worried about. A suspension for what could have happened makes no sense when what could have happened never happens.

    The hit on Sullivan is no more likely to end or limit Sullivan’s career as the hits Sullivan delivers legally a few times a game.

  11. 4 games is that a JOKE?!? For a block behind the play where no one was injured? Meanwhile Fabio gets to take HGH and WWF QBs way out of bounds, punch another player and no one is calling for a single game. Double standards much?

  12. I am not a fan of either team, but Suh is a piece of crap, sooner or later he will really hurt somebody because he cannot control his anger–if he was a 3rd rate player, this would be handled completely different–one of the things I really dont like about the NFL these days.

  13. About time for Suh to tell everyone he isn’t a dirty player again, even though all evidence is to the contrary.

  14. Knee contusion. Not an injury according to delusion fans. Was no where near the play and drove right into the side of his knee. Intent was clear.

    He obviously doesn’t get the point in fines, suspend him. See if he’s dumb enough to keep doing it after that. He’s about as good as he is stupid…

  15. Rodney Harrison talking about Suh? Pot meet Kettle?

    Suh haters gonna hate.

    He didn’t do anything different that other guys have done.

    Get over it people. Go witch hunt somewhere else.

  16. The idiot internet bloggers are really going after Suh hard. You want a suspension for a play that happens 5 times in every game? What’s next, suspensions for holding or pass interference? Get over yourselves.

  17. Aww, sorry Florio. I know you get a lot of page hits when Suh gets in trouble, but there’s just nothing to see here.

  18. you’re writing continues to amaze me. now ths lions have a bounty system and their target is the Vikings center and not Peterson, Ponder, Allen, Jennings. interesting….

  19. Since when has Suh achieved greatness in the NFL? Stomping on guys thar are down? Cutting opposing linemen when they’re not even in the play? He’s a loser that plays on a team full of losers.

  20. What Claire Matthews did was worse this weekend, but Suh has history so he should be suspended. Because obviously Schwartz isn’t (hasn’t ever) done anything about it

  21. If this was the first time Suh took a cheap shot it wouldn’t be a big deal. But it is an established pattern of behavior. He never shows any remorse, just gives BS excuses. His coach does nothing to stop this crap (and almost certainly encourages it behind closed doors). Another slap on Suh’s wrist won’t change anything. Maybe an additional suspension would get his and his no-class coach’s attention.

  22. There was never any chance that he was going to be suspended. Any suggestion that he was going to be was pure sensationalism on the part of the media. This wouldn’t have even been discussed if it was anyone other that Suh. I think I speak for all Lions fans when I say that we’re very sick of the media bias against Suh. Enough is enough.

  23. A legitimate fine is necessary but a suspension is going too far. Lions fans need to be quiet about the media coming after Suh. He brings this on himself for for doing things exactly like this and then acting like he doesn’t know what people are talking about.

  24. Forrest Gump said it best – stupid is as stupid does, and Suh just keeps on showing his stupidity. His collective body of work when it comes to dirty plays in the short amount of time he has been in the league is virtually unprecedented.

    I am not surprised. It was only a matter of time, and when you play for a coach that obviously condones this type of play, it is to be expected. But it isn’t professional, and the guy is a bum.

    I saw the play. All the talent in the world, but has a goose egg in stats in this game against a division rival, this is how he chooses to act. You must be proud, Schwartz. He is doing all of this on your watch.

  25. I dont get the venom, really I dont. It looked like he dived at him to block him and hit him in the thigh. The player grabbed the knee but I never saw conract to the knee.

    I have seen much worse and it never get called.

    Next headline: Suh is the devil!

  26. Dude, you obviously have a hard on against the Lions. There was nothing malicious about that hit. I love reading NFL SportsTalk, but your bias is obvious. It’s seriously impeding my ability to enjoy reading your articles. Why don’t you focus on the crappy Jets like you always do?

  27. It’s amazing to me that everyone hates on Suh. Let’s consider the late hit on Stafford not only the hit to the helmet but also taken out behind the knees by 2 vikings after the ball was gone! That was pretty uncalled for and to me that’s dirty. Late hits are just as much a dirty play! And of course He’s dirty right? No. He plays hard with passion and drive. And I totally agree with hyzerz! All you haters are are afraid of us or jealous…most likely both. And to vikingsfan…you’re just salty because in spite of everything we still played 60 better than you, overcame so much, stuffed the mvp on 17 of 19 touches, and ultimately…Sent Em Home crying even after they nullified 3 tds. You should be grateful they did because Minn would’ve been blownout! So waa waa waa…cry me a Adrian Peterson river!

  28. This hit was absolutely unnecessary due to the fact Levy wasn’t going to be caught. However if you watch the hit in slow motion, it didn’t land on the knee. It was clearly above the knee but below the waist on the upper thigh.

  29. He should obviously be suspended, he is such a dirty player… Thanks NFL you are now 2 for 2..

  30. Looked like a clean hit to me. I just think Vikings fans like to cry about things.

    But hey, how about those draft picks?

    How many sacks did Floyd have? How many long TDs did Cordarelle have? How many picks did Rhodes have?

    Lookin’ good!

    Almost as good as Peterson after that first play. What was it? 15 yards on 17 carries?

  31. But… but… but… what about that baseless article you just wrote on how we shouldn’t be surprised if he’s suspended?

  32. I think it’s hard to suspend a guy for poor blocking form when he doesn’t work on blocking on a regular basis.

    Fine Suh, sure. Do the crime, do the time. But even Sullivan says he doesn’t think Suh meant to hurt him. A suspension would be warranted if and only if there was intent to injure – which the plaintiff themselves absolved Suh of with his own words. in this case.

  33. I think it was a pretty dirty play by Suh, but I agree with the non-suspension. And Rodney Harrison calling ANYONE out for dirty play is hilarious. But he should know, he could teach a class on how to be a cheap-shot artist scumbag.

  34. I like Suh, but he has got to get control of his aggressions. He is on the road to seriously injuring someone with a dirty play. That style does not have to be part of the game. Suh has Hall of Fame talent….hope he makes it.

  35. There was never any chance that he was going to be suspended. Any suggestion that he was going to be was pure sensationalism on the part of the media. This wouldn’t have even been discussed if it was anyone other that Suh. I think I speak for all Lions fans when I say that we’re very sick of the media bias against Suh. Enough is enough.

  36. Lions fan here. I think a four game suspension is crazy but I could understand one. I don’t think he was trying to hurt anyone but it was a dumb and absolutely unnecessary hit.

  37. Not a Suh or Lions fan, but the team voting him a captain speaks volumes. I’d love to have him on my team. Couldn’t care less about the media analyzing every play to see if it could be considered ‘dirty’.

  38. I don’t know how you can make “player safety” a huge deal, but not suspend a guy for diving into the back of someone’s knee. That play was pointless, dangerous and dirty. Diving at a guys knee from behind…no place for that in the game.

  39. I agree with Florio a 101% on this one. The video of the low block delivered by Suh speaks for itself. That, coupled with Suh’s well-known history, weighs heavily in favor of at least a one-game suspension here. If the league does not suspend Suh, then what does that say about how seriously the NFL takes player safety?

  40. The anti-Suh agenda is unreal. It was not a dirty play. It was stupid and unnecessary, but if you watch the play in full speed its clear hes just trying to lay a block on Sullivan while Sullivan moves sideways and forwards. Suh misses and gets him in the legs. He’s a terrible blocker, sure. Fine him, but a suspension and this label as world’s dirtiest player is absurd.

  41. If bostic gets a $21,000 fine for a text book hit, suh better get a $75,000 + fine for an illegal cheap shot. Just sayin.

  42. What do this scumb bag have to do before Goodell throw his a%$ out for a season. I dont like Suh and thats to put it nicely. He’s going to try to hurt the wrong player and one of them will put him out for good.

  43. Give it a rest already. We get it Suh is the dirtiest player in the world. Guess what it’s football. Everyone on here hating on him would love to have him on their team. I know I’m glad he’s on mine.

  44. My comment that supported Suh was taken down. Biased much? Carry on, continue your crusade against him, even though he was aiming for the guy’s waist, not his knees.

  45. Clay Matthews should’ve been ejected from the game and then fined as I believe it was his first such dirty act. Suhsie has a history of it (as Florio pointed out) and it is obvious that the fines he garners are not deterrents to him. With an escalation of Suhsie’s dirty actions should come an escalation of the penalties. The NFL only proves themselves to be hypocrites for giving lip service to player safety when it involves “a star player” but let it be a backup player and the NFL can’t wait to prove how serious they are about player safety. To the one poster (hyzers) who made the asinine comment, ” get over it, Sullivan wasn’t injured” …all I can say is, what an idiot. Rules and laws don’t exist just in case of “injury”, they are the freakin rules you imbecile.

  46. It wasn’t a bad hit though. Watch it again and again and again. He shouldn’t have bothered, but it wasn’t a bad hit. Good call on not suspending. Lion’s owned AP and will own all others after him this season.

  47. The dude is dumb, easy as that…. he is also one of the most talent players on Sunday.

    He should be suspended internally by his coach. Bench him for the 1st quarter week 2. He cost his team a TD and then a turnover happened and the Vikes scored. He needs to be taught a lesson, cuz obviously fining a young multi-millionaire doesn’t hammer home

  48. I can’t stand the over-hyping machine that a lot of media is today. Suh has definitely had some cheap shots, but many of the incidents like this one, the Cutler “fore arm shiver” or Marion Barber’s hair pull (part of the uniform) were part of the game. If he’s going for the guys legs, I think it is cheap but if he was trying to take him out legitimately, it is football. I think I’ve seen the same football move tens of times over the last few years and no one was calling for suspensions.

  49. “In many respects, Suh’s most recent hit is the manifestation of the kind of cheap shots a bounty system encourages.”

    So, you’re insinuating the Lions use a bounty system? This is some crap journalism, Florio. You wonder why people don’t trust the media in this country. Just make things up as you go.

  50. Definitely a bad play by Suh and he has done some crazy stuff. A fine should definitely be in play but not a suspension. Clay Matthews pulled a QB down by his neck out of bounds and nobody is talking suspension.

  51. I love it how on one hand the media proclaims the NFL is being wussified, and on the other they get excited when a throw back player gets suspended.

    Amazing hypocrisy.

  52. How do you defend a guy who is named captain, holds a players only meeting about stupid penalties, etc (see recent NBCST post re:Suh)…and then cuts a Center on an INT behind the play. Suh’s a joke. This isn’t media bias…the guy has his own rap sheet for reference. There’s a reason why goons aren’t NHL captains.

  53. I really hope the readers of this don’t mindlessly soak up this garbage opinion piece. It’s crystal clear at this point that the “bad guy Suh” character perpetuated by the media generates great page views for said media, so they will do whatever it takes to push this image, integrity be damned. I have faith that the public isn’t as stupid as the media hopes, so please don’t let me down.

    If you’re a Bears, Packers, or Vikings fan, than ignore this post. Being a division rival it is your duty as a fan to hate one of the Lions best players.

  54. Half the people here probably didn’t even see it. It hard to tell if it should have even be penalized, let alone suspended. His block is legal if you are in front and its above the knee. He was not directly in front, but no way was he behind. Its even debatable that it was below the knee, looked to be right above, it was so close. It was uncalled for yes but to suspend the guy on this would be completely absurd. And remember this is a new rule, I think they should get the Calvin Johnson rule all ironed out since it seems like he’s the only one it applies to. Did anyone see that Reggie Wayne TD last night? Yea he lost complete control while stretching across the plain, while Calvin had complete control and the ball moved while it was being stretched out past the plain. But Reggie Wayne’s was a touchdown not even booth confirmed, as Calvin’s was ruled a TD and was overturned. It really is Detroit vs everyone. Or at least it seems like it…

  55. When someone does something they know is wrong and then denies doing it or blames the other person or “outside forces beyond their control” that’s a sociopath.

  56. Going at a guys knee in that situation is worse than Sun’s stomp. That play was so dirty & unnecessary.

    If you think it was no big deal, then you probably have not seen the play.

  57. What if levy ended up pulling a travathan and dropped the ball and Sullivan was there to pick it up or win it in a scrum? If that happened and suh was just standing around, he’d start getting clowney criticism. You NEVER know what will happen on a play that’s why you hustle your tush off and play to the whistle on EVERY play, which is what Suh did and always does 100% of the time….
    With that being said, the block he made was legal. His arms pushed the side of the top of Sullivan’s waist on the FRONT.
    The body slam from clay Mathews on kaep 7 yards out of bounds was dirtier than Suh’s block. Especially with all the talk from Mathews about hitting kaep, it was almost like a saint’s defender move by Mathews. Then he slams the back of Kaep’s head into the ground. I thought that the nfl’s darlings (the QBs) were supposed to be protected. Especially when it comes to concussions tht can happen from slamming the back of someone’s head into the ground. Then Mathews punches joe staley twice and it’s off setting penalties? If suh gets suspended, Mathews should at least be fined. And also that back up linemen on the niners, who cut blocked k Williams on a play 40 yards away and directly to the knees, should at least be fined if suh is going to receive any punishment.

  58. Suh was suspended the season before last for personal fouls…..and then went and entire football season off the radar… he commits one and we should be suspending based on cumulative stuff that happened well over a year ago?

    Gimme a break…the stupid vendetta carried on by the media and on this site in particular needs to cool off. The NE patriots players are out murdering, getting DUIs, and punching policemen…..but they don’t get nearly the bad press that Suh and the Detroit lions get.

    Suh was over aggressive and stupid on that play….but that’s it. If you watch the replay he hit out in front of Sullivan and could easily have been going for the waist as he says. Was it stupid and unnecessary? Yeah…..but the guy is aggressive and was looking to hit someone. If. DE from another team did this to a lions OL it wouldn’t have even been a penalty and there would be no story here.

    But hey….an ex-lawyer turned media member watched it slow-mo a bunch of times and thinks he should be suspended for things he did two years ago.

    Stay classy PFT.

  59. Anyone defending this guy is either a homer-Lions fan or a complete fool.

    This guy is a POS. If he ever suffers a horrific injury on or off the field, millions are going to rejoice – that’s nothing to be proud of, Suh.

  60. The issue with these ‘Brain Fart’ hits is the potential to end a career.

    In the heat of battle guys like Suh and Matthews, lose their minds in the moment.
    Being a Pro means thinking as much as reacting.

    Simple principle, if you can’t see his facemask, you don’t go at his legs.

    In the Looney/Williams exchange, there’s a young player in Preseason trying to win a job.
    He also wasn’t hitting from behind, perfectly legal play, though somewhat awkward in it’s delivery.

  61. I had no problem with the suspension for the kick on that Packers scrub on Turkey Day. That was deserved. I also didn’t really have a problem with the fine for the tap on Schuab’s junk. I won’t have a problem when they fine him for this. So it is that I am very glad that the NFL and not a bunch of holier-than-thou, irrational fans and lawyers-turned-TMZ-wannabes are in charge here. A suspension is not warranted by the facts, period, end of story.

  62. If it was a dirty play id say suspend him, you act like the whistle blew and he suplexed the guy. That was a legal play last year, he was playing til the whistle blew, i bet 90% of players in that situation do the same thing! Goodel wont be happy til the players are wearing flags, thanks for trying to ruin football goodel, like stern ruined the nba

  63. Also if you think that hit deserves a four game suspension you are either A) insane or B)a Packers or Bears fan that doesn’t want to see Suh/Fairley lined up against your O-line/QB. I am pretty certain Jay Cutler still has nightmares over Suh.

  64. if the hit on Dustin Keller didnt warrant a suspension neither should this. i get fined, even though i dont think there was any intent on it. he was trying to block he got low. Hate on Haters. Keep wishing a suspension will keep him off the field.

  65. Fine him,…then when suh costs a guy a season or career with that crap, maybe owners will throw Goodell out with a Suh suspension. And yes, I’m jealous of suh and the lions because they are so good,….just look at all those SB wins! LOL.

  66. I mean look at who he plays for. Wanna be tough guy Detroit. They are like people from NY they all think they are tough but we all know that’s not true.

  67. Can someone tell me how many players Suh has injured in his career? Can someone tell me how pushing Jay Cutler too hard from behind should draw a flag? How about grabbing Marion Barber by his overgrown dreadlocks and pulling him down?

    He may have had one or two questionable penalties I’ll admit (the foot flail against Green Bay…wasn’t a stomp and twisting up Delhomme in his first NFL preseason game). Every time this guy hit’s someone a little too hard or a second too late everyone takes out their pitchforks and torches and prays for suspension.

    The truth is the Lions D-Line is one of the best in the league and if your team plays us then you’d likely want the main DT who gets double teamed every play suspended.

    Calls for suspension look ridiculous after Looney wasn’t even flagged in preseason for taking out Williams. Stop piling on and worry about your own team.

    It’s hilarious. I even saw one post where someone called Ansah dirty for “jumping off sides”. If you watched it again in slow motion you see his timing was perfect and the flag shouldn’t have been thrown. I get it, when Troy Polamalu does it he’s made an incredible play, when a Lions player does it he’s dirty.

  68. Jared Allen was only fined $21,000 for ending Lance Louis’ season last year. Not sure what the Vikings and their fans were expecting.

  69. I guessing the only ppl defending this guy is lions fans because they are afraid they wont win with out him. I hope karma comes back at him. When players and ex-players are saying this is a dirty hit Lions fans really have no argument. This dude is on his third strike its got to be something.

  70. Suh has the ability to be an all time great. What bothers me the most about him is the bizare and b.s. excuses he gives for his cheap shots. I mean, just about every football fan in the world would love this guy if he corralled his competitve nature to nastyness within the context of the rules book. I boggles my mind that you can see a guy that talented intentionally try to injure a player, schmooze said player later in the game, and then claim some nonesene about his intentions. He reminds me of a mix between a used car salesman and Ogie Ogilthorpe.

  71. The reason he should be suspended is that Suh made a clear choice to go for the knees against a player that was not in any danger of making a tackle. If you watch the play, Suh could have gone to shoulder and knocked Sullivan off stride; he could have gone shoulder to mid-section; he could have taken the play off. What he did do was the take out a purposefully take out a players knees in clear violation of the rules that were put in for the express purpose of preventing injury. If Sullivan is about to make the tackle, and Suh’s only option is to go low, I can live with him making a mistake because his is hustling. Willful misconduct deserve suspension.

  72. Vikings fans are tired of the cut blocks. The NFL needs to ban it. 3 guys in a month hurt by these type hits. Protect WR & QB and ignore everyone else

  73. Not a Lions fan but it was NOT a suspendable play, it WAS an incredibly stupid play that absolutely warrants a fine. The guy was 15 yards behind the play, cost his team a touchdown and himself $100,000. The league shouldn’t suspend him, his coach should for half a game for costing his team points…

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