Ross promises no blackouts this year in Miami


A week after Dolphins owner Stephen Ross gave $200 million to Michigan, he threw a bone to South Florida.

According to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald, Ross promised on Monday that all Dolphins home games will be televised.

The vow means that Ross and/or his sponsors will buy any remaining non-premium tickets at 34 cents on the dollar, if necessary to ensure that the minimum number of seats are sold.  Because the Dolphins have taken full advantage of the rule that allows the minimum to be reduced to 85 percent, the ceiling is lower than it would have been.

Ross also said he’s prepared to improve his offer to enhance Sun Life Stadium at a press conference where he introduced Tom Garfinkel as the team’s new president and CEO.

Monday’s gestures won’t hurt the efforts to get the stadium upgraded, but more outcomes like Sunday’s will definitely help.  Nothing sell tickets and build stadiums like winning games.

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  1. I think it is kind of sad that in a metropolitan area the size of Miami/Ft.Lauderdale the Dolphins with the population in that area can’t sell out for the season. I grew up in Miami Beach and remember going to the Orange Bowl with my Dad in 1971 and not being able to buy a ticket to the Dolphins game because it was sold out 76,000 people +. We became season ticket holders the next season. my point is the metro area is 5x as large as it was then so why is the Dolphins fanbase so apathetic ?

    And please spare there are other things to do because football fans could care less if it is 88 degrees or 15 and snow.

  2. ampats — it’s called having a lot of losing seasons. I see the same thing in Jax. As long as the Jags were winning, you couldn’t get a seat. Now you can sit wherever you want. I’m sure it was the same in Foxboro before Brady came along. I recall a lot of very dry seasons for the pats before him.

  3. Lets hope the Glazers follow suit in Tampa! Otherwise I doubt more than 1-2 home games will be televised.

  4. Apathy is contagious in Miami. You also have to factor in huge demographic shifts. Miami Dolphin fans tend to be older, die hard and relics of past glory. It’s been 22 years since we sniffed an AFC Championship game. We floundered under Jimmy Johnson, melted down under Wanny, were pathetic under Cameron and were duped by Sparano.

    I am confident that Phiblin will instill honor and integrity back to this franchise and when that happens the Heat will go back to being second fiddle- exactly where they belong.

  5. @ampats

    I think a big part of the reason Miami teams do not draw well is because a lot of Miami residents either have moved from other locations for retirement or are of hispanic heritage and are not into football like we Americans are.

  6. @ampats

    A problem is also the rise of ticket sales and low incomes in the area. Florida was the worse hit area for employment. So then factor in the expense on a stadium that is probably the oldest stadium in the league, not luxury of the other new stadium and the fact you are so far away its best just watching it from the coach. In retrospect: The eagles and the seahawks stadiums are built practically vertical against the field.

  7. @ampats says:

    Yea you remember S. fla in the 70s when you would get stabbed walking down Lincoln road and the city was a hick town for cocaine dealers to use as a war zone, since then S fla has been in fluxed with piles of money and has become somewhat of a center for entertainment. you can do anything while watching football, from pulling a boat up to a beach with some friends, beer and BBQ to world class clubs, restaurants, hotel pools with private suites, none of this can be done at the stadium, which is outdated, and compared to other options has pre historic amenities. The NFL may rule Green Bay cuz ,well those ppl have to have at least One Thing to look forward to all year, but In Mia you cannot retread the same product for 2o years anything but failure. everything else down here that tried that was bulldozed and something new fresh trendy and popular was built. Everyone hates it, but shuts their mouth when its time to plan their vacation to well…..

    South Florida

  8. Nothing sell tickets and build stadiums like winning games.

    Pay no attention to the new stadiums in Arizona, Detroit, Washington, and coming soon to Minnesota.

  9. Stadium is on Ives Dairy West horrible location, should have the stadium by the American Airlines Arena, showing Downtown Miami and the beaches. dolphin stadium is a dump at least the orange bowl had history an seats close to the field.

  10. What Ross doesn’t get is that if he has a winning team-he doesn’t need to worry about blackouts-the product will be good enough-the NFL seels itself with wins! Ross forget about trying to improve the customer experience-JUST WIN!!!!!!

  11. jetsareajoke says:
    Sep 9, 2013 8:15 PM
    ampats — it’s called having a lot of losing seasons. I see the same thing in Jax. As long as the Jags were winning, you couldn’t get a seat. Now you can sit wherever you want. I’m sure it was the same in Foxboro before Brady came along. I recall a lot of very dry seasons for the pats before him.
    The Patriots couldn’t give tickets away in the 90’s putting 30k in stands. Same in New Orleans, Arizona, Indy before Peyton arrive and Irsay was gonna move the team yet again. Either people are too young to remember or just ignorant. Thats what winning does though. Now everyone attempts to bag on Jaguars when they avg 64K a game for a 2-14 team last year and better attendance than 12 other teams last year. Sounds diehard to me. Meanwhile Cincy, Miami, San Diego, Raiders, Bills, Bucs( who’ve had every game minus 1 blacked out in past 2 season and now going on 3) continue to have blackout issues and its an after thought in Jax now since 4 years ago with ownership already none are happening this year. But why left facts get in the way of agendas.

  12. Giants games are always packed. But they primarily do well every year. The EXACT same stadium on alternate weeks, when the Jets play, has empty patches all over the stadium and tickets are scalped (online and in the parking lot) for 1/3 the face value. One team makes headlines (commonly from circus antics) and the other team makes history.

    It’s l about what Al Davis said “JUST WIN BABY”

  13. They should institute a day of line at the stadium where you can get tickets at deep discounts. First come, first serve. It would cause a lot of early entry thus resulting in increased food and bev revenue.

  14. Struggling to score on the worst team in the NFL is not a way to sell tickets. Ross should worry less about his stadium and more about how Ireland has downgraded key positions over the last few years. They won’t win a single AFC East game playing like they did on Sunday.

  15. Yippee? Now, stop trying to fleece the taxpayers. Re-build your own damned workplace. Even banks don’t demand that taxpayers build their skyscrapers.

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