Rusty RG3 can’t keep up with fast-paced Eagles


Robert Griffin III looks like a guy who hasn’t played football in eight months. Chip Kelly looks like a coach who’s ready to take the NFL by storm.

That’s the quick takeaway from the first half of tonight’s game in Washington, where Kelly’s Eagles are running exactly the kind of fast-paced offense that made Kelly such a successful college coach at Oregon. This Eagles offense takes an exciting, fast-paced approach to the game that NFL fans haven’t seen before.

Griffin, meanwhile, is seeing his first action since blowing out his knee in January, and he looks like he needs some work. He hasn’t flashed the speed he showed off last season, and he hasn’t shown the passing accuracy we came to expect from him last season, either. It’s taking Griffin some time to get himself ready again, and late in the first half he took a hard hit and was slow to get up. (To add insult to injury, Griffin was flagged for intentional grounding on that play.)

At halftime, it’s 26-7, Eagles.

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  1. hate to say it but I said Kendricks would be the one to blow up RG3’s knee. Now I wish injury on no one…. just sayin…. Also where are all the loudmouth chest beating redskins fans? Flavor Dave’s chip kelly world domination tour has begun.

  2. I tried to warn everyone about Chip Kelly and his 11 headed offense of monster Machine Tour 2013 and I had a lot of haters. Its unstoppable bliss. Bow down!

  3. Logicalvoicesays,
    Season Record for the Redskins : 14-2
    RGIII : 43 TDs Passing – 7 INTs – 8 Rushing TDs
    Morris : 1756 yds, 10 TDs
    Garcon : 105 receptions, 15 TDs, 1345 yds recieving
    Kerrigan : 16 sacks, 7 FFs, 2 INTs
    Redskins 4th Superbowl.

    Care for a do-over?

  4. This team stands a chance of being called far worse things than “Redskins” by the end of this game…

  5. I cannot stand either team, but I’ll give credit where credit is due and this first half was thoroughly dominated by the Eagles.

  6. RG III is just a younger version of Vick.

    Think about that when you Redskins fans lay your heads down on your pillows tonight in the familiar role of basement dweller in the NFC East.

  7. There’s only one guy who can fix this mess.
    Release the Kracken.
    Bring in the original RG3.
    Bring in Rex M. F. Grossman III.

  8. Bwahahahaha. Skin fans stunned in silence. Legendary first half for the Sports Illustrated cover boy. Too funny z

  9. The Eagles are looking hot,
    the Redskins are not.

    Where’s that ‘skins fan that was talking all that smack about how ‘dominant’ they were gonna be?


  10. They may want to change the name from Redskins after this game, just so they do not have to be associated with this beat down in the future. The league just got put on notice. Wow.

  11. Man RG3 does not look 100% at all. I guess too many people expected a miracle recovery. Looks like he needs more time. Chip’s offense is for real though. As a Bromcos fan I am a little more nervous about the Eagles game that’s coming up.

  12. Operation Expose FraudIII is going just as I predicted during the offseason.

    FraudIII was overhyped, overrated, and only the simpletons bought into the East Coast media hype.
    Those who know football know full well that the best QB to come out in his draft was Russell Wilson, the man who DESERVED / EARNED Rookie Of the Year.

    FraudIII will be schooled by each team this year.
    Russell Wilson is the best QB to grace the league in the last 2 decades and is the TRUE fave of the Shield.

    In three years the Fraud will be out of the league, and all those who currently wear his jersey will then be wearing Mr. Russell Wilson’s jersey

  13. The Redskins cant win on RG3 hype. The Eagles are showing us that the Redskins simply wont be able to compete with the other teams in the East.

  14. lol, IRG3 is in the locker room probably blaimin everybody but himself for their horrible play, he might not even last this 2nd half, all those jumping jacks and t-shirts and commercials, and this dude aint nowhere worth the hype, i hope the redskins kept the receipt, cause im sure theyre having buyer remorse, and dont they still owe the rams more picks? lol !!!

  15. I’m not sure the Redskins could beat the Jags?

    A pathetic display by a surprisingly pathetic team

  16. Man the spread option is ruining football. They might as well just where flags. Love old school football. I know evolve or get left behind but this isn t football anymore. It is a 7 on 7 passing camp. Ridiculous.

  17. its been one half and we are 12 points behind. time to figure out how to slow em down and find our groove on O. rg3 looks rusty, sure, but thats it. i know hell get it together and itll come down to the 4th quarter. SIXTY MINUTESSSSSSSSSS, SIXTY MINUTESSSSSSSSS!

  18. I sure St Louis is loving those THREE number one picks they got so the Red—– could draft a broken QB. So sad.

  19. Where are the halftime analysts? Did they hide because they were so wrong? They literally just replayed segments from the pregame show.

  20. Eagles are straight owning them and that 7 points that the Redskins have shouldn’t even have counted and the Eagles were about to score when that happened too.

    Philly is lookin good this year. They are going to jump in a lot of people’s rankings after this game.

  21. let the excuses for BOB begin LMFAO, stephen a smith, michael wilbon, and the rest of the media clowns are beside themselves right now.

  22. Skins fans got punked into thinking RG was good to go but he clearly isn’t. Now we know why they didn’t play him in the preseason games.

    Couldn’t happen to a more derserving fan base. Chip Kelly going to hang a half century of points on them.

  23. It is so interesting with the east coast bias. EVERYTHING is based on RGIII being the next coming. Wow, injury as an excuse, he is slow to react, not accurate and not anywhere close to a Colin Kaepernick. Please Redskin fan, don’t even try to make excuses and comparisons because there are not any to be found.

  24. the Eagles are having their way with the Redskins and they’re simply nothing anyone can do about it. Bow down!

  25. RGIII has read too much of his own press. He actually became a believer of the ESPN hype machine. Fact is he was nothing more than a dink and dunk game manager last year, with a really good running back and a good defense. The guy is an overrated narcissist.

  26. Kaepernick and Wilson passed the first test after the book was out with the league’s DCs. Griffin, not so much so far. Again, like in that playoff game, he doesn’t even look like he should be out there right now.

    One thing I will say, why do fans come out of the woodwork with the “I told you so” when a player they obviously hate has a bad game? What’s the point of that when he made you look silly last year?

  27. Oh, this is just GREAT! I can hardly wait for a week of RG whining and blaming his head coach for his shortcomings. Coach should be sending out his resume. It is easy to see his QB prima will do him in sooner, rather than later with his constant complaining.

  28. This read offense will only last so long. Once teams have game film on Chip’s plays and play style (no, college doesn’t count), this offense will not work like its being advertised against the skins.

    That being said, this is fun to watch, and it is clear RG3 is not himself, the skins need some new fresh WR’s, and more athletic DB’s. Should sit RG3 for a few more weeks and put in cousins. Redskins making same mistake, but this time they’re bringing him back too soon, rather than leaving him in too long. Shanahan never learns.

  29. Wow, I would be very embarrassed if I were a redskin fan. I am not an Eagles fan but they look good and I love what they are doing to the redskins. The best thing is that Shanahan is showing what a horrible coach he is. He can’t assemble a staff that is worth a pile of beans and he is truly failing, as the little wiener loser owner. FAIL TO THE REDSKINS lol

  30. Washington looks pathetic-on both sides of the ball. Everybody who is now bowing down to Chip Kelly and his offense now though might want to wait until the Eagles play a decent team though.

  31. did anyone see rg3 run with the redskin flag in the beginning of the game. really? he is no manning, brady, marino or anyone like that so far. kinda conceited if u ask me? he got a really big ego

  32. RG III has already thrown 2 INTs this season and has failed to lead the team to an offensive TD. Maybe he should have been allowed to recover another few weeks

  33. Didn’t think any team could look worse than my Steelers did yesterday … but bless their hearts! Really like RGIII and don’t think he should have been put in such high-risk situations last season. Hope he pulls it together. Meanwhile … it appears Kelly has lived up to the Eagles’ expectations. Congrats.

  34. i remember some redskins fan saying the score would be redskins 42, eagles 7, he was close but wrong teams, switch around

  35. Bobby 3 sticks is a one hit wonder with broken knees.

    He should stay on the sidelines and get a Mark Sanchez purple hair band and call it a career.

    The Dead-skins are headed back to obscurity!

  36. Bad thing about eagles offense is if skins make a move, theyll get that many more possessions… (assuming they get stops)

  37. Ribby3 is obviously not ready for primetime. And it’s unfortunate that he is being rushed back when Cousins is a suitable stand-in until he’s really ready.

    A talented QB that is going to be ridden into the turf……..

  38. Several things:

    1. I am a Redskins fan and I am showing up here…so no one say all Redskins fans are running off and hiding.

    2. Props to Chip Kelly — his offense is exciting and I think the Eagles are gonna give a lot of teams trouble this year.

    3. Redskins — Griffin is not just rusty…he looks like he’s still not recovered. Not pushing off of his front foot and even missing wide open guys. Once again, the Redskins refuse to make him sit and insert Cousins. I was giving the Redskins the benefit of the doubt that RGIII was showing he was healed in practice but it doesn’t like it tonight.

    Moving forward I think the Redskins can right the ship but tonight is a wake up call for sure.

  39. The greatest quarterback the planet has ever seen is looking pretty ordinary, if you ask me.
    Maybe even a little below ordinary….

  40. Turned it off at the half.

    Heaven help the non-4skin fans if we have to see them on national TV again!

  41. At the time of this posting at 9:24 eastern time, the Skins offense hasn’t scored a point yet.

  42. I respect RGIII’s talent a lot, but Shanahan is going to get him killed with this lack of protection

  43. See ’em miss that field goal…


    In all reality, because of that horrible call that resulted in 7

    The Skins are holding a goose egg

    Love it

  44. Now we’re seeing why Chip Kelly O won’t work, their O is gassed and have put up 6 points in the third. Their O has to cover all those snaps just like your D does.

  45. Where’s @logicalvoicesays now??????! Huh??!!! “The bears are going to get creamed by the Bengals” ??? Ya…how’s your “almighty” redskins doin???? Thought so…sit down bite your lip and break your keyboard so we don’t have to listen to any more of your nonsense…please!

  46. logicalvoicesays says:
    Sep 9, 2013 8:51 PM
    It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint. That is all.


    That is all? You usually have so much to say. Not tonight, huh?

  47. Watching the Chargers/Texas after this expose is going to look like your grandpa’s NFL. #whatelseison

  48. @logicalvoicesays u talk about rg3 like u want to marry the guy… You’ll be lucky if he last half a season .. I’m rooting for the him but I just had to rub it your in face .. So stay off the 49ers blogs talking that sh!t until your team could back it up

  49. No eagles fan here, but how can you not like chip Kelley’s offense. Looks like Philly fan base could be in for an exciting ride!

  50. This has to suck for skins fans, I know how it is to have my team blown out on primetime…

    Having said that, to the two trolls LarryDavid7000 and Logical, all I can say is this: Thank GOD you two are REDSKINS fans so I can laugh as you both crawl back into your holes and possibly take a few days off from trolling other team’s story threads. At leas my “JOKE” of a franchis (your words) played a great game with a great division rival in my home opener. Logical’s top flight receivers are dropping balls, their defense can’t stop rocks, let alone other nfl players, and their one touchdown came when the eagles offense thought a pass was incomplete and didn’t chase Meangelo down. Nitro276 was onto something, chip Kelly opened up a Trojan, just not the horse, and completely destroyed your defense. Maybe (not likely) you will think about this loss the next time you shoot your mouth off for months and months.

  51. I have to admit that I was a big Mike Vick hater after the dog fighting scandal,but years later I’m over it and gotta give him some credit for hanging in there.
    He’s a stayed out of trouble and I tip my hat to him

  52. this is pathetic….. RG3 & OUT

  53. Donovan McNabb doesn’t look stupid know, shoulda taken his advice. Just play Cousins or its back to the good old Redskins. Every throw has been terrrrrible.

    Guy needs practice more than Allen Iverson

  54. Nothing against RGIII or the Redskins but its pretty funny to watch the ESPN darlings of the off season getting man handled by Vick and a college coach all the “experts” said couldn’t translate to the NFL… I have never heard Gruden so quiet on MNF

  55. HTTR!!!! Hahahahaha…joke. I have to say I feel bad for RG SHANNAHAN IS A JERK!!! He cares only about himself. Look at what plastic face did to to Davis in Denver.

  56. My menopausal wife fakes cramps less than the Redskins. P.S, Trayvon would be better at QB than RG right now

  57. i love these idiots like logicalvoicesays who make up these bold preseason predictions based on nothing and troll on other teams blogs all summer about awesome their team is. Then their teams go out and get killed week 1. Go Ducks! I mean Eagles.

  58. Oh, don’t worry, the Redskins will totally bounce back next week. They only have to play an angry Packers team at Lambeau that came within one possession of beating that brutal Niners team in the Niners’ house…

  59. The Skins may be easy to hate, but right now they have been slowing Eagles’ momentum and are gradually altering the game flow. Eagles D looked strong early but they are flagging now.

    Kelly doesn’t own the kingdom just yet.

  60. @ cguy7
    It’s clear you didn’t watch the Dallas vs Giants games yesterday or you wouldn’t have made that ” this division has no D” comment Dallas D was extremely good and was the TOP D of all 30 teams that played Thursday-Sunday night!

  61. @logical…. I’ll give you this, you came in here to take your medicine….

    But you have understand the over the top method in which you carry yourself makes it SOOOOO fun to watch the redskins lose….. and I could care less about the redskins….

  62. Philly fans dumbest in the league hands down!! they have called vick a turnover machine for the past he has a offensive line and watch him dumb philly fans.smh

  63. Michael Vick sure looks like he is injured now.

    Props to the Redskins defense not giving up.

    Coming back into this game will be a really tall order and is not likely, but I gotta give the team credit for not giving up. At the very least that shows good character.

  64. Why do some of you take such pleasure from a player struggling to come back from a serious injury? Is your own life that miserable? Or are you just a## wipes? What’s up with all of you Robert Griffin Jr III haters? Is it because of his annoying nickname? Because there’s a lot of hype surrounding him? Because he might believe too much of the hype? Because you dislike the Redskins (and obnoxious fans like illogical voice of reason)? Whatever your excuses, none are good enough to justify you laughing at this young man.

  65. Some of you need to keep perspective. Griffin had his knee shredded in the playoffs and he’s playing in WEEK 1! That’s not normal. The dude had no preseason and got thrown into MNF opener coming off a division championship, with too much media generated hype. If you all base your decisions off one half of football in week one coming off an acl injury, I can see why the comments section is one sh*t-fest after another.

    He’s looking pretty surgical now, and the Eagles aren’t laying back anymore.

  66. Hey blowhard deadskin fans:
    Shhhhhhhhhhhhut the eff up and take your overrated QB to the back of the line where you belong.

    No , RGIII isn’t the savior.
    He isn’t better than Luck, Kaepernick or Wilson.
    Shanahan is washed up and ready for retirement.
    The skins are nowhere near to the best teams in the NFL.
    Now go away….

  67. Leslie Frazier says that’s no way to run an offense. Everbody knows you’re supposed to run it up the middle two times then throw a 3 yard pass on third and long.

  68. Eagles looked very average in the 2nd half, Griffin got much better as the game went on, clueless haters don’t understand football obviously.

    Skins will beat the Seagles next time book it.

  69. If Im a Skins fan ( and I’m certainly not), here’s what I’d be concerned with,and it’s not RGIII,who will be fine. My defense gave up 184 yards rushing to Shady McCoy alone,and got pushed all over the field by the Eagles O-line.If Vick knew how to read a defense even half way decently, I’m pretty sure that score last night would’ve been a whole lot worse…..

  70. I’m not one to hate on someone who is obviously stuggling such as RG III. He seemed to pick it up though after the halftime.

    In the end, I could care less about the RG III story. I’m actually more impressed with the “other” team. The Eagles looked great. They slowed some after the first half, however Chip just seems way too smart and had about a billion plays he can conjure up week to week. I think he’s the real deal and before the game started- that’s what I cared about- not RG III or the overrated Redskins.

    Bottom line is that RG III wasn’t playing defense out there. It was that “awesome” defense that got completely shredded and looked like deer in headlights against Chip’s offense that impressed me.

  71. One thing to all the posters I just wanted to bring this out in the open for those who didnt realize:

    Nothing I mean NOTHING makes you a bigger D bag than claiming your team is ‘Gods Team’ I mean nothing. Even the guy in the Ed Hardy Lambo with the pet tiger who hangs out with Mike “the situation” on the reg agrees. he will hand over his trophy to whoever used that phrase, you can share it like the Stanley Cup

  72. I am truly disappointed where are the Deadskins fans O.M.G the silence is Deafening, Here is a trick about being an Eagle fan… Win or loose we bring the noise. I knew when we put that foot to as# the Deadskins trolls would be silent… It only one game lots of season ahead.

  73. Logic…

    You are correct it”s a marathon, but on that knee? Alfred Morris a one year wonder? If the Eagles’ defense can stop them, I’d be worried against a good team.

  74. Good first half Eagles. Second half….ummmm……NO !!!! Talk about an offense that won’t last. A few adjustments and it was essentially shut down the second half. Chip Kelly’s offense looks more like Spurrier 2.0. Half the Eagles were limping around. Vick won’t make it half the year at this pace. Redskins got in a hole early with turnovers. Morris had a rough night. RG3 was rusty but pulled it together the second half. Hate on the man all you want. If he can come back from surgery and have this kinda game ( his first action since January) against the Eagles number ones then I am encouraged and already know the Redskins will be NFC East champs again. Eagles should be concerned. You let Griff put 329yds on you in his first game back. Wow. HTTR

  75. RGBIII looked pretty rusty, but even worse was the defence in the first half. Don’t get me wrong, Kelly’s offence looked impressive, but how many missed tackles were there on the part of the skins defence? I’ve seen better tacking by 10 year olds.
    And the 7 points the skins got in the first half was legit, a lefty throwing and replays showed it was not a forward pass.

  76. Always wanted to see the Skins trade for Larry Fitzgerald. I know they’ve moved away from the old Snyder trend of always acquiring the top of the FA class year after year, but trading for Fitz at the end of the 2012-13 season would have been perfect, since he had an off-year himself. RG III to Fitz? Certainly would be interesting…

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