Tom Coughlin “not going to get into” whether David Wilson starts Week Two

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The Giants turned the ball over six times on Sunday night against the Cowboys and two of those turnovers came on fumbles by second-year running back David Wilson.

Two fumbles in a night can be enough to get many backs benched, but Wilson came into the game with a reputation for putting the ball on the ground dating back to his Virginia Tech days. Wilson was benched after the second fumble in favor of Da’Rel Scott, although coach Tom Coughlin said after the game that Wilson needed to play to improve and that the Giants needed him.

When he’ll play is still up in the air. Conor Orr of the Newark Star-Ledger reports that Coughlin said Monday that he’s “not going to get into” whether Wilson will be back in the starting lineup for the Manning Bowl against the Broncos in Week Two. He confirmed the team was going to be looking at other running back options Tuesday, a group that will reportedly include Brandon Jacobs and Willis McGahee, but made no predictions about how playing time would be doled out in the backfield.

It’s a good bet that one of those running backs is going to get a contract. According to the league’s transaction report, the Giants cut defensive end Adewale Ojomo on Monday. That leaves them at 52 players with a pretty clear indication about how they plan to get back to the maximum.

21 responses to “Tom Coughlin “not going to get into” whether David Wilson starts Week Two

  1. Just start the guy. He may fumble once in a while, but he’s electric and needs playing time to get his confidence back. Benching him won’t solve it

  2. logicalvoicesays says: Sep 9, 2013 6:16 PM

    Anyone with FOOTBALL KNOWLEDGE knew the Giants were weak. As usual, Giant fans are the last to know since they are too close to the forrest. #HTTR


    I am genuinely impressed that you are admitting to your lack of football knowledge. There might be hope for you yet.

    Good luck to your QB’s knee tonight. He’s going to get hit hard and often. But not often enough. Watching to see when his knee gives out will be like waiting for the ball to drop on new year’s eve. Only without the countdown. Or Ryan Seacrest.

  3. Coughlin yelling at Wilson on the sideline sure doesn´t help the kid, who is already down on himself. That´s not the right approach. Coughlin says it in his book, though: “I have a temper, I can´t help it”, and refers to his irish roots, which is kind of funny. I´m sure he´s gonna build him up again during the week, when everything has calmed down a bit.

    McGahee would be great, I think. Always liked him, tough inside-runner with a lot of power. Turner isn´t bad eihter of course. Either one would be a good addition and a great change of pace to Wilson.

  4. I’m betting they hire Brandon Jacobs since he knows their system and can get up to speed the quickest…I’m one of the owners who got burned by Wilson unfortunately for me I have him in three leagues……..Thanks again Wilson for the big night and the big numbers ! …….. NOT !

  5. You know, 2 fumbles and everyone is calling for him to be cut or whatever. Eli’s first throw was an ugly ugly pick and not his only one. Sure Eli has earned the right to fight back but you gotta give this kid a chance too. The 2nd one was a pretty good strip too… gotta give the defense some credit there.

    What does it help when you have one of your biggest potential playmakers sitting on the bench with time running out?

  6. Tiki is on a one-way ticket Greyhound headed to New York listening to “Mama I’m comin’ home” by Ozzy Osbourne in his non-Dre beats headphones.

  7. I took Wilson as my #2 RB in both leagues I’m in. If Wilson doesn’t turn it around, I’m dead in the water…because Lamar Miller is my #3.


  8. While Jacobs might know our system… Mcgahee knows Denver… Maybe bring him this week and then Jacobs next… Still think anyone will have trouble behind that pathetic line… Thanks Mr Reese for killing our QB

  9. Less than 24 hours since the Gaint’s last game finished and he hasn’t figured out who all the starters are for their next game, what an outrage!

  10. Coughlin is treating his young prospect the OPPOSITE of how you should treat them; it’s about patience and instruction not punishment on every mistake.
    His approach now will rob Wilson of all the things that make him a prospect: speed, aggressiveness, skill. What an old crotchety has been coach. I feel bad for the kid sometimes. He has a chance to be the best in the league.

  11. willbrownimaging says:
    Sep 9, 2013 6:49 PM
    I took Wilson as my #2 RB in both leagues I’m in. If Wilson doesn’t turn it around, I’m dead in the water…because Lamar Miller is my #3

    I’m even worse off- Wilson, Miller, and Ridley…. Guess I don’t have to worry about fantasy football this year.

  12. I think after the Eagles game last night, Coughlin knows he better get it figured out with David Wilson. If the Giants are going to hang, they better be capable of throwing up some points. Turnovers happen — just ask Eli Manning. Cheers to a good season!

  13. So, after watching the Cowboys-Giants game and seeing Wilson fumble, I checked his stats to see how many fumbles he has. I expected him to have at least one per game.

    Know how many he has?


    Three fumbles in 17 games.

    Bench him for the night, sure. But don’t write the kid off just yet.

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