X-rays coming today for Romo, who played through pain


Tony Romo either didn’t want to know or didn’t care.

After taking a hard shot to the ribs just before halftime of last night’s win over the Giants, Romo elected to not get an X-ray, or take any pain medication before coming back to play the second half.

The team said at that point he just had the wind knocked out of him, but he was clearly in pain as the second half progressed.

“You take some hits sometimes and you’ve got to come back from it,” Romo said, via Todd Archer of ESPNDallas.com. “We had plenty of guys do the same thing and it was no different. You get back out there and play. I’ll be fine.”

Romo will have those X-rays today, and it won’t be a surprise if they show something. Romo came back to play with a broken rib and a punctured lung against the 49ers two years ago, so his toughness was never in question.

“You knew he was hurting, but that’s just him,” tight end Jason Witten said. “He’s a competitor. He finds a way. He did it in San Francisco. He’s done it his entire career. He’s just a warrior. He bounces back and he kept leading us and finding throws. I thought he did a great job of showing toughness. When the quarterback shows that kind of toughness I think everybody kind of feeds off that.”

As long as today’s tests don’t show more damage than was apparent, he should continue to do just that.

19 responses to “X-rays coming today for Romo, who played through pain

  1. Say what you want about Romo, but the guy has guts and is as tough as they come at QB. Btw, this is coming from a disgusted giants fan.

  2. Romo takes a hit and gets hurt and everyone is oh he’s so tough Romo so great. QB take hard hits all the time but non praised as much as the beloved Romo. Fact is the Cowboys oline is a mess and the secondary is a mess. If the Gaints weren’t God awful and gift wrapped the ball to the Cowboys 6 times no way the Cowboys win. Look the Gaints still were in the game with 4 min. Left. Enjoy this win Cowboys fans its gona be another long season for you and no amount of ass kissing from the media will help you no I’m not a Giants fan.



  4. It was that n ew big contract that made him think that way…he knew that’s what Jerruh expected of him after paying him all that money.

    Yet again another pocket passer gets injured and yet everyone wants to say running QB’s or QB’s who have the capability to run are more injury prone…some guys are just injury prone or should I say brittle boned i.e. Vick, now RG3 suffered an ACL/MCL tear which happens to just about any and everyone doing just about anything and they want to blame it on the read option or him running…

  5. Here’s Chris Kluwe’s tweet on the Romo injury: “Toradol’s kicking in…Go get ’em Tony! #dontworrytomorrowisnttoday

  6. I’ve never doubted his physical toughness, his mental toughness, well that’s a whole different ballgame.

  7. The guy played through cracked ribs and a punctured lung last year. Mediocre guys don’t do that.

    And BTW, Mr. Voices, QB’s with a history of multiple knee injuries and multiple concussions are probably better off not running the read option. It’s one thing to do that in college when the QB is only going to play four years max. It’s a different thing completely in the pros when a team bets the immediate future of the franchise along with millions of dollars on one guy.

  8. The Chiefs may not beat Dallas next week, but we won’t hand you the ball like that, and our defense is probably a lot better than this version of the Giants.

  9. Amazing how Cowboy fans think Romo is great the next best thing since sliced cheese…and yet what has he won for you? Nada daaaaayuuuuum thing! Let him keep on playing with cracked ribs, as a matter of fact that happened rather easily even while wearing protection…Romo after all these years in the league is becoming more fragile. You may find him a hero/stud for playing through it, but trust me if you’ve ever played any sport and tried to be effective playing with said injury…well you’re not only hurting yourself but your team as well because it’ll force you to over compensate in other areas to help relieve the pain…and as a non cowboy fan yes keep on playing Tony…it’ll only get worse this is just week 1.

  10. I’ve been watching football for over 25 yrs. Romo is not a bad Qb..at least not as bad as everyone views him. He played like a champ last night! And I’ve NEVER liked the Cowboys!

  11. Haha this seems to be a regular thing for romo which I think is funny. I understand the cowboys are “America’s team” but does that really give every commentator and analyst the right to think of him as so much more talented than what he really is? He’s not and idk why people like Chris collinsworth think he’s like the man or something

  12. The cowboys are in deep doo doo. 6 turnovers and only 36 points spells t-r-o-u-b-l-e.

    Really. Come on man. Just say they played well and move on. Lose the redskin hate. They pushed that team around last night. Nervous in the nation’s capital, already. love it.

  13. Anyone else agree there should be a different stat on tipped interceptions? Both Romo and Manning had ones last night and it seems unfair the QB gets the heat for that kinda thing.

    Romo never told any team not to draft him because his Dad didn’t think it was a good move.

    Enough said on that topic.

    They are both franchise quarterbacks that prolly 24 teams in the NFL would take…

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