Buccaneers bring back Spencer Larsen

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Now that Week One’s in the books, all those fringe veterans who were out of work so teams didn’t have to guarantee their salaries are on their way back.

The Bucs saved themselves some potential bucks by adding veteran fullback Spencer Larsen, who was in camp with them this summer but was released in the cut to 75. The team released rookie defensive tackle Chris Jones to create the roster spot.

Larsen spent four years with the Broncos, and was on the Patriots’ IR list last year.

The move comes after Bucs running back Doug Martin was held to 65 yards on 24 carries against the Jets. The Bucs were playing without starting fullback Erik Lorig and tight end Tom Crabtree because of injuries, so adding Larsen gives them a lead-blocking option.

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  1. Overhyped like Legarrette Blount was. He got half his yards against just the Panthers and Raiders last year. Then when we played a team like the Saints, he rushed for 16 yards.

  2. This is a good move. Brian Leonard did not do good as a lead blocker.
    It was a surprise they didnt carry any (healthy) fullbacks into the season while being a mainly 2back running team.

  3. First off, Doug Martin carried the ball 8 times for 16 yards against the Saints. The only other weak game he had last season was against Washington, where Martin also had fewer than 10 carries. He’ll be fine.

    For all the cap space the Bucs still have, they should have kept Larsen on the roster for the season and just guaranteed his contract. The lack of a FB really hurt Tampa against New York; Martin was barely able to get going, even with 24 carries. Not having Erik Lorig, an underrated FB to open up holes against an excellent Jets defensive line sank the Bucs as much as all of the unnecessary roughness calls and Freeman’s erratic play.

    Knock the Bucs all you want, and after stumbling in New York the way they did, they deserve quite a bit of it, but let’s get two things straight;

    1. The Jets aren’t anywhere near as bad as everyone said they would be. Will they win more than six games? I doubt it, but the Jets defense lost Revis early last season and remained a strong unit and they will carry the team this season.

    2. For all the micromanaging Greg Schiano is famous (infamous?) for, where the heck was the sense of order in Sunday’s game? 13 penalties, 10 of which had nothing to do with roughness? Mass chaos because Freeman’s helmet radio stopped working early in the 1st, which led to confusion (and more penalties) on the sidelines? Schiano treated this game as if were the preseason and it sunk the Bucs in the end. Don’t blame Lavonte David for the loss; David had 8 tackles, 1 sack and 1 INT, without his contribution, the Bucs aren’t even in a position to blow their small lead at the end. Don’t blame Freeman, as erratic as ever, he threw a terrible INT when he should have looked to throw away, but he was there on the final drive leading the team down the field.

    The blame falls at the feet of Greg Schiano. Look at what he’s done to Josh Freeman. He won’t let Josh run and he’s overloading him with this college flavored micromanaging and it’s going to ruin Freeman. Look at the playcalling; like a lot of America, I’m watching unique offensive schemes unfold on Monday Night Football and rookie QB’s come in to places like Buffalo and possibly even New York and breathe new life into those teams, and over here in Tampa, we have a talented young QB shacked by the coaching staff and play calling reminiscent of a boring Big East matchup. Maybe things will change as it’s only been one game, but man, for a guy that’s touted as being prepared and disciplined, I must have tuned in and watched the bizarro-Greg Schiano, because what I saw as a fan with a team that is as loaded with talent as the Bucs are (8 pro bowl players 30 and under) was disgraceful, plain and simple.

  4. @ thedownwardspiral

    Are you a troll only on Buccaneer postings, or are you a perennial troll?? It’s sad how some people have nothing else in their lives other than to make uneducated observations, in an attempt to be noticed.

    The Bucs will iron out the wrinkles on both sides of the ball. It is Schiano’s call on not giving the starters much playing time in the preseason that led to this. How unfortunat it may equate to a 0-2 / 0-3 start. Bad call coach.

  5. Pretty good analysis except that I wouldn’t give Freeman a free (pun) pass. He completed 48% of his passes, threw some absolutely horrible passes, and in general looked kind of lost. I don’t think Glennon is the answer, we’re stuck with Josh the rest of this year barring injury. But if we’re going to have another losing season like I think we are, let’s make it a real stinker and get ourselves in position to draft Bridgewater.

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