Costly special teams penalty allows Texans to pull within seven


A costly special teams penalty from the San Diego Chargers gave the Texans a new set of downs and allowed Houston to pull within one score early in the fourth quarter.

The Chargers had forced a field goal attempt by 37-yard field goal from Randy Bullock that would have kept San Diego in front by 10 at 28-18. However, Cam Thomas was flagged for unnecessary roughness for attacking the long-snapper on the field goal attempt. The rule change is a point of emphasis from officials this year.

The penalty gave the Texans a fresh set of downs and they didn’t waste the opportunity. Matt Schaub connected with Owen Daniels for a 9-yard touchdown on the next play. The extra point pulls Houston within seven at 28-21 with most of the fourth quarter still left to play. It was Daniels’ second touchdown catch of the night.

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  1. I have a question…. If it is against the rules to touch the longsnapper, doesn’t that make it very difficult to stop a fake punt right up the middle as the Texans did 5 minutes later?

  2. Just another example of the coached up referees making BS subjective calls to create a more interesting game or something. I’ve seen about 5 game changing bogus calls already; something needs to change. The NFL is a private entity with nobody to answer to. I’m sick of prime time games being officiated with the means of keeping the scores close and catering to the major market teams.

  3. This is way worse than the Matthews and Suh hits. He should get a minimum 5 game suspension. I mean, he literally attacked with his hand near his shoulder area. Good call ref.

  4. Anybody else notice that when the pressure gets turned up, Rivers seems to shot put/ short arm the ball more than normal??

    Also, this must be a contract year for Eddie Royal.

  5. If you want to see a classic choke job, collapse, momentum shift the Chargers just showed Exhibit 1 this season.

  6. As the game went on the O line broke down again then last years Philip Rivers showed up. That caused the defense to wear down because they couldn’t get off of the field. I’ve been saying the same thing for 4 years, the O line is not good enough. Why is Clary still there.

  7. Welp, since I’m resident Texans Fan (Andre’s Johnson’s real name is Jon Miller, I know him personally and he’s 17 shades of bandwagon), ugly, but we got the W. As all of us know, it’s a LONG season. I’m not in the business of making hasty generalizations about the season. Call me in early January and we’ll talk. Let’s get hot in January and roll into the postseason. AKA anthithesis of last season.

  8. Wow Texans look bad… Didn’t expect that. The charges are one of the worst teams in the nfl. Same as the Raiders and the Colts escaping with a win, to their credit atleast they never trailed

  9. Last year, “Denver” came back from 21 or 28 down!!! This year. Texans rally!! Is there a team with as much talent as the chargers that choke this much??? Can’t blame this one on Norv Turner!!! Whom I wish the Vikings would have picked up as offensive Co!

  10. Saw the game, not a fan of either team so no bias here. Calling a man sloppily falling over the snapper “Attacking” is ridiculous and really does nothing for player safety. For that to have completely changed the course of the game is pretty bogus.

  11. Another rule change from the Competition Committee that changes the outcome of a game.

    I’m glad the Chargers lost (what a choke), but they are changing the game way to much. Leave it alone.

  12. “Also, this must be a contract year for Eddie Royal.”

    But the real Eddie showed up on that late drive with the key drop. My guess is it’ll be about Week 7 before we see Eddie in the end zone again.

  13. How is it that no one during the highlights on espn is talking about this horrible call. No can explain it. If you watch film on the other games i saw plenty of people doing exactly the same thing if not more than what the chargers player did during that kick. He went around the snapper not over. The head of officials that came on the monday night crew couldn’t even explain. He said a judgement call! Horrible call. If this happened to the Broncos or Patriots all the analyst would be talking about this call.

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