Dolphins will practice on Tuesdays, take Thursdays off


It’s no surprise that the Eagles under coach Chip Kelly’s “change is good” approach to football will be practicing on Tuesdays while getting Mondays off.

It’s definitely a surprise that the Dolphins will, in the second year of Joe Philbin’s tenure, make a similar change.

Philbin told reporters that the players will practice on Tuesdays this season, with Thursdays now becoming the weekly off day.

“Well, when the schedule came out I knew we had a 10-day window between the last preseason game and the first game, and I thought that was the best way to proceed,” Philbin said.  “Then we also have a Monday night game during the fourth week.  The best way to keep a rhythm would be to go with a later day off in the week.  We are giving it a whirl.”

Philbin said the player feedback has been “generally positive,” but it’s hard not to wonder whether some players will dislike the approach.  Having Tuesday off creates a firewall between the last game and the next one, with players having a chance to mentally pivot from the performance that was to the game plan to come.  By taking Thursday off, the Dolphins already will have started working to get ready for Sunday, and the players who are conscientious will spend the time watching film and reviewing the game plan and otherwise taking full advantage of the remaining hours before Sunday.

So, basically, the Dolphins have turned the off day into a day that, for the guys who care about winning, a voluntary work day.  While that’s also the case when the off day falls on a Tuesday, it’s a lot easier to have a structure for putting in extra work after the game plan has been devised and distributed.

14 responses to “Dolphins will practice on Tuesdays, take Thursdays off

  1. That sounds like an awful idea. Monday is for watching what you did Sunday while recovering. Tuesday is pure rest. Then you man up and get back to work all the way until Sunday.

  2. This is stupid for a couple of reasons.

    1. Players don’t have a full day Monday. They watch film, get treatment, etc. then they head home. With them being off Tuesday it gives them a nice day and a half off to get away from the game.

    2. Tuesday is the perfect day off because this is the day coaches put the game plan together for the next opponent. So it’s a day players can ignore football because they don’t get the game plan until Wednesday.

    The Thursday day off makes it impossible to actually take a day off. Every player will feel obligated to watch film. It also seems like it kills the momentum of preparing for Sunday’s game.I think Joe blew it with this decision.

  3. Hey , if the Dolphins’ offense can remotely resemble anything the Eagles are doing — even if it’s only their practice routine , I’m all for it.

  4. This may have been a bigger deal before the new CBA, but now with next to no contact practices after training camp it really doesn’t matter when the off day is.

    It’s pretty much glorified walk thrus followed by film study. Doing it Tuesday or Thursday, it’s not going to have a huge effect.

  5. Could be a good idea if the players like it. Some will some wont I guess. Maybe a recharge before the weekend kicks in could work. Players will look at game plans but in their own time at their convenience because if they want to be successful get an edge most of them will do anything.

  6. Chip Kelly and the Eagles are taking Thursdays off instead of Tuesdays = Genius Idea!!!!

    Joe Philbin and the Dolphins are taking Thursdays off instead of Tuesdays = That has to be the dumbest idea I have ever heard of!!!

    Makes perfect sense.

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