ProFootballTalk: Eagles offense flying high in the first half

The Eagles offense was soaring on Monday night against the Redskins. Can Philly sustain their offensive success in the second half of games?

2 responses to “ProFootballTalk: Eagles offense flying high in the first half

  1. This is so stupid… they played prevent D all second half and they threw 5 freaking passes in the half. Chip Kelly is showing you that he can adapt to the NFL and play conservatively as well as explosively. He is an offensive genius, hopefully he can get the birds to the big show before he burns out like Reid did.

  2. B.G.11 are you surprised Florio is a notorious Vick and Eagle Hater why would you expect anything from him or the panel of experts here. Here’s the deal we know Chippa took his foot off the pedal, as a first year coach Kelly understands that in the N.F.L you keep your foot on the opponents throat depending on the situation.

    Kelly is a Big Picture guy, not only did he not use all our weapons available to him against the Deadskins the Defense in the 2nd half played prevent and the offense went to Basic plays.

    In the end the D did enough to preserve the win and Chippa limited his play selection to what he displayed to the league in the first half. All the experts except Baldy and us fans thought we would SMACK the Deadskins. hahahhaha B.G.11 Respect has to be earned, that is how we like it….hahahhaaha Keep Hate Alive.

    COMING SOON TO A STADIUM NEAR YOU…E.A.G.L.E.S. hahahahahhahhaha

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