Kubiak on Foster and Tate: They’re competitors who want to be on the field


In the fourth quarter of Houston’s comeback victory in San Diego on Monday night, ESPN’s cameras caught Arian Foster starting to run onto the field to relieve Texans backfield mate Ben Tate after Tate ran for a short gain.

The cameras then saw Tate turn back to the huddle and cut to Foster removing his helmet on the sideline and then saying something to someone, perhaps himself, in a rather animated fashion. We don’t know exactly what he said because Foster chose not to speak to the media after the game, although he didn’t seem thrilled to be on the sideline at that point in the game. Coach Gary Kubiak was asked about the moment on Tuesday and pretty much waved it off.

“They’re competitors, and both want to be on the field,” Kubiak said, via John McClain of the Houston Chronicle.

Foster did not play at all in the preseason because of calf and back injuries and the Texans were pretty open about the fact that he wasn’t going to see his customary workload in the Week One. He still wound up with 24 touches, though, and could have had even more if not for a couple of drops. He also looked like a player who had no preseason action, so it wasn’t surprising to see Tate keep getting looks on his way to 55 rushing yards on nine carries.

There’s no sign that any frustration Foster might have felt during the game spilled over into the locker room and he wouldn’t be the first person to let go of some anger without letting it take over his entire day. If it did, though, the wisest response would be to empathize with Foster, whose role has been bigger than any other back’s over the last three years, while also pointing out that seeing less work now will keep him fresher as the season progresses and perhaps keep him from picking up the nagging injuries that have become a frequent part of his life.

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  1. Small sample size I know but based on last year and this past game I would rather see Tate on the field. He just looks like a better running back at this point in time.

  2. @hutch119

    Shows your ignorance then. Tate was in Kubiak’s doghouse all of last season and was a shadow of himself from 2011.

  3. Foster’s still recovering from an injury.

    He needs to chill and get healthy. Fact is, they actually worked him TOO hard over the last few years. If he wants a good, long career he needs to cut his workload down. RBs with that many touches don’t last very long in this league.

  4. Not saying Tate is better but he looked better last night. I remember they put up the averages half way through the game and Tate was 6.0 YPC and Foster was 3.5. Foster coming off injury is going to take a game or 2 to hit his groove with the line. Not saying anything negative about Foster but if a guy like Mike Wallace did this. It was would be posted on every side with media bashing him for being a bad teammate.

  5. Every running back needs to get into a rhythm. If they keep doing this, they are going to struggle as a team. Foster should be the starting back and they just need to get him back into the groove by game 3.


    Well last night they obviously knew when Foster was in the game there is a better chance of him running the ball so they keyed on him. Tate benefits from that. Also they called A LOT of plays for Foster to the weak side vs their left side strength of their line.

    The games Foster missed earlier last year, Tate struggled big time.

  6. This is a non story. As stated both want to contribute and there is not a darn thing wrong with that. If I’m the Texan coaching staff I would be devising a way to continue to platoon them and keep the defenses guessing.

  7. The Texans had their best games last year when both backs got near 100 yards so having them both involved really pays off.

    Tate is in a contract year and Foster has been paid so I can see Tate wanting to be on the field as much as possible and Foster should be ok with that as it will only help keep him fresher at the end of the season……

  8. I don’t see this as being a bad teammate, or being a diva. This is a case of two competitors wanting to contribute. That’s all. Foster knows and understands that he’s not full go yet, but it’s hard to just wipe that away when you’re in the heat of battle.

    Tate was more effective last night, but Foster still has that explosive step that isn’t even close to comparable.

    Foster did exactly what he should have done if he was upset, not say a word to the media (Take note Mike Wallace!). He gets it, and I respect him for it. I’m sure that today, he’s got his mind right and is focused on next week.

    Sure, he’s hoping to get more of a share next week, and he likely will, but even if they don’t, Tate is a more than capable backup who can lead the Texans on any given Sunday.

  9. 49er fan here (who doesnt have Foster on his fantasy team) so there is no bias in my opinion…

    watching the game on Monday I was very impressed with Ben Tate, not so much with Foster, however when a single player has done as much for your franchise as Foster has, you cant just dump him to the bench as it seems so many in the media are suggesting. Until it becomes painfully obvious that Tate is the better running back and Foster is hurting the team… you stick with Foster, should that happen however, you have to make the switch

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