Mike Wallace: I was just mad at myself


Wide receiver Mike Wallace’s Dolphins debut was a bigger success for the team than it was for the individual.

Miami beat the Browns 23-10 with Wallace catching one pass, leading to a post-game refusal to talk to reporters about his usage that just about everyone interpreted as Wallace expressing his frustration with the game plan. Wallace’s teammate Brandon Gibson said Wallace had to swallow his pride and coach Joe Philbin said that Wallace just needed to be patient because it’s a long season while Wallace broke his silence on Monday to say that he was upset at himself and not at the team.

“I was mad at myself because I didn’t have a good game,” Wallace said, via Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald. “Our quarterback made good reads. I was upset with myself. It wasn’t really anything else having to do with anything. I’m always happy when we win. But from a personal standpoint, when you don’t do well, you’re upset. If you’re not upset, you don’t need to be on the team. I want to be a great player and I want to make plays. That’s the only reason I’m here.”

It doesn’t quite mesh with Wallace telling reporters to ask the coaches about the game plan on Sunday, but it should be enough to put the issue to rest and turn the focus to facing the Colts in Week Two. And if that game should play out with Wallace upset with himself again while the Dolphins win, Miami will probably take it even if it means another round of the same questions.

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  1. As a dolphins fan I think its a good thing that he was upset. When you get paid like Wallace you want to make an impact in the game. I don’t fault him for wanting more for himself sure he could have handled it better bit it seems to me that mike is an emotional guy…sometimes he will react emotionally.

    That said I hope he comes out big against the colts…they are going to need all pistons firing offensively to win that game

  2. You can’t possibly tell anyone that you EXPECTED to have huge games playing for Miami? You couldn’t catch in Pittsburgh, drop after drop. You went to Miami for the money, not the opportunity to win championships. Go count your money and stop whining!

  3. Can we set it in stone the guy was not signed for his brains, so lets not expect riveting commentary from the guy, he doesn’t have to only hit home runs at this point but take the top off the defense to open up things for the other receivers, last year, I mean last decades problem. start up the Marshall 2.0 talk its about as mindless as chasing Wallace around the locker room looking for the fireworks. fact is Marshall didn’t have a QB that could throw to him. Henne wont make those over the middle passes Marshall loves.

    missed in this story is Lamar Miller slipping his game check to Wallace to get the attention away from him.

  4. It doesn’t quite mesh with Wallace telling reporters to ask the coaches about the game plan on Sunday,


    Why doesn’t it quite mesh, Alper?

    The man was frustrated at himself for not creating more opportunities and wanted to cool his head before speaking with the media. There’s nothing wrong with that.

    Had he misdirected his anger toward a member of the media, we’d all be talking about how Wallace is immature and isn’t a team player. We’d be calling this guy out for his lack of self-control. Comments like “Good luck with that guy, Miami!” would spew forth from the mouths of Steeler fans. There would be several pieces written about it, spanning a few days until all novelty had been beaten out of the idea like a cereal box toy.

    Oh wait, that’s exactly what’s happening right now because the media is trying to push the “Wallace is Selfish” storyline along, but there’s no freaking story here.

    Wallace played just as big a role as Hartline and Gibson against the Browns. His role was to draw the coverage, and he did it VERY well. Megatron had 4 catches for 37 yards! Great players play the role the game gives them. That doesn’t mean they always have to like it.

  5. Mike needs to calm down, it’s a team game so get over it. The Dolphins won and that’s all that matters.

  6. Take a bullet for the team Wallace and shut your mouth!!!!! You would be the bigger man. By your double coverage left holes open for Brandon, Hartline and Clay. YOU WERE DOUBLE COVERED – did you expect balls your way???

  7. That is a much better mentality. His initial reaction was to put blame elsewhere. No doubt he was talked to. I hope his attitude us really better because he could make a difference for Miami.

    Now, about Starks flipping the bird at the Dolphins bench during the game… What’s up with that?

  8. I don’t have a problem with Wallace not being elated about the win since he only had one catch. He’s the highest paid WR in the NFL and obviously understands he needs to justify his pay, and if the team wins week after week and he doesn’t add to it, then he might not be around next year and other team’s might not want him either. No foul.

  9. Miami locker room – get used to this from Mike Wallace – wah wah waaaaaa – me me me – Its why the Steelers got rid of him – he will poison a locker room

  10. Ahhh , the Fins haters are lining up to take their shots , hey , I’d take my shots too if I were a fan of some of these teams who haven’t been bad for 8-10 years , but for decades.
    Whether you agree with Wallace’s comments or not , the bottom line is that Cleveland still had to use their best corner on him all day , while the other Miami receivers ran wild. As Herman Edwards once said: “You Play To Win The Game !”.

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