Morris Claiborne to wear shoulder harness, expected to play Week Two


Cowboys cornerback Morris Claiborne left Sunday night’s win over the Giants briefly after injuring his left shoulder, but was able to return to finish out the game with his teammates.

Claiborne was able to go back into the game because one of the team’s physicians was able to put his dislocated shoulder back into place on the sideline as play went on without Claiborne. Claiborne said after the game that the injury was something he was just going to have to deal with as the season progressed.

David Moore of the Dallas Morning News reports that one of the ways he’ll be dealing with it will be by wearing a harness on the injured shoulder in the upcoming weeks. The harness is meant to limit the risk of injury recurring, but there’s also going to be some limitation in his range of movement as a result. That could limit Claiborne’s effectiveness as well, although the risk of that is worth cutting down the risk of repeated dislocations.

Claiborne has dealt with a variety of injuries since joining the Cowboys in 2012, but only missed one game last season. As of now, he’s expected to be in the lineup against Kansas City.