MRI shows “mild” foot sprain for Dez Bryant


Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant was diagnosed with a foot sprain after Sunday’s victory over the Giants, but said Monday that he felt certain he would be on the field for the team’s Week Two date with the Chiefs.

That confidence wasn’t enough to keep him from getting an MRI on his left foot to see if there was any structural damage that might get in the way of Bryan’t prediction coming true.

According to Ed Werder of ESPN, the MRI showed nothing of the sort. Werder reports that the test showed Bryant suffered a “mild” sprain of his foot and that the Cowboys fully expect him to be on the field against the Chiefs, although he may be a limited participant in practice during the week because of the injury.

It’s probably a good bet that Bryant will be on the field. He’s played through injuries in the past without seeing much of a drop in effectiveness and he returned to the field on Sunday night after initially suffering the foot injury, so there’s every reason to believe he’ll be on the field for a date with a defense that didn’t allow a point in Week One.

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  1. It shouldn’t be hard to maintain his level of production from week 1 since he was a glorified decoy. They need to find a way to get the ball in Dez’s hands more often. As a whole, the offense was exactly what it has been in the past, predictable and ineffective.

  2. Only time will tell how much of a problem this is. Hopefully it’s nothing, but if it’s one of those nagging injuries for him that slows him down like Murray’s foot sprain was last year, Dallas is in huge trouble. Their lack of options beyond their big 4 weapons was in full display Sunday night.

  3. This is what the division will look like at years end.

    1. Cowboys
    2. Giants
    3. Redskins
    4. Eagles

    Eagles and Redskins are irrelevant, they both have
    jokes for qb’s who wont last even eight games.
    And both their coaches suc.
    The Giants are talented and Sheli will always
    make them competitive.
    The Cowboys new defense is no joke and no fluke.
    We will only get better with Spencer and Ratt back
    in the lineup.
    Our oline is vastly improved and only getting better
    when Watters comes in and starts this week at guard.
    We have hands down the most talent in the NFL and now the fruits of our labor will pay off for years to come.
    Did I mention that we have a very young team with just the right mix of vets.
    Now I could have sit back here and ripped your teams apart and gloated like no other after week
    one, as I know some of you will TRY. Hey what ever helps you sleep at night 😉

  4. all I have to say is:


  5. “The Cowboys new defense is no joke and no fluke.”

    I’m sure Cowboy opponents are counting on giving up 450 yards through the air is no fluke.

  6. capslockkey:

    “The Cowboys new defense is no joke and no fluke.”

    I’m sure Cowboy opponents are counting on giving up 450 yards through the air is no fluke.


    Last I checked, giving up 450 yards (air OR ground) didnt win you the game. Unless they are putting up TD’s and FG’s to go with those abundant yards, all they are doing is padding FF player stats. Ask any fan, any player, and coach. It doesnt matter if you give up 2500 yards in a game, so long as you keep points off the board.
    And thats exactly why Dallas’ new scheme is no joke: they bend by giving up yards. But they stiffen and make you settle for FG’s instead of TD’s.

  7. @Grulks

    OK, forget the yards. They gave up 31 points. That’s not something that is typically linked to a great defense. 6 turnovers is not going to happen on a weekly basis. Imagine what the score would have been if the Giants actually protected the football.

  8. That awkward moment when cowboys fans realize that DC Kiffin has been getting owned by Chip Kelly for years!!

    Eagles!!!! Cowboys will be embarrassed in a few wks hahaha

  9. It’s interesting that people take so much away from one game. Let’s get a sampling of four or five games before we reach some conclusions.

    The only reasonable conclusion you can draw from Week 1 is that the division is wide open.

    Dallas dominated the Giants early on, but they let the Giants hang around. And, the Giants were capable of coming back in that game — they have the talent to do it.

    The Eagles dominated the Redskins early on, but they let the Redskins hang around. And, the Redskins were capable of coming back in that game — they have the talent to do it.

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