NFL suspends a pair of veteran free agents

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A couple of veteran players currently are out of work, and they’re going to be out of work a little longer.

According to USA Today, the league has suspended free-agent safety Tom Zbikowski and free-agent cornerback Brandon McDonald.

Zbikowski (pictured) has been suspended four games for violating the league’s policy against performance-enhancing substances.  McDonald was suspended two games under the personal-conduct policy.

It’s unclear what McDonald did to violate the personal-conduct policy.  Three years ago, a Cleveland woman claimed McDonald assaulted her.  We can find via searching PFT or the web no other incidents or allegations involving McDonald.

The suspensions for both players will run while they are unemployed.

Zbikowski has played for the Ravens, Colts, and Bears; he also has spent time boxing.  McDonald has played for the Browns, Cardinals, Lions, and Buccaneers.

13 responses to “NFL suspends a pair of veteran free agents

  1. Well, looks like Zbikowski is into the MMA / UFC thing now. I don’t think they care so much about PEDs.

  2. How can someone not playing for any team in the NFL be suspended? From WHAT, exactly, are they suspended? Doesn’t one need to be a member of an organization, business, union etc. to actually BE suspended?! This rather defies common sense, doesn’t it? Can someone out in PFT-land explain this?

  3. Since they aren’t receiving paychecks, this “suspension” doesn’t affect them financially at this point.
    Only if some team was considering putting them on a practice squad, or signing them off the street, would this matter.

  4. Get real NFL. 65 plus percent of the league is dirty. They want to suspend these low profile scrubs to make it look like they’re fighting against PEDs.

    Until I see a big name out there I’m not buying it.

  5. How ironic. I retired from my job 10 years ago but I just found out that my company is laying me off for two weeks at the end of this month. Luckily, my layoff will run while I’m retired.

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