Other Hernandez grand jury continues to investigate double murder


It’s never a good thing to be the subject of a grand jury investigation.  It’s much worse to be the subject of two of them.

Former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez, who already has been indicted by a Bristol County grand jury for the June 2013 murder of Odin Lloyd, continues to be the focal point of a Suffolk County grand jury investigating the July 2012 murders of Safiro Furtado and Daniel Abreu.

Via the Associated Press, a pair of men connected to Hernandez have been ordered to testify before the grand jury.

Alexander Bradley, who has sued Hernandez in Florida for a February 2013 shooting, has failed to appear at a hearing regarding the question of whether he should testify, prompting a judge to issue an arrest warrant.  Bradley testified earlier this year before the grand jury that was investigating Lloyd’s death.

The judge also ordered John Alcorn to appear Thursday before the grand jury.  Per the AP, Alcorn is related to Thaddeus Singleton III, the late husband of Hernadez’s cousin, Tanya.  Thaddeus died in a car accident in June, and Tanya continues to be held without bail after refusing to testify in the grand jury that was investigating Lloyd’s death.

Published reports have indicated that the Suffolk County grand jury is exploring whether Hernandez killed Furtado and Abreu.  The judge’s orders regarding Bradley and Alcorn make the connection as clear as it could be.

17 responses to “Other Hernandez grand jury continues to investigate double murder

  1. Give Aaron a break.

    Lots of people are investigated for unrelated homicides every day.

    I was investigated for three today alone.

    It happens to everyone. And usually those people only committed, at best, half of the murders they were accused of.

  2. He must have friends in prison, or is one twisted blank… Every picture you put up of him, he is calm, cool and collected. This guy has no remorse, and displays no emotion.

    You’re facing multiple murder chargers, you could go away forever, there are people close to you dropping like flies…

    This whole situation has been messed up.

  3. Why hasn’t the state of Florida pursued criminal charges against Hernandez for the Bradley shooting in FL this year considering that Bradley was compelled and did testify regarding the Lloyd killing. Are they asking Bradley if he knows anything about the Lloyd shooting while omitting the Fl shooting details. This is confusing.

  4. What a douche bag. Ill say this, even if he doesn’t get convicted of anything he’s going to spend a couple years behind bars while this judicial process works itself out. Not to mention the clear obstruction of justice.

    This dudes gonna do at least ten years, murder weapon or no murder weapon.

  5. Gotta love this I can just hear the meeting room for the fuzz now. Listen boys we need him in jail on anything remember the dog thy got run over yeah see if we can link him to that. Lol these guys are really reaching you barely have enough goo evidence to put him away for Lloyd. Now you want to try and hem him up on something where all you got is video of him in a club at the same time they are there.

  6. So a man who claims Hernandez shot him isn’t interested in testifying against him in court? And people really think Hernandez is getting convicted with no murder weapon and two suspect “witnesses”, one of which claims to have been on drugs, sleeping?

    Yeah… Time wake up folks. Hernandez is getting away with all of these murders, guilty or not.

  7. Meanwhile back in the slammer, Aaron Hernandez and his fellow new friends are flabbergasted that they are not allowed to watch any NFL games on television.

    Sounds like cruel, inhumane punishment and rush to judgment!

    No chips, salsa, chicken fingers and beers for these guys on Sunday afternoon!

  8. Remember, this is the guy that Belichick advised to “find a safe house” and Kraft tried, very unconvincingly, to claim the Patriots knew nothing of his criminal past/behavior. Right. Yep, the Patriot Way – lie, cheat, hide, cover-up, kill.

  9. They’re going to botch the whole case trying to pin a double murder on him that they clearly don’t have enough evidence for…

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