Panthers want to see more big plays in passing game

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In the last two seasons, no team had more plays that gained 20 or more yards than the Panthers.

On Sunday against the Seahawks, however, the Panthers had just one of them on their way to a 12-7 loss. Quarterback Cam Newton had just three passes that traveled more than 10 yards in the air, limiting the opportunities for such big gainers, and coach Ron Rivera said Monday that the team has to do a better job “in terms of getting the ball vertical” in the weeks to come.

“We understand it. We looked through it, we talked about it. And those will be the things that we look to do. We’ve got to create more of those opportunities,” Rivera said, via Joseph Person of the Charlotte Observer. “Some of it too is the quarterback having to pull the ball down and scramble a couple of times. So there are a few things that enter into that. But we are aware of what needs to be done.”

Offensive coordinator Mike Shula, who was in his first game filling that role, credited Newton with making smart decisions that are reflected in his high completion percentage, but admitted that the team needs to make more explosive plays in the games to come.

It’s never as easy as just going out and calling more deep passes because the defense is going to dictate some of what’s available, but the Panthers aren’t going to get where they want to go offensively by throwing underneath all day long.

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  1. This is what happens when your only big play receiver is pushing 35. Carolina needs to be more aggressive in play calling but they also need the weapons to make it work. Drafting Marquis Lee would be a good start.

  2. I’m glad to see less read option and more pro style offense. I would like to see more pistol formation, because Cam operates better out of the gun (rather than under center). But the pistol formation and read option offense do not have to coincide. The big plays will come, trust me. And Cam will scramble, trust me. It was the first game against an elite team in which we were in the game all day. Lets not overreact. If you’ll look at the stats, Cams big runs come off of scrambles, not designed runs. Shula will get this offense going. It looks A LOT BETTER than the offense under Chud. Keep pounding guys. Playoff wins are coming!

  3. There were WAY MORE positives than negatives to come away with. The offensive line and entire defense looked great. It will all come together. I haven’t been optimistic about previous Carolina teams, but this team looks for real!

  4. sCam was lucky seattle was missing 5 starters on Defense, so he played against 6 starters and 5 3rd stringers and he still sucked!!! He is also lucky Sherm dropped an int that would have gone to the house.

  5. “He is also lucky Sherm dropped an int that would have gone to the house.”

    The play you are talking about Sherm fell down right in front of a panthers player while trying to catch it. I somehow doubt he would have “gone to the house”

    Panthers finish with a better record than Seattle. Mark it down.

  6. I’m curious as to how you go from starters to 3rd stringers. Was their whole second string hurt? I would argue that russel Wilson is much luckier for flailing the ball out of his own endzone and it not getting picked or a safety for grounding.

  7. What game 1 showed is that Mike Shula is every bit as clueless and brain-dead as he was when he was at ‘Bama. And Tampa. And everywhere else he’s been. He managed to turn Cam into Trent Dilfer in 1 game. A clueless bum fails at his job and keeps getting hired over and over and over and over and over. Only in America.

    Part of me wants us to lose to Buffalo. Then, when we get rolled by the Giants again (that’s a given, no matter what happens in Buffalo), Rivera would get fired during the bye week. And if Gettleman is smart, he’d send Shula packing also.

  8. Hey, chrismatthews__ks,

    The Shehawks were lucky! If D.Will, who was having a good day, had not had a rare fumble (for him), they would have been two scores down when Wilson threw that “Hail Mary” that Kearse managed to haul in with two guys all over him. As for playing 3rd stringers, the players you start are your 1st stringers. I suppose you are counting Percy “the Lame Duck” Harvin as a 1st stringer and he has never played a play for Seattle, and may never will!

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