Patrick Peterson has very limited offensive snaps in Cardinals opener


Before the season, plenty of talk came from Arizona about the use of cornerback Patrick Peterson as a receiver.

Peterson says he has 60 potential offensive plays this season.  Coach Bruce Arians says Peterson could be a top-five receiver.  G.M. Steve Keim compares Peterson to Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders.

So with all that hype, what happened on Sunday?

Not too much.  Via Pro Football Focus, three snaps on offense.  One pass thrown Peterson’s way.  No catches.

Maybe the plan for the game didn’t include using the potential top-five receiver who conjures memories of Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders.  Or maybe the Cardinals were just blowing some smoke.

We’ll see if the smoke becomes at least a flicker of flame on Sunday against the Lions.

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  1. Yeah. I know folks don’t care about fanstasy, but that is the main reason I picked him up so early and Matheiu ended up getting more points than he did in my Yahoo league.

    Damned shame. Aside from fantasy, I wanted to see him on offense. it’d be nice to see that kind of an athlete that comes around only once a decade or so.

  2. I was also surprised they did not use him enough.
    I thought he was hurt and that is why they were
    not using him. Patrick Peterson has proven he is
    one of the best CB in the league.Use him.

  3. Patrick might want to focus on MEGATRON this week and forget about the offensive side of the ball. If not, his defensive performance may be viewed as “offensive”…

  4. Training camp you can play around some.. when the real bullets start flying let those that are skilled in their positions stick to it..

  5. There was never any benefit to the Cardinals by proclaiming that Peterson can and will play receiver this season, and at a high level. I would have kept this under wraps as best I could, a daunting task for sure, but at least opposing teams would have been caught more off guard come game day. Patrick Peterson would be a hell of a secret weapon.

  6. They second play they called for him was perfect, but they blew it with a delay of game penalty and never actually got the ball snapped.

    It was a split 3-receiver set, w/ PP at the top of your screen (on the TE side), single coverage, and a safety far away. The mismatch was obvious, and the penalty blew the element of surprise.

    They tried calling the same formation later, but the Rams were wise to it. This play happened in the 1st or 2nd quarter.

  7. Keep in mind that you cannot have too much confidence in trying to pass to Peterson when your left tackle, Levi Brown, is continually being beat and dominated on his horrible pass blocking.

    For any of these Peterson plays to work, the offensive line must give Palmer time to read the defense and pass the ball. Levi Brown does not allow that and he keeps dropping the anchor on the Cards Offense when they try to take off.

  8. I feel like to do this stuff, you should be a good team. when you aren’t that good yet, and you are using your best defensive talent on offense, I just sort of question what you are doing.

    when sanders played some offense(and he wasn’t very good there) it was when they could afford to take that type of chance. the team was freaking good whenever he was trying time at WR.

    cards need to win first.

  9. I’m so glad this story was brought up because I smell smoke. Guess if your the Arizona Cardinals, you need as much publicity as possible. I love Arians but he exaggerates to know end. Remember when he said Carson was a top 5 qb or something to that effect? Whatever it was , it was s bunch of hyperbole.

  10. They don’t need to use him very much. The Cardinals have one of the better WR Trios in the NFL right now, and all of them were getting open on Sunday. They did have a bubble screen to him that looked like it might have gone for a nice gain. ( the corner was off of him by 12 yards) but it was nicley batted down by the Rams.

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