Patriots don’t bother practicing for Jets


One of the perils of the short weeks caused by Thursday games is the lack of time to prepare.

So the Patriots, tasked with getting ready for Geno Smith and the Jets in two days, have decided not to.

According to Albert Breer of the NFL Network, the Patriots have scheduled just a walk-through for today, meaning there won’t be a full practice session prior to Thursday’s game.

Expect the Jets to play this for full dramatic effect, using it to fuel the no-respect engine that keeps players moving.

But the reality is, there was a long week in front of the opener, giving Bill Belichick and his staff plenty of time to game-plan. And with a roster that’s still populated by stars nursing injuries, easing up a bit now might be the more prudent play for the long season ahead.

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  1. Sounds a tad overconfident. Would they do that if their opponent were the Texans, Broncos, Ravens, etc? Mess around and drop a division game, nobody outside of Pats fans would complain.

  2. Ok,,,Bill is up to something harsh,,,BET ON IT! I don’t know what,,but there is no way,,,he says “No practice” before the JETS,,,,either he has some massively funky chicken game plan….like 65 straight runs (Remember the preseason game?)…..something is going on here. Or he has poisoned their food,,,,IDK….
    They are down to one TE, missing their best runner, and two receivers are hurt…..WTH?

  3. Smart move by BB. It’s a brain game, and I’d guess the NEP have been game planning for a couple of weeks. Of course they can workshop & walk through 2 game plans at a time. Teams that go Sunday to Sunday are reactive. A few teams practice looking forward 2 or 3 games = proactive & winning.

  4. Lol. Really that offense needs practice outside of Brady. I’m sure geno wants to do what Sanchez can’t. Still expect pats to win but they need to get it together on offense or they will lose once they player a good team.

  5. The Patriots know Sanchez is not playing otherwise they would spend some time on recovering fumbles that bounce off offensive linemen’s butts.

  6. .

    This game plan should have been in the can weeks ago since they knew their own schedule. Why beat up on each other during a short work week?


  7. I’m far from an NE fan, but they are playing a division rival. They know the Jets better than anyone.

    And let’s be honest… it’s the Jets.

  8. Rex is a drama queen anyway, so even if the Patriots practiced 12 hours a day this week, Rex will make some silly comment that makes the news.

  9. Yeah the Pats being down so many key players is a concern. RR almost always does a good job defensively against the Pats. I hope Amendola doesn’t like to make feet jokes.

  10. “I bet the Pats get so many penalties for hitting Geno out of bounds…

    and not care at all because theyre up by 28.”

    Yeah? Well you suck at grammar.

  11. Another reason why the Thursday night games don’t make sense. They may make a few extra dollars for the shield but they don’t make sense.

    Thanksgiving games are once a year and are special games. The rest of the Thursday nighters are just money grab opportunities that cut recuperating time and practice time in half.

  12. Pats are far from invincible anymore. All their receiving assets were replaced, defense is always suspect, and RB is now thin.

    Jets will give them a game in Foxboro, and an upset is not out of the question.

  13. I hope that the Jets stomp the hell out of those obnoxious northern jerks!!

    King George
    Queen Elizabeth II
    Prince William
    James Bond – 007

  14. They practiced yesterday! and there’s tomorrow. Because BB wants to give them a light day in between after a rash of injuries does not mean they are taking the jets lightly or are arrogant or any of the othe inflammatory things the media is trying to drub up. Belichick of all coaches is obsessive when it comes to preparing for the next opponent. To suggest the pats “don’t bother practicing” is media talk. Stupid.

  15. You’re all right, after a tough hard hitting battle in Buffalo, the Pats should have gone full pads and hit for a 2 hour full contact drill! Then the Jets would not feel the sting of disrespect.

    What a bunch of bedwetters. This team can fix more of the misreads by breaking down game film than by running pass patterns against air or 7 on 7’s.

  16. Only BeliCheat can get away with this. If he does it, it’s prudent, if Rex was to do it he’s incompetent and people are calling for his job. The jets do need the practice though.

  17. Don’t try to make something out of nothing, BB do not schedule practices with the media’s opinion in mind, and even less on the base of the opponent’s sensitivities. He does what he thinks is best for his team, like any coach would do.

  18. Its a short week and a lot of their guys are banged up….if they did practice a handful of guys would be practicing on a limited basis. Seems like the right call.

  19. This is just more of the “Bill Belichick as Lex Luthor” meme. Would it be news if the [insert team here] didn’t have a full-pads practice on a short week? Nope.

  20. Pats are at home and able to send in Def calls to Brady on a secondary freq. Geno’s comms will get jammed on all important 3rd downs. Typical Pats cheating will be expected at home. Should be an easy win for the Pats. I don’t think this rook QB will put on the performace E.J. Maunual put on them last week. Once again Pats easy schedule wont allow them to measure up against anyone good until it’s to late and they are out of the playoffs.

  21. 2 of 3 TEs are injured,
    2 of 5 WRs are injured,
    a 100 yard rusher is out

    It makes sense you’d not take any chances on people getting more banged up.

    Plus this schedule was know all off-season, so you can bet that the last month had a lot of preparation for both games 1 & 2.

  22. The game plan for one athletic rookie qb with poor receivers and no game film is going to be pretty much the same as it would be for another athletic rookie qb with poor receivers and no game film.

  23. Is Arron Hernandez starting at TE this Thursday against The New York Jets?

    If so, can we get a gun check station at the end of the tunnel please?

  24. Apparently a lot of you don’t realize not practicing in full pads and doing a walkthrough doesn’t mean they aren’t doing all the meetings etc that go with the full pads practice.

  25. The Refs will probably call 60% more penalties on the Jets anyways because that’s a usual stat when you play the Pats. You should also figure that the Pats penalties will be called on 1st / 2nd down, versus 3rd versus their opponents.

  26. This garbage is ridiculous. The NFL needs to give every team playing on Thursday night their bye the week before. Otherwise, this further degrades the quality of play as the year goes on.

  27. Jets are doing the same as per ESPN

    This is what Rex said.
    “Adopting a similar practice schedule to the Patriots with walkthroughs: “We’ll have a little bit more than that but not much. It’s about just getting through with a game and keeping your players fresh. Obviously they have to mentally be focused.”
    Stop being a tabloid.

  28. Understandable. After all, there are only so many visiting days available at the state prison. BB needs to hold the ‘Patriot Way’ instruction class for the rest of his roster.

  29. Yes, will the brilliance demonstrated by this team on Sunday, why do they even need to bother practicing at all this week?

  30. Jets will give them a game for sure.

    The matchup to watch will be the Pats Oline against the Jets Dline. Jets match up well against the Brady Bunch defensively.

    Jets Dline was quick, athletic and pretty much shut down Muscle Hampster on Sunday.
    25 carries/65 yds, with a 17 yd td.
    Toss the td run, and that’s a 2 yd average.

    I’m guessing Cromartie will play much better against Thompkins than he did against VJack.
    So let Ridley drop the ball on the ground a couple times, and lets see what happens.

  31. I think the headline was supposed to be funny, not launch everyone into “those arrogant Patriots!”.

    Nuance, fellas.

  32. As Buffalo demonstrated, the Rex Ryan method confounds
    Brady at times. Also, I wouldn’t take much from that game anyway because they routinely have problems when they open the season with Buffalo when they play them early in the season no matter who the coach has been. I would expect this to be a game that could go either way because the Patriots have several injuries.

  33. LT used to send hookers to opponents’ hotel rooms. Maybe Brady will send foot models to make sure the Jets aren’t ready.

  34. In what way is this arrogance? Players are hurt from last game so rather than injure them further, they schedule a light workout to run through the plays without much contact

  35. Danny Amendola was not at the walk through,and will not play Thurs. nite. Tom B. will be pullin’ his hair out.

  36. dude is stupid. fall asleep on the jets and thats when they destroy you. its funny because in the first game they have the number 4 defense in the NFL patriots are number 9 and the patriots almost lost to a team who is number 26. go ahead. don’t practice. the defense is going to destroy tom brady. everyone sleeps on the jets and that’s the wrong thing to do.

  37. jags raiders n jets worse 3 teams in the NFL in that order. so I don’t think many teams need to practice to beat them.

  38. “I don’t blame patsies. It sure pays playing in the shyttiest division in football.”
    Since the NFL is a “you are what your record says you are” league, wouldn’t that make the AFC North the “shyttiest division in football”? Every team is 0-1 while the AFC East has three 1-0 teams (and the only reason it is all four teams is probably because one team played the other in the division. Just sayin…….

  39. blanchonegro says:Sep 10, 2013 2:26 PM

    jags raiders n jets worse 3 teams in the NFL in that order. so I don’t think many teams need to practice to beat them.

    worse??? Good luck in America.

  40. After nearly losing to the pathetic Bills, the Pats have no reason to act like the Jets are patsies. They better serious up, because they looked like crap on Sunday.

  41. I get tired of hearing about how the Patriots play in a weak division. Is it their fault that the other teams aren’t managed as well as they are? Do they have moles in the other teams management system? People accuse them for everything under the sun, why not this?

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