Payton explains that, after Week One, teams “race” to fix mistakes

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Every team has played one game.  Half of the league’s franchises are 1-0.  The other half are 0-1.  All are now trying their best to win as many of the next 15 games as possible.

As Saints coach Sean Payton explained during a Tuesday visit to PFT Live, all coaching staffs are now trying to fix the issues that arise when a team that was cut from 90 to 75 to 53 men plays its first full game together.

“We just played our first game here last weekend and we are getting ready to play Tampa Bay,” Payton said.  “We all find ourselves in a race — and I mean literally a race — to make corrections and quickly to get ready for the second game but also the long haul, and I think we are one of those teams there is a lot on tape that we’ve got to get cleaned up.”

For the Saints, who beat the Falcons and held them to 17 points, plenty of work still needs to be done.

“We had a few  big runs but we had some minus runs,” Payton said.  “We didn’t get the hats on the people we wanted to, maybe we missed a cut.  I think that we made an emphasis in the running game for us this preseason.  I think that needs to be better.”

Payton had criticism of the other two phases of his team.

“I think defensively we gave up some chunk plays,” Payton said.  “Two-thirds of their rushing total came on one run, a couple of their pass plays quickly changed field position, and then lastly twice we had great field position from a punt return but there was a penalty that all of the sudden negates the return, and the field position we find ourseleves on our own 18 or 20 instead of midfield, so the hidden yardage in the special teams is something that we really need to clean up.”

If they get it cleaned up, they’ll keep winning.  For the Saints, the goal is to win enough to play postseason games in the building where the Falcons, otherwise 13-2 since September 2012, have now gone 0-2.

We’ll likely be posting more quotes from Payton’s visit to the program.  If you want to hear the whole thing, just click the button below.

26 responses to “Payton explains that, after Week One, teams “race” to fix mistakes

  1. The Pats are going to really have to race to fix their TE situation. They currently have just 1 guy that’s ready to suit up and they have a game the day after tomorrow. For an offense that has significantly geared itself towards the TE position, they may play the whole game without any 2 Tight End sets at all…

  2. The Saints are far from perfect, but with the win against what’s been claimed to be an improved Falcons team, it appears they just took a big step in the right direction.

  3. Payton and his staff are examining every nuance of the game with the Dirty Birds. They see that OL run blocking needs to improve. The linebackers need to improve. The defense is good and is becoming better each week with the new DC and all the new players and new attitude.

    Geaux Saints!

  4. Mark Ingram isn’t helping matters much. He’s looking more and more like a bust with each game.
    Amen, brotha!

    He is brutal.

    When do they cut their loses and just feed Pierre Thomas the ball? He’s 100x the football player Ingram is.

  5. When New Orleans goes to Atlanta all Saints fans going to the game is going to where their Super Bowl championship shirts. All Atlanta fans should where there Falcons Super Bowl championship shirts.

  6. Be better today than we were yesterday. You get better or you get worse, no one stays the same. – Jim Harbaugh

  7. So we can expect Dom Capers to fix the Packer’s pass defense in time for the 2014 season … in which we’ll probably then give up 300 yards rushing, but hold the QB under 150 passing yards.

  8. lol…..the aints.


    The so-called “aints” played a “rusty” game yesterday that would amount to an “A” game for 3/4 of the teams in the league, so watch your manners.

  9. This is why I love Sean Payton he is the anti-Rex Ryan amongst others.

    This guy never buys in to the hype and stays focused. I remember in 2011 when the Saints scored 60plus vs. the Colts. He was in front the mic after the game bringing up instances where players didn’t run the right routes. After a loss he is the same way we did good here but not here (never naming names in public and never bringing up injuries nor using them as an excuse).

    He is a great coach all I can say is what were you think Dallas? and Thanks!!

  10. This is the best thing about having Sean back – there is no room for complacency on his team. The Saints never played a game like this one last year, and by the next day he had enough things to clean up that you would have thought the Saints lost to the Falcons. The haters can take their shots, but the coach is back, and so are the Saints…

  11. Payton needs to fix some of his own issues also. Like going for it on 4th and inches in your own territory in the 1st quarter, with a team that has never been good at picking up short yardage under Payton. For some reason he still thinks he’s just gonna stick Ingram in and get the 1st down. Time to wake up Payton. Maybe try something creative instead of running straight ahead! Who Dat!

  12. all Saints fans going to the game is going to the game is going to where their Super Bowl championship shirts.

    As long as they are going to wear their SB championship shirts.

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