Philip Rivers: Losing this way stings, I’m sick that we’re not 1-0

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In the first 40 minutes of Monday night’s game, Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers threw four touchdown passes and led his team to a 28-7 lead over the Texans. In the last 20 minutes, disaster struck.

The Chargers lost 31-28, and Rivers said after the game that it’s particularly tough to lose a game that way.

“Every game stings that you lose. You lose this way, and it stings a little more,” Rivers said. “I’m sick that we’re not 1-0. But it is just one game. We’ve got 15 more.”

Chargers coach Mike McCoy expressed similar thoughts.

“This is a tough one, obviously,” McCoy said. “When you’re up 28-7 you’ve got to put the game away.”

The Chargers suffered as tough a loss as any team in Week One, but they don’t have any time to get down. On a short work week, they have a long road trip to Philadelphia, to face an Eagles team that looked very impressive on Monday night. The Chargers will need to play like they did in the first 40 minutes of Monday night’s game, rather than the last 20 minutes, or else Rivers is going to be sick next week that they’re 0-2.

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  1. “I’m sick that we’re not 1-0. But it is just one game. We’ve got 15 more games we can blow too.” Rivers said.

  2. It wouldn’t have been a complete Flip Rivers performance without the pick-6 to alley oop the Texans in completing their comeback. The football “experts” touted this clown as an elite QB for years when all he ever does is strengthen the case that he’s never been worthy of the tag..

  3. Thats vintage Mc Coy… As a bronco fan we know too well Mike can’t keep his foot on the gas… Time and time again he eases up when you’re supposed to put your foot on your opponents NECK! Thank God Gase gets it. Good luck with him SD….lol

  4. I doubt anyone really expected you guys to have a lead let alone a chance to win Phil. Heres to 15 more disappointments for you and the rest of the chargettes.

  5. This is Philip River’s last season as a member of the San Diego Chargers if he does not perform. The team has not accomplished much with him as starter in recent years and with a new regime, fresh blood is warranted.

  6. Wow, great game, but what a choke by the Chargers in the second half. That’s not a way to set the tone for a new coach and a new season. Way to go Texans.

  7. Sounds a lot like last year. Oh well, that’s why you’re the San Diego Chargers. IANABF, but everyone in Colorado thanks you. At this rate, it’s down to KC and Denver for the division title.

  8. So what, exactly, has changed in San Diego? Last season they were all but burying the Broncos at home…and we all know what happened there.

    Make no mistake, Rivers IS the problem in San Diego.

  9. I can’t remember the last time I saw a team look that good and then just totally shut down like that. Players, coaches… everybody just gave up. They were killing the Texans with the long ball, but after that one long pass attempt to Gates that was almost completed, they never throw deep again? It wasn’t just that the Texans defense picked things up, SD stopped running the plays that had been working earlier.

  10. If you’re going to jump all over McCoy for this loss, you better get ready to lump Whisenhunt in all these conversations, Chargers fans. I was shocked the Chargers threw up 28 in that game with his offensive game plan. Go check the film on the past fews years of Cards’ games, the defenses had it figured out because the fans sitting in the seats could see what was coming.

  11. They’re using the same D-Coordinator who gave up 4th and 31 last year.

    How many times do you have to watch the Chargers hold a team for 3rd and long and then give up the first down.

    John Pagano will be fired before this season ends, and deservedly so.

  12. And up now is the Chip Kelly 11 headed offensive monster machine tour 2013. They will be spittin bones. All bones. And theres simply nothing that you can do about it.

  13. As a neutral party, I think this game was more good for the Texans than it was bad for the Chargers. The Texans have had to listen to all the “they’re soft, can’t come back and win when down” etc. stuff for awhile now and they gutted one out last night. ALL wins are hard to get…all of them. We laugh and joke about bad teams but any given Sunday is one hundred percent a correct notion. Otherwise everyone’s game picks would be correct 100% of the time.

    Also, I love me some DeAndre Hopkins.Nice game, rookie. Wanted the Pats to take him so bad. He would have ended their bad luck at picking receivers high in the draft.

  14. Rivers is pretty much the reason they keep losing.

    He can’t execute or close the deal when there is pressure.

    Now, there were some crucial drops in the 4th but Rivers only threw for like 8 yards the second half or something stupid.

  15. Rivers still choking and turning the ball over at critical moments in the game. Like I said last week when he redid his contract, the Chargers will draft his replacement next spring. Their first rounder looked good on the offensive line though.

  16. That game was halarious. It was an exact duplicate of the choke job that SD pull against my broncos last year. How do you keep loseing games your leading by 21 points in the third quarter? oh ya…that’s right, your QB sucks. When is this team going to realize that Rivers is a terrible QB. Jumping around like he’s the man with 175yrds passing and 4 TD’s that were dump offs, then when the game gets close he throwes the typical Pick 6 to ensure his team loses. Looks good on him after all those years he chirped the broncos sidelines. Have fun watching this guy and hoping for a Wild Card spot. News flash, the Chiefs are better than you too, have fun battleing out the bottom of the AFC West with Oakland. Who will probably be better than you as well. LMAO …… awesome game …….I loved it.

  17. Thanks god we got the second game, and half the country wa asleep already and missed that.
    Espn only cares about the easst coast, so all they want to talk about today is Philly/Wash.
    That was an embarrassment, I’m just happy I don’t have to re-live it all day today

  18. I know they lost in the end but tell me that defenseless hit on a FG kick 28-14 when Chargers stopped them in the Red Zone isn’t the refferee taking the game into their hands on a subjective call. Watch any extra point or FG and you’ll see that kind of contact on the center. Don’t think it was called once in pre-season where they called everything. Not a Charger fan but nobody really talking about that.

  19. So… no comment, Humdolt? Chargers had a window but now it seems to be gone.Slammed shut. Gonna be a rough year especially when the Raiders take you to task. muahaha

  20. For all the QB obsessed, here’s some food for thought: The best quarterback in Chargers’ history remains Stan Humphries.

  21. Rivers lost that game for the Bolts. In the 1st half he was accurate and on time, in the 2nd half he was not.

    It was like 2 different people. Maybe he needs some fixing after all.

  22. Hope they don’t do anymore double headers on Monday night. Berman, and differ almost ruined the game. Dammmmm. They were awful.

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