Pryor gets another chance to repay Al Davis

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After a loss that in many ways felt like a victory on Sunday, Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor told Peter King of that he has immense gratitude for the late Al Davis.

I owe Mr. Davis,’’ Pryor told King.  “This man believed I’d be a star quarterback.  He said that to me multiple times.  He took a chance on me when other teams wouldn’t.  And I think he was smiling down a little bit today, watching this. This may sound crazy, but every day I’m thankful for what he did for me.”

Pryor will get another chance to prove Davis right on Sunday.

As expected, coach Dennis Allen announced that Pryor will start the home opener against the Jaguars, who won’t be starting quarterback Blaine Gabbert.  Pryor gets the start even though he declared he was “awful” in his debut.  Allen obviously disagrees.

“I wouldn’t go so far as to say that he was awful, but he also understands that there’s some critical mistakes in the game that we got to get corrected because we can’t have those,” Allen said Monday, via Steve Corkran of the Bay Area News Group.

The next challenge for Pryor will be to correct his mistakes and, in time, expand his abilities.  As Stephen Holder of the Indianapolis Star pointed out after Sunday’s game at Indy, the sentiment in the Colts’ locker room was that Pryor looked for one receiver and then, if the receiver wasn’t open, Pryor ran.

Regardless, the Colts couldn’t stop the man who is the NFL’s second leading rusher through one full week of action.  We’ll see if the Jaguars can do any better on Sunday.

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  1. I really hope this kid makes it. By all accounts he truly is a great hard working young man. He got a bad rap from the media after getting kicked out of Ohio ST. It’s funny he got tossed outta college for trading memorabilia for tatoos and 300 dollars but Johnny Football got suspended for a half for signing autographs for $8500. Seems fair

  2. Why would Allen have to declare him the starter? He didn’t do anything to warrant a benching IMO. He looked pretty good, especially considering how little experience he has.

  3. I think the issue with him making one read and leaving is 2 things….

    Our line was good sunday but you can hardly fault him after the pre-season for maybe feeling a little pressure that wasn’t there.

    Second, remember this is only his second live bullets game counts action in 3 years. I can hardly fault him for getting skittish at times.

    If his first and only comments weren’t about watching tape, acknowledging and correcting mistakes and getting better those things would worry me. If it continues long term it’ll worry me…but right now I think the foundation is at least strong.


  4. Wow, I can’t believe you print the last name of that pompous guy from SI. Who does he think he is, expecting us to call him our ruler? I mean, that’s offensive and I don’t think you should print it.

  5. If Pryor learns not to telegraph his passes, look off the receiver and throw to a receiver he sees out of the corner of his eye, and quickly looks off and finds a second or third receiver, he will not have to run so much or throw interceptions. His running ability is quite extraordinary, but will eventually result in his injury, so I know Dennis Allen will be working with him on these things.

  6. That is cool. He is a humble kid and takes nothing for granted. He works his tail off to get better and you can’t ask for much more than that. He has a lot of work today but you can see the potential, and so did Al. Keep working kid and make Al and Raider Nation proud.

    R.I.P Al Davis.

    #Raider Nation!

  7. “I owe Mr. Davis,’’ Pryor told King. “This man believed I’d be a star quarterback. He said that to me multiple times. He took a chance on me when other teams wouldn’t. And I think he was smiling down a little bit today, watching this. This may sound crazy, but every day I’m thankful for what he did for me.”

    Pryor, being Al’s last pick, returning the Raiders to winning ways is sweet poetic justice.

  8. the irony is Jacksonville did well in the first couple of series in the game last year, then Gabbert went out, Henne came in, and proceeded to get sacked and hurried. It could be a match up for both teams to decide to take Bridgewater or Jadeveon Clowney with the first pick next year….

    Pryor could do well by succeeding to repay Al Davis, as he was the final pick before his passing..

  9. A bit of ‘false modesty’ there by Pryor, I think. He was far from ‘awful’, and looks to have a very bright NFL future as he gains experience. He already seems to possess the maturity.
    Matt Flynn is likely very frustrated now…

  10. The sentiment in the Raiders locker room was that they lost the game, the Colts didn’t win it.

    For a playoff team, the Colts sure looked soft as baby food.

  11. best option they have might as well play him if they win they can build around him if they lose they can draft bridgewater

  12. Why wouldn’t he start. I’m no raiders fan but I’m sure the entire organization has to be pleased with the way he played against a better Colts team.

    While there is room for improvement, I’m sure Flynn would have thrown about 4 INTs and been about half as productive.

  13. Wow Pryor has really grown up since his Ohio State days. He needs to not be so hard on himself though. He played well enough to give him the starting job, he just needs ti put a complete game together.

    Sucks for Flynn but Pryor is the future in Oakland.

  14. If I were Matt Flynn, I’d just ask for my release right now. If he’s going to be a backup, he might as well come back to the Packers.

  15. There were a lot of plays where he ran around in the backfield for awhile until he found an open guy. So not sure i completely agree with what the colts are saying

  16. Raider Nation supports this guy, fans of other teams are appreciating his play, so why do I feel like Dennis Allen is just waiting for this kid to fail?

  17. Lot to like about TP besides physical talent:
    * He’s 24. Vick in contrast is 33….TP can do this for a while if he stays healthy and gets good off-season coaching re: throwing motion and accuracy.
    * Emerging leader with respect of teammates
    * His presence on the field can open up run lanes for McFadden.
    * Needs more help on OL, a beast WR to spread the field, and time…hopefully the last one is something RM, DA and Mr. Davis can hang with, but if they stay competitive, hard not to think this kid could be a nice long term QB the Raiders have been missing since Gannon.

  18. 49ers fan here. I thought Pryor looked pretty good out there. He showed a lot of poise out there and gave the defenses fits with his ability to move around the pocket or take off to keep defenses honest. So far the early returns look promising.

  19. I’ve never rooted for a Raider before, but this guys got my support. He’s earned his chance. Whether he can win a series of games with such a “supporting” cast is another question …

  20. Forget about how Pror handled himself at corrupt Ohio St., he’s a good small town kid. The sad little football player first attitude corrupted him some as it does many athletes. Look at the majority of the pros who have come from OSU.

  21. Humble dude and that is good to have…Always a good thing in a league of pompous “Me first” players that he put the loss on his back…Real leader move…also like how the reported asked him “when do you plan to watch film” He said “when I get on the plane” You keep that mentality work on mechanics and learn the look off and you will be fine… He is a poor mans RG3, Colin, Russell and if he can come close to those guys with a defense then the Raiders will be on to something….Good luck!

  22. He has great scrambling ability and CK is one of the guys, with his level of athletic ability, be able to fully master the balance of being a passer while still scaring teams with your legs.

    Russell Wilson isn’t as athletic, I don’t think RGIII and Cam Newton have fully mastered the balance between passing and running. So…study up on CK.

  23. Just for the record, Dennis Allen didn’t go out of his way to name Pryor the starter for Week 2. He never suggested it was in doubt, he isn’t waiting on him to fail. He was asked in his post-game press conference if Pryor would start. He responded with something to the effect of “he is the starter going forward.”

    To be clear-it was only an answer to a question, and never anything in doubt.

  24. wearethesteelers says: Sep 10, 2013 8:44 AM

    We have six rings and it makes us smile. ☺

    How ’bout you? ☻

    We bet big against the highly overrated Steelers on Sunday and it makes us smile. ☺

    How ’bout you? ☻

  25. I haven’t bought a Raiders jersey since the Gannon, Brown, and Wheatley days. This kid makes me want to buy a jersey again.

  26. blizzard01 says:
    Sep 10, 2013 9:01 AM
    I believe Al smiles down on me every time I sue someone.

     27 58 
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    Life long Raider Fan here…. I laughed so hard I farted

  27. Apropos of nothing, these guys were all HS c/o 2008 QBs who are on NFL rosters:

    Pryor (Raiders)
    McGloin (Raiders)
    Tyler Wilson (Raiders practice squad)
    Gabbert (Jags)
    Matt Scott (Jags practice squad)
    Luck (Colts)
    RG3 (Redskins)
    Manuel (Bills)
    Nassib (Giants)
    MarQueis Gray (Browns, TE)
    Doege (Falcons practice squad)
    Renfree (Falcons, IR)
    Dysert (Broncos)
    Glennon (Bucs)
    Landry Jones (Steelers)
    DC Jefferson (Cards, TE)
    BJ Daniels (49ers)
    Ryan Griffin (Saints practice squad)
    Lane Johnson (Eagles, OL after JUCO and Okla)

    Not a bad class.

  28. jbaxt says: Sep 10, 2013 10:19 AM

    Each week he loses he does as much as Davis did. Inspiration if Al Davis; just kelp losing baby.
    That was brilliant. Just kelp typing, moron.

  29. stoicpaisano says:
    Sep 10, 2013 5:07 PM
    Apropos of nothing, these guys were all HS c/o 2008 QBs who are on NFL rosters

    – – – – – – – — – – – — – — – – —

    I agree, but who on the list was the Parade All America Team Offensive Player of the year, The USA Today Player of the Year, Rivals #1 rated overall rated prospect, and Scout overall #1 rated prospect, and was the best prep ever to come out of the “cradle of quarterbacks” in Western PA

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