Randy Starks on reserve role: I’m willing to accept anything to help team win


During Sunday’s 23-10 win over the Browns, Dolphins defensive tackle Randy Starks was caught flipping the bird, as seen at right, to the Dolphins sideline after sacking Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden.

Many assumed that Starks was expressing his displeasure with his role as a backup to Paul Soliai and Jared Odrick and coach Joe Philbin joked on Monday that it was directed at him specifically, but Starks said Tuesday that he was “joking around with his teammates” while admitting it was something he shouldn’t have done.

As for his role, Starks, who said this summer he felt he was benched for skipping voluntary workouts after signing his franchise tender, said he could see how people would interpret the gesture as a comment on being a reserve. He said that there’s no problem there, however.

“I’m happy with my role, and my role is to be a backup nose and tackle, so whatever it calls for the team to win, I’m willing to accept that,” Starks said, via Chris Perkins of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

As Philbin said regarding wide receiver Mike Wallace’s apparent dissatisfaction with his role in the opener, it’s a long season and Starks is going to get chances to play regardless of which players are on the field to start games. If he outplays Soliai and Odrick, his snaps will likely go up and they probably won’t if the other two players are more effective. Complaining won’t accomplish much and it certainly isn’t part of doing whatever’s called for to help the team win games.

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  1. Not even slightly concerned about Starks and his fingers, pretty sure that whole thing was completely blown out of proportion. Bad taste, maybe, at worst.

    The Mike Wallace thing is at least a more legit story. But then I have mixed feelings on that. Your star receiver SHOULD want the football. And get it, too.

  2. It’s nice to see some favorable comments about the Fins — who are still one of the most popular franchises in North America. Now , if they could just fill a few more seats at their home games . . .

  3. Wallace should have had more than 1 catch, but MIA doesn’t need to show their hand to the rest of the league in week 1. He was double teamed the entire game and Tannehill capitalized with the other receivers. They need to get Clay on as much film as possible so NE and NYJ have to prepare for him. Without a legit running game, it will be hard for MIA to get the matchups downfield they need for Wallace, who himself is supposed to open thing up in the middle for Gibson and the TE’s.

  4. Starks is the best one of the three so his snaps will eventually go up. Their snaps seemed to be about equal as it was though so I’m not really worried about it. We just need to make sure Starks is on the field. He isn’t just the best DT on the team, he’s one of the best in the league. He is one of the biggest playmakers on the team and manages to constantly find himself around the ball.

  5. Why would he get fined for that?? It was nothing for goodness sake. Pay attention to Suh, that’s when you need to worry. Giving the finger and taking someones legs out, are completely different.

  6. The reason Mike Wallace didn’t get the ball is because he got locked up by Joe Haden. Tannehill didnt seem to have any trouble finding all of the other receivers, so if Wallace was open Im sure he would have had more targets.

    Who needs Mike Wallace when the Browns secondary (minus Joe Haden) makes Brian Hartline look like a perennial pro bowler. Nothing against Hartline, being an Ohio State fan I love the dude, and I know he had a great season last year, but come on. Looks like the Browns’ secondary concerns are still the same. Which is unfortunate because our front-7 looks like it could dominate. Just ran out of juice in the 4th because the Offense couldnt stay on the field.

    I was impressed with the Dolphins. Even though I think the Browns absolutely laid an egg, the Dolphins look solid, and their front 7 looks great. Especially Wake. Dude is a monster, dont know why he doesnt get more love.

  7. Two guys pissed about not getting more time could be looked as a positive instead of a negetive. Same for Fins lack of a running game. 2nd yr QB and a solid defense carried the team. If those two things continue and the running game and Wallace gets going ..then you have a lot of positive.

  8. No surprise that headstrong players such as Wallace and Starks are in Joe’s doghouse. Philbin came off as arrogant and condescending during last year’s hard knocks. He got rid of talented players like Vontae Davis, Reggie Bush and Brandon Marshall based his general dislike for them as people, despite the drop-off in talent. You would think after what he’s been through in his personal life he’d be less judgmental of others and more about keeping & properly utilizing talent for the ultimate goal of winning. Maybe he likes being head coach just to push people around.

  9. having a player of his caliber coming off the bench is a good thing for the Phins. bad for opposing offenses.

  10. Wallace is just mad that Haden gets to boast about it later on.. and I would be too.

    I’m not gonna lie tho, that’s a little bit too much complaining after a win. T.O. much

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