Report: NFL doesn’t think the Giants were faking

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The NFL apparently agreed with the Giants, and didn’t think it “was so obvious it was funny.”

According to Ed Werder of ESPN, the league has concluded the Giants did nothing to warrant punishment after sending out a memo prior to the season warning teams not to fake injuries.

Aside from Jerry Jones saying the Giants were trying to slow the game, the Cowboys did not file an official complaint against the Giants.

Considering one of the two players cited by Jones and Tony Romo didn’t return to the game, it would have been hard to prove, in a field of study that is hard to prove by nature.

28 responses to “Report: NFL doesn’t think the Giants were faking

  1. They aren’t saying every injury was faked. Really just the one in particular during the hurry up where the player then jogged off and came back on a play later.

    What about giving a limited number of injury timeouts and then charging teams a timeout (once team is out of timeouts though you give back injury timeouts for safety). That way teams have a reason to avoid using injury timeouts and the player will always be attended to.

  2. Sorry Jerrah…opinion overruled. Now enjoy your win and quit acting like an old man trying to return soup at a deli….

  3. Tony Romo has been faking being a quarterback for years and Jerry never said anything about that. Time for another face-tightening Skeletor.

  4. The NFL might be correct on this one, but what the NFL thinks is becoming a joke anyway. They’ve changed the game to a point that in a few years it will be unrecognizable.

  5. The NFL just doesn’t want to start policing the faking yet.

    With so many no huddle offenses coming onboard, they are sitting back and figuring out how to handle the problem.

    Can’t say I blame the defenses for doing whatever they can to slow the game down.

  6. pftusedtobemorefun says:
    Sep 10, 2013 4:07 PM
    Wasn’t it the Giants that had 2 guys flop on the same play either late in the year or the playoffs? How about your out for 4 plays?


    Do the 4 plays only go for defensive players?

    Would romo have to sit out four plays when he pretends that every little scratch is a life threatening injury just so he can act like he is “a gamer”?

  7. Mara is the head of the rules committee. Of course the rules committee found they were innocent, just as Dallas/Washington were the only teams found guilty in a non-capped year.

  8. Remember back in the day when you played Madden there was a bug in the game when after a quarter ended the offense would be lined up ready to go and the defense would still be trotting down the end of the field 60 yards away. My friend, who’s rear I always kicked in that game, could only score on me at the beginning of new quarters because my defense was never lined up. Very chicken bleep.

    This is what the NFL and it’s no-huddle offenses have become. Offenses have already been given even conceivable advantage. They don’t need another. I say play like honorable men and not like my chicken bleep friend.

  9. pftusedtobemorefun says:
    Sep 10, 2013 4:07 PM
    Wasn’t it the Giants that had 2 guys flop on the same play either late in the year or the playoffs?
    – = – = – = – = – = – = – = – = – = – = -=
    That was so funny! They both are not sure what to do…then they both go down…then one of them jumps back up……so obvious that they were cheating.

  10. Go back to the replay. The dude limped off the field. When the doc came to help, he adjusted his shoulder pads and the player ran back out the very next play. The camera don’t lie. He was faking it. Only dilusional NYG fans are allowed to believe otherwise.

  11. Fixing this it too easy. Just:


    Optionally, if they take a time out, there is no required sitting.

    The added benefit is that a truly injured player gets a rest….

  12. If a player is truly injured, they don’t come back after one play. If the NFL is interested in safety, that player should have to sit out the rest of the quarter while they are evaluated by medical staff.

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