Rex says outside views of the Jets are “not even close” to accurate


Jets coach Rex Ryan says that if there’s a view outside the team that the locker room is a circus, that view couldn’t be more wrong.

Ryan said on a conference call with New England reporters in advance of Thursday night’s game against the Patriots that he thinks the Jets have a close, upbeat team that is feeling confident after starting the season with a win.

“I think I know what the general consensus is out there – but it’s not even close,” Ryan said, via Tom Curran of “We’ve had nothing but positive vibes inside our locker room.”

Ryan says Sunday’s win over the Buccaneers built on momentum the Jets already had from the preseason, and that they feel good about where things are heading.

“We have way more positive momentum than people give us credit for,” Ryan said. “We were 3-1 in the preseason, I think that’s good. Inside our building it’s been nothing but positive. We’ve had probably as good an offseason as anyone in the league when it comes to the amount of players here for voluntary work, the type of work they’re doing at minicamps and then our training camp, we had great competition at several positions. We have a close football team.”

The question now for Ryan is whether the Jets have a competitive football team. If the Jets upset the Patriots on Thursday, Ryan will be able to say he was right, and that the predictions about the Jets were not even close to accurate.

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  1. Ryan is the Baghdad Bob of the NFL. Just because they might be a little better than everyone thought, doesn’t mean they don’t suck.


  2. I would prefer them to be thought of as crap, expectations are low and if they do well, we’re all surprised. If they don’t, then o well. Look at 2009, NO one expected them to do nearly as good as they did, made for a fun team to follow.

  3. I agree with him 1000000000%

    Only question is who will we be playing against in the Super Bowl?

    Any ideas???

  4. Ohhh I don’t know, I see a mess of a team, that has lucked into a win and is getting better than expected play from their rookie QB.

    How is that for accuracy of an outside view?

  5. Like his father before him , Rex is actually an outstanding coach who is capable of motivating his troops to run through a brick wall for him. Unfortunately , it’s all the other , extracurricular things and his dealings with the media that get him into trouble.
    Good coach ? Hell , yes. A coach that will be coaching the same team for ten or fifteen years ? Probably not , but neither was Jimmy Johnson , and he did okay.

  6. I understood all the hate when Rex talked Superbowls, but I have yet to understand all the negativity and clown talk that has occurred the past couple of years. It’s a young rebuilding team who doesn’t ask PFT and the rest of the media to constantly write stories on them. The Jets are interviewed just as much as any other team. It’s on you guys to stop clicking on all the Jets links if you want this madness to stop.

  7. Thursday night should be interesting. With the Pats being so banged up. This game could be a lot closer than the 12pt. predicted outcome.
    Pats are still a much better team.

  8. The season has started, this shouldn’t be a headline. But at least it is a change from Aaron Hernandez, the Eagles QB competition, the Jets QB competition, and RGIII’s knee. Man, those stories were getting beat into the ground.

  9. Did he just drop a 3-1 preseason record? Like its meaningful? When one coach plays his starters vs another teams 2nd stringers, records don’t matter guy!

  10. While the Jets may be better than advertised, why does Rex need to advertise his opinion on it?
    It would serve him well and prevent future ridicule.

  11. @ craniator his father stunk after he left the Bears. He’ll never coach a team for 10 – 15 years because he wears out his welcome and he’s not smart enough to keep a job with one team that long. Bombast only lasts for a short while and players get tired of it.

  12. Prior to saying on his speakerphone, “There is no circus here”, Rex could be heard taking a giant bite of his candied apple and slurping his mega gulp, along with the background sound of a VW backfire.

  13. They are in a lose-lose situation. If the beat the patriots Thursday everyone will say that “everyone on the pats where hurt”. If they lose then “they stink and can’t even beat the pats who have everyone hurt. Just watch

  14. Calm down Jet fans, you beat Tampa Bay and not without some incredible luck on the penalty that set up the final field goal. Consider yourself fortunate and move on, don’t bother trying to tell us all what we can see with our own eyes, that the Jets suck and will be lucky to win 4 more games the rest of the year.

  15. Rex says outside views of the Jets are “not even close” to accurate
    That would only be true if the outside view was that the Jets were going to make the playoffs,

  16. I guess based on Rex’s pride in his 3-1 pre season record explains while he thought it a good idea to put Sanchez into the pre season game in the 4th quarter.

  17. They simply don’t have a decent amount of talent on the roster, mostly on offense. If RR can get this team to 8-8, he’s a miracle worker. Tanny wrecked this team with an assist from Woody and his love of the Tebow circus. It’s going to take a few years for them to recover.

    I’m a Pats fan and I know that even when the Pats have a bunch of great players on offense, the NYJ give them all they can handle defensively a majority of the time. I doubt this game is decided by more than 7 points either way.

  18. I guess it’s not surprising that Rex thinks his team won due to their own momentum and not a monumentally bonehead play by the Bucs after the Jets were DOA.

  19. whatnojets writes:
    I agree with him 1000000000%

    Only question is who will we be playing against in the Super Bowl?

    Any ideas???
    Answer: yourselves? That’s playing with!

  20. Jets new GM is key…whatever people want to say about Seattle and Carroll, they have a system of bringing in young talent to fill positions like no other (except SF).

    Jets are on the way up.

  21. You’re a creepy chicken neck and the picture proves it. You took a scientific short cut to lose weight which no better than taking HGH, Steroids, Deer Antler Velvet etc to compete. Oh, the Patriots don’t think you’re worth practicing for. All of that is provable.

  22. I am sick of Rex Ryan and the Jests. I live in NJ and the fans here are ridiculous. Having said that, the Jets will start 4-0, they will make the playoffs and Rex will get a contract extension. They are not a good football team by any stretch but when you win the first week like you did, they have some sort of luck on their side. The Bills and Dolphins are mediocre and the Pats are in a downfall. Besides that, the Jets have to play the Browns, Steelers, and Panthers. 9-7 is unfortunately not out of the question here.

  23. The JETS needed a bone head play by an opposing defender to snipe the BUCS….the BUCS (at home)!! And if they win this week against a team that has said they won’t practice, who is without their running back, best receiver, both playmaking tight ends who barely escaped the BILLS this week.., then they will somehow be justified in the crazy “we were 3-1 in the pre-season and I think that’s pretty good” talk?? SMH! They better be 2-0 after this week… they are playing 3/4 of a team.

  24. They are in a lose-lose situation. If the beat the patriots Thursday everyone will say that “everyone on the pats where hurt”. If they lose then “they stink and can’t even beat the pats who have everyone hurt. Just watch

    Well, with 9 Pats not practicing………..

  25. I grew up in a Patriots household. I’m 43 years old. I’ve been a fan since I was about 10 years old. If I ever felt otherwise my dad would shout it out of my head, he was born and raised in Worcester. I hate the Jets but I am really tired of the mindless piling on they have to endure. I prefer to hate them just because they are the Jets.

  26. As a great coach in the NFL once said……….”” You are whatever your record says you are. “”””””. ,!!

  27. So in your peoples world, the Giants only have 3 Super Bowls because when Kyle Williams drops the punt return in front of his own end zone, the Giants beat the 49ers in the nfc championship game and the rest is history. But I guess not because they won a bonehead fumble so…I guess the Pats won that year.

  28. 16 of the Troll teams lost this week, so we understand while you’re so upset. THE JETS WEREN’T ONE OF THEM

  29. whatjusthapped says:Sep 10, 2013 5:26 PM

    Calm down Jet fans,

    Calm down Jets fans???

    The trolls come here. They love to hate.
    pssst. The circus has jumped the shark.


  30. I love to read all the jests comments about how the jests “won” the game. They won the same way the patsies won. By the other team losing. Had the Jills just run the ball with five minutes left instead of throwing a couple of incomplete passes when they have a stud RB, maybe, just maybe, Brady doesn’t have time to go down the field with those WRs (if you can call them that) to get into FG range.

    Now the rest of the league has tape on Geno, it may be a different game (and don’t say they have tape from the preseason, NO other team than the jests count those games and he didn’t have near enough snaps to study) since a lot of rookie QBs look like superstars until teams have tape to study. If I’m not mistaken, I believe Gabbert won his first game and would you want him on your team? Now, if they can beat the bottom half of the pats team that is playing, I may change my mind. But if they can’t beat a team that is so banged up, everyone else will laugh at them.

  31. Medias’ predictions are already wrong. No one gave them a chance against Bucs.

    Now when they beat the Pats, it will be because they too don’t have any weapons like the Jets.

    I would respect any columnist who would have the guts to say, “we can still prove the Jets are bad with another loss, instead of distancing themselves from the naysayers

  32. @CKL

    Agreed, this upcoming game will be much closer than everyone thinks. Upset is not out of the question if Geno displays poise. Jets DB’s are clearly better than Bills, and if the pass rush is active again and Brady goes down, hey you never know.

  33. @keepounding1234

    I meant the Pats were without the running back that produced anything for them… I’m sure the Jets don’t mind a guy who will turn the ball over. My point was that the Pats will be without the majority of their firepower Thursday.

  34. hehateme2 says:
    Sep 10, 2013 5:24 PM
    He’s too delusional to realize he lost the locker room 2 years ago.

    Hope he stays in NJ forever!!

    Do you even have a team you root for or is just being a D-Bag on PFT good enough?

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