Rob Chudzinski: Brandon Weeden isn’t on a short leash

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The Browns passing offense got off to a rough start on Sunday as Brandon Weeden threw three picks and completed less than half his passes in a 23-10 loss to the Dolphins.

Given the way coach Rob Chudzinski refused to name Weeden the starter until late in training camp because of a “close” competition with Jason Campbell that saw Campbell barely take any snaps with the first team, some wondered if Weeden’s rough start to the season might cause Chudzinski to revisit his decision. Chudzinski said Monday that it wouldn’t and that Weeden isn’t on a short leash with the coaching staff.

“I don’t look at it as a leash,” Chudzinski said, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “These guys are developing players and they’re learning how to play in this system and I expect us to keep getting better and improving.”

One place the Browns need to improve is pass protection. Weeden was sacked six times and hit 16 times by Miami in the opener and his numbers while throwing under pressure were particularly dreadful. Chudzinski pointed to those issues and a drop by Travis Benjamin as things that could also have gone better, but the focus is always going to return to the quarterback when he has a line like Weeden put up on Sunday.

The Ravens are up next for the Browns off a poor defensive effort against the Broncos in their opening game. You’d expect a better outing for them this time around unless Weeden’s performance is light years better than it was against the Dolphins.

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  1. Weeden isn’t the answer but wasn’t the main problem Sunday at all. Receivers stunk (2 of the ints were on them). The run game was abandoned way too early & the right side of the O-Line completely collapsed in the 2nd half.

  2. OLine injuries = no time to pass and no running lanes for TRich… AND that means a loss. Doesn’t matter if Weeds is on a short or long lease…Brady or Manning would get killed behind our line too

  3. Between poor play on the right side of the O-line and receivers with stone hands, Weedon is pretty far down on my list of people to blame for this loss. And, to be completely fair, the Dolphins are putting together one heck of a defense.

  4. My respect for the new guys “upstairs” if they’d cut Weeden right now. He is not an NFL QB!! He can’t make quick enough decisions and there is no coaching it. He is 30 freakin’ years old!! Release him!!

  5. Weedon is merely the latest in a long line of pocket passers bought in to work miracles without the benefit of a pocket from which to pass. This tradition goes all the way back to Bernie, who is still paying the price for his lack of an offensive line able to protect him.

  6. Watching the Browns last year when they were playing my favorite team, I was pretty high on the thought of Pat Shurmur being on the verge of turning this team around. Then hes gone. You cant build a competitive team by constantly changing the staff and bringing in new players! It wont work. There is to much upheaval and disruption of continuity. At some time you have to start feeling sorry for the fans. They don’t deserve that. If Chud is going to be the guy, FOR GOD’S SAKE GIVE HIM TIME! Otherwise, this will continue and Cleveland will remain a Doorstep for other teams. Even I feel sad for these guys….

  7. I have no idea if Brandon Weeden is the answer for the Browns. Maybe he is and maybe he isn’t.

    What I do know is the Browns have done nothing to make it easy for him to succeed.

    When Lauavo and Pinkston went down, they moved a back up tackle to guard and said play. Oneil Cousins had FOUR penalties on Sunday. He couldn’t stop anyone from sliding through the line.

    Last Monday they signed 6 or 7 players and only one was a lineman, a center, not a guard.

    Because of the porous line, they had to go away from the game plan and play an extra tight end, Gary Barnridge to help in the blocking. He stunk as well.

    The Browns are using a converted third string running back, Chirs Ogbonnaya as the fullback.

    The Browns attempted 53 pass plays on Sunday. Which is too many. If Weeden was sacked 6 times, plus hit another 16 that’s 22 times he got hit. Or 41.5% of the passing plays. Plus he was hurried several more times.

    His leading receiver Josh Gordon is suspended. Of the three interceptions, two hit his targets in the HANDS.

    You cant blame Weeden for being jumpy, making bad decisions and throwing too soon when he is being beaten alive. For Browns fans–see Tim Couch.

    The front office ( Lombardi) never wanted Weeden, the coaching staff did. And the front office isn’t providing the players to make his job any easier.

  8. He had the crap knocked out of himself on Sunday, if he doesn’t improve the Browns are in big trouble. He was on the ground, more than he was upright.
    Good luck if he doesn’t improve.

  9. Regarding the sacks – Weeden took a few because he couldn’t get rid of the ball. The replays showed some of the WR down the field, basically standing still. Once the play breaks down, they need to coach these guys to move so he has somewhere to throw the ball. There was a lot of this problem last year as well.

  10. I’d worry more about the stupid playing calling than anything Weeden is doing.

    That game is 13-10 after 3 quarters, and Richardson only had 13 carries to that point.

    He ended up having 0 carries in the 4th Q, yet Weeden throws the ball over 50 times in the game?

    Look we all know Cameron has a ton of potential, but the Browns ain’t winning many games throwing the ball 50+ times, especially without Josh Gordon playing.

    How bout the playcalling Chud?

  11. Weeden didn’t drop the balls, Weeden didn’t get beat by a D Lineman, Weeden didn’t miss the block on the safety blitz. Weeden is a good QB but as it has been since 99 he cant do it all alone. Go Browns, lets get a “W” on Sunday!

  12. The Browns are going to be fine once their players return from injury and suspension. They have a really good front 7 on defense and a premier shutdown CB. They also have the best LT in the game. While Weeden is still a work in progress they are getting better. Give the Fin credit, who also have a good defensive front. I tell you what. Based on what I saw this past week they are not the worst in that division. Steelers looked god awful

  13. Good. He shouldn’t be. Give the kid a shot. He’s not only got to be more accurate, but he has to take more accountability. Blaming arrant throws on the wind is just ridiculous. It’s one thing if you have a Colt McCoy-like pop gun, but Weeden has an arm.

    Try harder, be better.

  14. As long as he keeps throwing to Jordan, leave him alone. Jordan is on my fantasy team hehehe… As far as this, Cleveland selecting 1st overall next years draft, SHUT UP! That coming from a Steelers fan!!!

  15. A smart man once said, you cannot complete passes laying flat on your back.

    16 knockdowns, 6 sacks and 4 dropped passes, T-Rich with only 13 carries and 9 penalties including one on a great scramble that was a TD.

    But we blame the QB?

  16. dad – son are you ready to go to the browns game this sunday!

    son – i sure am dad! but can i ask you a question?

    dad – sure son what is it?

    son – dad what is playoffs???

    dad- I dont know son, were browns fans remember?…..

  17. Weeden will be fine, kid had a lot of pressure all game thanks to a very weak right side of the line. On top of going into season with slot of expectatins for him and the team. Just first game jitters. Look for Weeds to bounce back with a strong performance against ravens.

  18. I dont know how much shorter a leash can be. The leash is “get it done this year or your gone”. Considering its only his 2nd year, thats a pretty short leash.

    Putting in Jason Campbell or Brian Hoyer would be idiotic. We know what they are, they have been around long enough.

    Although Weeden played like crap, he was far from the biggest problem in game 1. All of the problems from last year seem to be the same this year, except our pass rush, which isnt surprising considering thats the ONLY thing we addressed in the offseason. Apparently the organization thinks that the front-7 is the only component of a football team.

    And even though we have an injury on the O-line its pretty discouraging that they got dominated like they did. The Dolphins D-Line looks good but the O-line was supposed to be a strength of our team, especially in pass pro.

    The same exact problems from last year: Dropped passes, weak secondary (minus Joe Haden), bad guard play, and the lines inability to open ANY holes for Trent. Oh yeah and terrible play calling. Which I thought would be fixed with this great new offensive coordinator.

    Trent gets 14 carries, in a game that is within 3 points going into the 4th? And Weeden throws 50+ times without his best receiver? What the hell was this dude thinking?

  19. Why cant the Browns re-visit trying to acquire Matt Barkley. Im sure we can get him on the cheap, and if he is anything we thought he could be a year ago it would be a significant upgrade from what we currently have on the roster.

  20. @TheNaturalMevs says: Sep 13, 2013 4:58 AM

    “Worst first round draft pick since Leaf.”

    Mot even the Browns worst:
    Mike (Mad-dog in the meat-house) Junkin

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