Robert Griffin III says his knee is no excuse for slow start

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Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III looked rusty to start Monday night’s season opener, but he said after the game that his knee is not the reason.

Brushing aside a question about whether sitting out the preseason to rest his surgically repaired knee was a problem for him on Monday night, Griffin said he wouldn’t make any excuses and felt like his knee was just fine.

“I was comfortable out there, I felt good, I was able to escape the pocket and move around,” Griffin said. “We just didn’t play well as a team.”

Griffin said it was important to demonstrate for the first time since blowing out his knee in January that he could pick himself back up after taking a hard shot.

“Everyone wants to see me get hit and get up, and that’s what they got to see,” Griffin said.

Unfortunately for Washington, what they didn’t get to see was Griffin looking like the same player he was a year ago. Griffin’s final numbers (30-for-49 passing for 329 yards, with two touchdowns and two interceptions, plus 24 rushing yards on five carries) seem OK, but he didn’t look like the same dynamic playmaker he was last year. For all the talk that Griffin’s rehabilitation from reconstructive knee surgery went perfectly, he may need some more time to get himself in midseason form.

80 responses to “Robert Griffin III says his knee is no excuse for slow start

  1. Logicalvoicesays is down in his moms basement sucking his thumb, trying to think good thoughts…

    Like the last few weeks of last season when they got hot…

    Gone are the days huh…

    Well enjoy those Hot Pockets and Butterscotch pudding packs your mom left by the door

    Like you said Logicalvoicesays, it’s a marathon

    Sleep tight

  2. It has to be tough missing the whole preseason when you’re a quarterback. It was like Bob was playing his first preseason game while the Eagles were playing their first regular season game. Different speeds. He’ll catch up quickly.

  3. Its the first game, yeah some rust is to be expected. Instant judgement is what is wrong with people now.. Oh the sky is falling we are doomed. Its just one game, people should pump their brakes. Even the Jets won week one dont mean a thing. See me week 9…

  4. His knee is no excuse for a slow start? Right. Actually, logicalvoice can be his excuse for a slow start (and continued losing streak). Wonder how that knee will be when Matthews and Suh both body slam Griffin into the turf in consecutive weeks. 4skins go 1-4 (at best) in the first 5 games.

    Logical voice – where are you, bro? Thought you would be the first one on here with your incessant rambling, but not around? Fair weather fan, are we?

  5. This was on the Coaches, the team looked totally unprepared. Hats off to the Eagles, but Washington should have won this game. Rg3 and Morris were not on the same page and the O-line committed way way too many penalties. On a positive, Helu, Kerrigan and hanker son looked great.

  6. I expected RG3 to be rusty early on, but he was noticeably sharper in the 2nd half. Up 33-7, I was thinking that Philly might approach 50 points, but the offense completely turned off and the Eagles tried very hard to give this game back to the Skins. Philly went from trying to put up points, to simply waiting for the clock to run out, and Washington came damn close to stealing the game late.

  7. Hey logicalvoicesays,

    Headline should read, “Don’t blame RG III’s knee as an excuse for slow start, he’s my teammate, *sobbing*, he’s my QB.”

    For all my fellow FBtalk friends, I will repost this comment from logicalvoicesay every week as a constant reminder of how obnoxious he (she) is…

    Season Record for the Redskins : 14-2
    RGIII : 43 TDs Passing – 7 INTs – 8 Rushing TDs
    Morris : 1756 yds, 10 TDs
    Garcon : 105 receptions, 15 TDs, 1345 yds recieving
    Kerrigan : 16 sacks, 7 FFs, 2 INTs
    Redskins 4th Superbowl.

  8. Yea those stats he put up in the 2nd half had more to do with the Eagles changing their offensive and defensive strategies, once they got up by 4 scores, then RGIII miraculously getting better did .

    They completely abandoned their blur offense in the 2nd half in favor of a more conservative, run every play, time consuming offense.

    Also the Eagles went into a prevent defense for most of the second half. They dropped back in coverage and gave RGIII the middle of the field with the hopes that he would take the easy throws and run out the clock. Which except for the long touchdown, that would have easily been intercepted or at least knocked down if Chung didnt stop and jump for some ungodly reason, worked out perfectly for the Eagles.

    Griffen took the middle of the field underneath throws that made it impossible for his receivers to get out of balance and stop the clock. But at least he padded his resume with stats he probably wouldnt gotten otherwise.

  9. He’s not going make an excuse, he’s no baby like Harbaugh but everyone saw it and knows once the that is off and the timing is back watch out.
    Eagles we’re not that great, looked very average in the 2nd half.

  10. Been saying this all offseason. RGIII is dynamic at one play, that run option play. This kid is not some dynamic pocket passer QB which is what he is going to have to do with that knee, whether fully healthy or not. He has blown it out twice now, with a small, light body frame he can’t run that offense and have a career that last beyond 3 seasons. This is the offense he now has to run. The Redskins averaged like 5.6 yards from the option read rush play and 3.8 yards a rush on everything else. The best QB on that team is riding the bench. I’ll say it again, RGIII because of his health has to become a pocket passer and he looked average at best in that type of system. Over throwing receivers, not stepping into his throws, throwing off his back foot. Without the option run play he is average. Period. Good luck Skins, your real franchise QB is riding the pine right now.

  11. Griffin looked bad to me….

    All of his passes were of the, back on his heels,
    arm and shoulder type throws. I didn’t see him
    plant and drive through on a single throw all night.

  12. RG3’s twopicks, Morris’ fumble and the safety were the difference… Three turnovers and a safety that was like a fourth. Despite those, the offense came around & they had a chance halfway through the 4th quarter, so all is not lost… But credit Philly, they looked great on both sides of the ball.

  13. “The truth is, he just is not that good.”

    This may sound like sour grapes, and clearly this is troll bait and I’m biting, but this comment is just plain ignorant. You’re killing a guy that did not look remotely 100% both physically and mentally. He wasn’t driving off his leg on his first half throws, he looked very sluggish when he tried to run and very hesitant. Despite the Eagles completely destroying the Redskins defense, they nearly gave that game away.

    RGIII, with no run game support and no threat of the read option still completes 61% of his passes for 300+ yards and 2 TDs. One interception looked bad and the other was a remarkable play by the Philly defensive back. Couple that with some really poor drops by Hankerson and Robinson that killed plays and a porous Redskins offensive line interior.

    As dreadful as the Skins looked in the first half, the second half gives me some encouragement going forward.

  14. Well, first off — kudos to the Eagles from a Redskins fan. They came out with a great game plan and executed it perfectly in the first half particularly. They deserved to win that game, no excuses.

    Second — kudos to Griffin for not making excuses himself. That is a good quality and generally guys who own up when things are bad will end up turning things around. The one positive thing I’ll say is the team didn’t give up and got better as the game went on. It gave us fans some hope for later on in the season….

  15. There is no way his knee is even close to 100% as he says…or if it is, the Skins are in trouble. He was absolutely not the same player we saw a year ago.

    He was moving around way too “gingerly”, even when he ran….kinda like he looked in the Seattle game at the end of last season.

  16. The silence at FedEx last night was so amazing that I recorded and will make love to my wife to it for the next month. Thanks, RGIII!!

  17. So when he loses it’s ” the whole team played bad” I think he had 3 completions by the second quarter.

    Dude stunk it up, the Eagles just took their foot off the gas.

  18. Everyone needs to understand that logicalvoice had nappy time around 9PM, so he went to bed sobbing.

    He woke up to his amazement that his team made it close in the 4th quarter.

    He’s currently adjusting his forecasted predictions, but mommy has to hit the keys for him, so give him a break!

    On a serious note, I just don’t see Griffin having confidence to burst up the sideline/seam like last year until he can emotionally get over that knee… takes 1-2 years. If he doesn’t injure it again, eventually he will be fine. Meaning, emotionally, it’s just so hard to not think about.

    Playing sports and having ACL reconstruction on both my knees, one knee I always protect, because I injured several times. The other one, feels good as new, as I only injured it once. It becomes more emotional than physical after 1 year.

    I see a very pedestrian year from Griffin this year because he will run less. Year 3 could be a completely different story.

    It is funny to listen to the media really protect the image of RG3 though……he looked TERRIBLE for most the game……they called him “rusty”, and the “ball flew on him”. I know Gruden loves everybody, as that’s just the way he is.

    His form was terrible, and Gruden finally pointed that out……

    The skins defense was not that good, and I don’t know how good the eagles are, as they almost choked a game that they should have pasted 50 pionts.

    Skins need to look at their defense……it was porous.

  19. Hate to say this but I don’t know how long players will stay healthy on that Eagles offense. This isn’t college where you’re getting tackled by the likes of Savannah State.

  20. Oh, and considering RG3’s offseason knee surgery, I think you should give him until midseason to say he doesn’t look like he’s in midseason form.

  21. His knee is no excuse, mabye throwing the ball at the corners and safeties hands, that could work as an excuse. and as far as their wonderful fanbase remember this: Logical voice embodies the Redskins franchise all offseason talk, talk, talk, trash every non redskins story, comment on stories on teams not in their division or even conference, win the offseason, then…… become a grass stain in the NFC east. enjoy winning your division when all the other teams in it had a down year. that was your super bowl.

    And with the first pick in the 2014 draft St Louis Rams select……………………..

  22. Griffin was under 50% completion through three quarters. Most of his completions and yards came late when they were already down by 3 scores and Eagles were just playing out the clock in a soft zone.

  23. Robert Griffin III was not the second overall pick because of his ability as a thrower. He “was” the full-package but this could really deter his career if his knee is not at full strength. Without his ability as a scrambler and a runner, he has to rely on his arm but defenses will not be fooled.

    The Philadelphia Eagles were not afraid of him tucking the ball and running. He played scared and when that happens poor results follow. Donovan McNabb endured the same problem after he suffered that gruesome injury against the Arizona Cardinals.

    Best of luck trying to run the read-option without a real threat of a running quarterback.

  24. Redskins are lucky the eagles slowed down the tempo early in the second half. It should have been a complete blow out. Robert Griffin looked nothing like he did last year. You can tell he is not %100 healthy.

  25. Vick got hit way too many times last night, they won’t be able to keep going at that pace if he continues to get hit the way he did last night, but if that was the worst RG3 can play alot of you guys are dilusional to say he’s overrated 30/49 329yds 2tds 2ints. The Eagles aren’t as good as they seem, but better than they were. The Redskins aren’t as bad as they seem, but can be better than last year, knock off the rust clean up the turnovers and penalties and they are as tough as any one to beat.

  26. Did people forget that Washington started the season 3-6 last year? Anyway…

    Robert looked rusty as hell, as did the rest of the offense. The kid will be fine. Being tentative as a quarterback is the worst thing you could possibly do, and RG3 was tentative to put it lightly.

    Eagles looked damn good, they ran all over us and chucked the ball at will and deserved the win. Team will figure out their scheme, and they lost gas in the 2nd half – whether or not that’s due to the fact they were up big or tired is unknown.

  27. Defeating a division rival is always great but there were some disturbing trends in the second half.

    1. RGIII and the redskins came within a recovered onsides kick of potentially winning the game after being left for dead in the first half.

    2. The Eagles offense didn’t do anything after halftime.

    3. The Eagles defense didn’t do much after halftime either.

    4. Vick was limping at the end of the game. He simply can not play the reckless way he plays and stay healthy. If Vick can’t run, he’ll end up on IR sooner rather than later.

    Anyway, a good win for the team but i’m more interested in the way the game progressed than how it started.

  28. Hats off to the Eagles…they gave us the business. Vick was solid.

    On a positive note, we didn’t panic and once we settled down offensively, we made the game interesting.

    Shout out to RGIII – didn’t get rattled and was able to put something together to build on for next week.


  29. Robskind I think you need to ask yourself. How good was he when the game was 10-7, or 19-7 or 26-7. The only time he did anything was when the score was 33-7 when eagles took their foot off the gas pedal so relax. RGIII needs to eat some more subway.

  30. I think that Philly’s offense tired themselves out in the first half, which is why they slowed down so much in the second half.

    At Oregon, the oldest guys on the team were what? Probably 22-23. Twenty-year-olds can fly all over the field.

    In the NFL, the oldest guys can be in their late 30s. It’s much harder for 30-year-olds to play that fast the whole game.

    I guess Philly’s strategy could be to get the points in the first half and hold on in the second half.

  31. the whole team did not know what hit them .If Vick could throw it would have been alot worse!!!

  32. last group of suckers that ran around chanting hail hail hail lost a world war..

    glad you guys are following suit with divisional games..

    Foreskin fans have taken the roll of the leagues biggest group of bandwagon fans..
    you people are heartless punks..

    throw them jerseys back in the closet for another 20+ years

  33. kev86 says:
    Sep 10, 2013 8:10 AM
    Sanchez had success in year one.
    Jim Zorn started off 6-2 as a head coach, now he can’t even find employment as a scouting/game tape guy. I’m not saying the situations are remotely parallel– I think Kelly will be a very successful and dangerous coach, just that one game does not make a dynasty.

    Especially when the Eagles’ offensive success was partially a result of a Washington offense that couldn’t give their defense a breather, and six Philly possessions starting on the Redskins side of the field.

    Again, that’s not to take any credit away from Kelly or the Eagles, they played a brilliantly: I’m just saying we shouldn’t anoint Kelly the new Bill Walsh after one game. And we all know, as good as Philly was, Washington tried their very hardest to ensure an Eagles win.

  34. Ahhhh nothing better than driving to work on a bright sunny day listening to dead skin radio and all the members of the #httr club try to polish the turd from last nights debacle. No option threat will make a long year for the skins.

  35. We miss you, ‘Logicalvoicesays’. We were all hoping that you could put one of your typical off-the-wall characterizations to this defeat to a division rival, at home, first game of the season for your beloved 4skins. I know you are reading this. Let us have it. Humility does not become you.

  36. Sep 10, 2013 8:27 AM
    Redskins are lucky the eagles slowed down the tempo early in the second half. It should have been a complete blow out. Robert Griffin looked nothing like he did last year. You can tell he is not %100 healthy.

    They didn’t slow crap down, RGIII started getting a rythmn and the defense started getting used to the tempo and wasn’t on the field the whole half.. the Eagles are lucky there wasn’t another qtr left.

  37. macjacmccoy says:
    Sep 10, 2013 12:42 AM
    Yea those stats he put up in the 2nd half had more to do with the Eagles changing their offensive and defensive strategies, once they got up by 4 scores, then RGIII miraculously getting better did .

    They completely abandoned their blur offense in the 2nd half in favor of a more conservative, run every play, time consuming offense.
    The Redskins performance last night can’t be defended in any way, but that doesn’t mean you’re correct. The Eagles kept the same defensive scheme all game, in fact the they were blitzing more often and harder in the third and early fourth quarter than at any other point in the game. Robert Griffin just looked skittish for the first two quarters– clearly a priority had been placed on him keeping himself healthy, and when combined with an aggressive new defense giving him looks nobody had seen before, he simply wasn’t able to get his eyes upfield– and when he did, it was too late, hence the picks, high balls, and overthrows.

    No one is claiming there was a “miraculous” change in the second half, he simply shook off some cobwebs, wrung out some nerves, and looked like a competent quarterback.

    And while the Eagles did rein in their offense in the second half, you have to consider that a great deal of their success in the first half was running their high octane offense against a defense that got only five snaps of rest in the first quarter. With Griffin and the Redskins offense able to stay on the field in the second half, the defense was able to actually take their breathers and play normal football.

    I’m not arguing that the Eagles didn’t play a tremendous game, or that the Redskins played anything short of terrible, just that the Redskins are a very functional NFL team, as long as everything that could possibly go wrong isn’t going wrong at the time- which is to say that Griffin minus cobwebs and defense plus breathers equals respectable team.

    I feel like that was a very reasonable analysis of the game, and if you can’t agree, you are either a really insecure individual or took too many celebratory shots last night (and I totally can’t blame you for that).

  38. logicalvoicesays says: Sep 9, 2013 8:55 AM

    Football is so bland when RGIII and the Redskins aren’t on the field. Thank god it’s MNF tonight and the league can see what QUALITY is as the Eagles receive the first Burgundy and Gold Beatdown. #GodBlesstheRedskins


    What was that?

  39. A loss is a loss as much as a win is a win. The Eagles did what they had to do to beat the skins. To the skin fans making all them excuses as to the reason why they lost, i.e, “we beat ourselves”, stop all the whining, a bunch of ya’ll already proclaimed playoffs and even a SB during the offseason and now that your team looks like the usual skins, outside of last years’ playoff team, you guys seem to have all the excuses. Just stop.

  40. I think most of y’all are just generally ignorant people. The Eagles came out strong and almost let the game slip away, but ultimately got the W. The Skins made some mistakes on both sides of the ball that they have time to get fixed. No big deal. For the idiots that just don’t like Griffin that’s cool, just make sense. He’s actually not a small or fragile player. He’s well built for a QB, but has had some bad injuries due to the violent nature of football. That whole cliche about running QB’s bound to get hurt seems like a (white boy thing). There are more and more athletic QB’s entering football all the time of all races so get over it. The only non athletic QB’s who are actually good are Peyton Manning and Tom Brady (both hall of famers). All in all if Griffin fails it’ll most likely be due to an overall team issue. In comparison Wilson, Kaepernick, and Rogers have better teams. Luck’s team is pretty close talent wise.

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