Victor Cruz: Teammates have to buck up David Wilson


David Wilson has been benched, and the Giants are looking at veteran running backs today to either replace or supplement him.

But his teammates are trying to keep his head in the game, knowing they will need him at some point this season.

Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz told WFAN this morning that they had to rally around Wilson to help keep him out of the doghouse.

“We don’t want to mentally get down,” Cruz said. “I just want to talk to [Wilson] and keep his spirits high, and understand that we’re behind him. We’re going to need him to make plays. He’s a dynamic running back, and we’re going to need him to make plays in order for us to win ball games.

“We’ve just gotta keep his emotions high, keep his mentality positive, and we can go from there. . . . It’s definitely a tough time for him and he’s gotta get through it.”

Actually, what he needs to do first is hang onto the ball. He came into the league with a reputation as a fumbler, and was benched in the last two regular season openers for fumbling.

At some point, the responsibility also lies with the people who picked him thinking he’d become something other than a fumbler. But in the interim, his teammates are going to try to persuade him he’s not one.

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  1. Wilson had 1 fumble all of 2012. Lynch, Charles, CJ2K, and McGahee had 5. Peterson, ALF, Bush, and McCoy had 4. He had both hands on the ball, but Dallas made good strips. If anybody should be benched, it’s the horrible offensive line or Eli for setting the tempo with a pic. Heck, Coughlin should bench himself for not having his team prepared.

  2. I’m not excusing the fumbles but he fumbled 1 time last year and got benched for 15 games as a result.

    A little extreme is it not? Alfred Morris fumbled early in the game last night and there wasn’t even a hint of him coming out of the game.

    Michael Vick fumbled as well and while I wish they would bench him, he wasn’t coming out of the game either.

    Julio Jones fumbled and there’s no controversy on the Falcons.

    The problem is that Coughlin went nuclear on him last year based on one mistake.

    This kid probably thinks that coughlin is going to bury him under the goalposts at this point.

    Let’s not forget that Tiki Barber was the king of fumbles during his time with the Giants, Coughlin never benched him. Tiki played through his fumbling issues and eventually overcame them.

    Wilson is being made to pay in ways that Tiki never had to. Ahmad Bradshaw had 7 fumbles in 2010 and which is 2x as much as Wilson’s career total.

  3. Damn Gantt, you make it sound as if Wilson came out of his mother’s womb a fumbler. AP and Tiki. both have proven this could be fixed. Let’s slow your roll on calling out the guys who drafted him. Morris put two balls on the ground with better back ups behind him and Shanahan stuck with him.

  4. I live in Minneapolis (Packer fan though). The folks around here call AD “Purple Jesus”. Two years ago they called him “Fumblina”.

    Last night Alfred Morris had, basically, two fumbles in the first quarter and then came back for a respectable game.

    Maybe if the Coughlin “Doghouse” wasn’t such a looming presence Wilson could get out of his own head and just focus on getting yards. Give the man some space! I can’t think of any other coach in the NFL that has as much of an intimidating presence, at least as it pertains to punishment for on-field mistakes.

  5. Are people forgetting about practice? He’s probably been putting the ball on the ground in practice and that’s why game fumbles are getting the reaction they are.

  6. I prefer the old-school approach; send him back out there and give him the ball. He’s your starter for a reason and benching him does nothing but deprive your offense of his play making ability.

  7. Maybe David Wilson is the only Giants player that knows what the Chip Kelly 11 headed monster machine tour 2013 is coming to do to them.

  8. Not a Giants fan, but I did go to Va. Tech. David Wilson was not known for fumbling when the Giants used the last pick in the first round to draft him. He hardly ever fumbled in college. Not sure why the author is saying that he had a reputation as a fumbler. It’s only his second year in the league. I think he just needs to learn when to fight for the extra yards. You don’t fight for the extra yards when surrounded by 5 or 6 guys. He will learn.

  9. Like somebody said above, coughlin is acting like he’s the king of fumbles . Somebody got to take the blame , so blame the youngin’.Probably if you didnt play andre brown in the last preseason game it would’ve been a different outcome,so who should take the blame?

  10. All I have to say is that I am a Giants fan and he should be put in the dog house for fumbling. Those were two costly fumbles and when you are in the league you should be punished also. If he isn’t mentally tough to get through this than he won’t be a good player. Lets just hope he is tough enough and can come back and be the player he is suppose to be.

  11. I agree with Eagleswin. What happened to getting a guy right back on the field after a big mistake to show you have confidence in him?

    Coughlin is going to make this guy so scared to fumble that it will be inevitable that he does.

    I get the whole “not coddling athletes” thing, but there is a mental aspect to football whether you want to admit it or not. Sticking this kid on the bench every time he fumbles is certainly not going to make him better.

  12. Perfect example of a coach who the game has passed by, who’s been extremely fortunate to back into a couple of Superbowl wins. Pissing away a talent like Wilson isn’t going to get you any more wins than you already have coming but it sure could lose you some games. What’s Coughlin gonna do now, sit him till his rookie contract expires?

  13. Peterson was a fumbler but it was because he didn’t hold the ball against his body. The bothersome thing about Wilson’s fumbles is that he was just outmuscled.

  14. Haha poor David Wilson, the guy has a fumble problem, but they were also compounded by Eli’s interceptions. Scape goat if you ask me — he’ll figure it out. Move on and stop making such a big deal out of it, Coughlin.

  15. A little extreme is it not? Alfred Morris fumbled early in the game last night and there wasn’t even a hint of him coming out of the game.
    Michael Vick fumbled as well and while I wish they would bench him, he wasn’t coming out of the game either.
    Julio Jones fumbled and there’s no controversy on the Falcons.
    ——Wow that is just the most ignorant analysis i’ve ever heard! Did any of those players account for at least a ten point swing, and most likely the game!? I mean, what’s “extreme” to you, 6 fumbles?? And who would compare Wilson to Vick and Jones?? Really? Lol unreal.

  16. As a Giants fan I hate Coughlin for this doghouse shiit. Mara needs to tell Coughlin. Love the 2 Super Bowls but Coughlin is just too old school for me….freeeeeeeee Wilson. I agree with bringing in another back for sure. It’s needed anyhow. But Wilson is # 1 RB. Enough is enough.

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