Yes, the power rankings are back

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It’s a Tuesday morning in-season ritual for PFT:  The meaningless ranking of all NFL teams from top to bottom.

We do it.  Everyone does it.  In large part because every fan of every team wants to see how their favorite team stacks up against every other team.

Many of you will like what you see and say nothing.  Plenty of you will not like what you see, and say plenty.  Loudly.

For some reason, we still provide you the quick and easy ability to complain.

So take a look at the rankings and complain away.

24 responses to “Yes, the power rankings are back

  1. Complaining is nine tenths of the fun on PFT. Hell, it’s not like the PFT writers aren’t complaining about one thing or another most of the time, too. Right?

    “For some reason, we still provide you the quick and easy ability to complain.”

    If PFT didn’t provide comment section, many of us would have to commit suicide or else get divorces.

  2. Screencap the rankings for these next 2-3 weeks. It’s the last few times you will see the Redskins in the double digits in the RGIII Era. The rust was off in the 2nd half and as RGIII himself said, “We played a terrible 1st half and STILL almost won.” The Redskins are the most resilient group in football. We never say die. Playoffs and Superbowls to come. #GreenBayisinDeepTroublenextgame

  3. They’re not very good IMO. I don’t think this is a good idea until after week 4… you end up basing everything on what they did last year (i.e. Ravens).

  4. 29. Steelers (0-1): Someone should register the trademark for “B-b-but we still have six rings!”

    I couldn’t have said it better. Just desserts to the fans who jumped and cheered when the Ravens lost a few players last week to painful injuries. You have the 4th worst team in the NFL and the worst fan base in the world.

  5. I think NoRCalMaFiA should be more worried about their defense being shredded by the pack at home. I suppose we’ll find out how San Francisco does vs the nfls best secondary. Offensive game plan… Throw to boldin throw to boldin throw to boldin throw to boldin… Doesn’t work as well when you’re locked up vs Richard Sherman

  6. The Kansas City Chiefs should absolutely be in the top 3.
    They were by far the most dominate, complete team in week 1. The scary part is that they will only continue to improve over the next 15 games.

    Arrowhead Stadium will be punishing to whichever team has to come play this postseason.

  7. Has anyone tested logicalvoice for concussions? Trolls usually get bored by now. Perhaps he is just really that dumb.

  8. People need to realize not all power rankings are created equally. Some people take what they have seen so far and predict where teams will be by the end of the year. Other people just go off of what they seen in one game. Others just take preconceived notions and rank accordingly.

    So complaining about the Eagles or Texans or Ravens being ranked to high is just dumb unless you know how the person who made the rankings goes about it. If say he is just going by what he has seen so far without predicting where teams will be in the future, then having the Texans and Eagles ranked so high makes sense.

    But if its a power ranking where your predicting how the entire season will turn out based off of preconceived notions then maybe they are to high.

    Everyone needs to take a lesson from Belichick. If you dont know why a guy is doing what he’s doing then you cant really say if he made a mistake or not. And acting like you do just makes you look like a fool.

  9. Seems a little inconsistent that the Eagles are so high based on one game, yet you don’t over react to the Ravens getting their lunch handed to them by the Broncos

  10. Bears down by 11 to a great defense and we have to wait till they face adversity?

    A couple of things about the Bears win: Trestman is only the fourth coach in the team’s 94 year history to win his debut game, and under Lovie Smith the Bears only won 14 games when trailing at the half in 9 years. And Cutler didn’t get sacked once by a really good Bengals D line. We’re already hitting some milestones.

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