Dashon Goldson was fined a “significant number” for hit against Jets


The Buccaneers’ final personal foul of Sunday’s loss to the Jets was the one that everyone remembers, but it wasn’t the only one that Tampa picked up while being flagged 13 times during the game.

One of the other ones came on a hit by safety Dashon Goldson on Jets tight end Jeff Cumberland that the officials ruled was too high on the body of a defenseless receiver. Goldson’s punishment for the hit didn’t end there.

The safety said Wednesday that he has been fined “a pretty significant number” by the league in response to the hit. He didn’t specify the total amount, but did say it was less than Ndamukong Suh’s $100,000 fine, and said that he wouldn’t change the way he plays as a result.

“You can’t play timid,” Goldson said, via JoeBucsFan.com.

Goldson was fined on a couple of occasions last season and a couple of occasions in 2011, including a punishment after he was ejected from a game for fighting with former Cardinals wide receiver Early Doucet.

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  1. Baseball won’t be the only sport that has a “strike zone”. Going for a players knees will get you a fine. Hitting a player above the shoulders will get you a fine and possibly a suspension.
    This is the NFL Goodell wants.

  2. At least one Bucs player looked like he was interested in playing football. Most of them seemed to enjoy standing around with hands on hips waiting for the next penalty to be called.

  3. The only reason why any of the rules are changing is to try and prevent enormous concussion lawsuits in the future. It’s not Goodell’s fault, if anything it’s the fault of the ‘football culture’ which encouraged people to lie & play through concussions and similar injuries even though the NFL, teams, coaches (and almost certainly the players as well) knew full well what the risks were.

    The consequence of that is that these players then sue the league for whatever they can, which puts the league at an unacceptable financial risk. To counteract that they have to change rules to a) prevent it happening again and b) prove they they’ve learned something.

  4. dalcow4 says:

    And Clay Matthews not fined.
    If its true, its a travesty. NFL might as well say, we won’t fine certain type of players, certain race of players or players from certain teams.

    What Mathews did is 100 times worse than anything Goldson did. Mathews hit was a premeditated.

  5. What ever happened to Early Doucet. Wasn’t he a 2nd round Chargers pick? And how could Clay Matthews not be fine a “significant amount” for his intentional cheap shot? Double standard Goodell? I guess he’s in too many commercials that pay the NFL big money to be fined.

  6. This one of the main reasons the Niners let him walk. As much as I loved watching him force turnovers and make brutal hits they usually were followed by a flag. Sadly Goodell and his army of lawyers are making that type of football obsolete. I wish the best of luck to Dashon (until we play him) on his new team.

  7. I don’t agree with this stuff either but why is everyone going after Goodell. Goodell does the bidding of his owner-masters. They didn’t/don’t want to pay retired players money for old injuries so they’re watering down the game on purpose. All about $$$ and liabilities/perceived liabilties.

  8. I know Goodell wants to protect his owners from future lawsuits…so why not go to the waiver? Make these guys sign a waiver absolving the NFL of any responsibility if they, the player, chooses to play with an injury. These guys know the risks.

  9. braceyourselffor12 says:
    Sep 11, 2013 4:27 PM
    This one of the main reasons the Niners let him walk

    Goldson is a great player and we will miss him in the short term

    But I do agree with you about letting him walk. He is way too expensive. Even though Eric Reed is no where near Goldson’s capability, the future is bring for this young man.

    On the other hand, Goldson would have send a message to Packers after their cheap shot on Kaep

  10. Niner fan and I loved the way Goldson plays..Just his presence alone hes worth the money..Cant tell you how many times Ive seen this dude make hits like this and the rest of the game the recieving core develops a severe case of alligator arms.

  11. Did anyone see the cutting at the knees on MNF that the Eagles OL were doing to the DL of the Redskins. Thats garbage football….

    I dont like the skins and thought it was cheap and career ending style tactic. Typical Chip Kelly crap as you could tell it was taught all summer long. I hope someone rolls up on his smirky ass this year and he has a torn ACL.

  12. Hate to break it to everyone, but even if Roger Goodell stopped being the Commissioner tomorrow, nothing would change as far as these sort of things in the league. You honestly think the owners don’t have anything to do with this? They have enormous amounts of money in players, and also don’t want to see the NFL go the way of boxing – a premiere sport in the 60s and 70s, that’s dropped significantly because of how it’s treated the bodies of people like Mohammad Ali. And Lawsuits. Don’t forget lawsuits. You don’t think it’ll actually end at concussions, right?

    Not to mention – Roger Goodell isn’t on the competition committee. 9 members, 3 of which are coaches. Some are former players, but the rest are either part of ownership or have an interest in the team – and leagues’ – financial future. You think they don’t listen to their owners?

    Goodell’s not the guy who votes on these things, but gets the blame for enforcing them. It’s easy to blame one guy because he sits at the top, but remember, he pretty much owes his position to the 32 Billion dollar corporations that run the show.

  13. funny how so many of you killed james harrison for the exact same kind of play. goldson led with his helmet and was launching himself at the jets players.

    ironically, i think the hit on cumberland was the least egregious though.

  14. You guys who think Goodell makes all the decisions are dead wrong. He does what the 32 owners want- their players protected. Wake up!

  15. I dont get the people blaming Goodell for this mess.

    You guys know there was a lawsuit right? You know it was former (and even current) players trying to extort money from the league that’s causing all of this.

  16. so he’s been fined four times for hits…where’s all the dirty player pontificating? Oh yes, that’s reserved for one man…

  17. I totally blame Goodell. He has the competiton committee around his finger proved this summer when they passed the running back hitting with the crown of the helmet. If he had a pair he would of challenged the concussion suit. I doubt the ex players would had taken it as far as ending the game or making such silly rules they have now. It should be about player safety but how can it be when you have grown men crashing into each other. The players know what their getting into but the money and fame takes prioty to most.

  18. bucrightoff says:
    Sep 11, 2013 4:30 PM
    I know Goodell wants to protect his owners from future lawsuits…so why not go to the waiver? Make these guys sign a waiver absolving the NFL of any responsibility if they, the player, chooses to play with an injury. These guys know the risks.

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    I thought about a waiver as well, but then I realized to my self that the players union would never let any player in the union sign a waiver. That would be just stupid. If the NFL insisted on the waiver the players would strike, nobody wants that.

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