Gabbert says concern about infection led to week off


Jaguars quarterback Blaine Gabbert said he glances at the wound on his right hand every day, a gash that needed 15 stitches to close.

“I get to look at it,” Gabbert said with a smile. “It doesn’t look pretty at all.”

There’s a cheap joke to be made about the same being said for his performance in the opener (16-of-35, 121 yards, two interceptions), but that seems like piling on at this point.

Gabbert’s being held out this week because of the cut on his throwing hand, which tore off part of the skin. It’s the same hand on which he suffered a broken thumb in the preseason, but this is a different concern.

In these early stages, the risk for infection is pretty high,” Gabbert said, via John Oehser of the team’s official website. “We’re doing our best to eliminate everything that can go wrong.”

He said he wasn’t sure when he’d be able to return. Until he does, the Jaguars are going with Chad Henne as the starter, beginning Sunday against the Raiders.

“My job is to play as well as I can and hopefully, just keep the job,” Henne said. “That’s how I’m going to play.”

That’s the kind of thing every backup says, but it’s obvious the Jaguars are going to give Gabbert plenty of rope. They declared him the starter the same day they announced he’d miss time in the preseason because of the broken thumb, so they’re clearly sensitive to the perception of the pecking order.

Unless Henne lights up the Raiders (which isn’t out of the realm of possibility), it’s extremely unlikely they’d reverse course on Gabbert so soon.

14 responses to “Gabbert says concern about infection led to week off

  1. I think my Jaguars have officially started their “Tank It For Teddy” campaign….although starting Henne over Gabbert could be sabotaging the plan!!!

  2. The guys that made the Blaine is a real American video have polluted my brain. I’d never in a million years take the time to repeat that joke, if it wasn’t so funny.

  3. “We’re doing our best to eliminate everything that can go wrong.”

    Which is why your out for this weeks game!


  4. Chad Henne is better than Gabbert even when he’s
    right. Maybe Henne can keep the job, hopefully he
    doesn’t suck against the Raiders.

  5. If Henne can hold on to the gig until Blackmon gets back, he will never lose it all season. The guys gets Blackmon the ball, and that needs to be a focus in this offense.

  6. I’d rather be facing Gabbert, than Henne.

    I hope the Jags D line has been on the tread mill this week, they are gonna need it. Just ask Mathis.

  7. Henne’s chance. I was hopeful for Gabbert but Sunday looked no different than the rookie version except for the golden locks are gone. I’m hoping MJD can get some carries and get a few chunks of yards. That’s where the focus of the offense should be.

  8. Gabbert was sacked 6 times in the game within 2.5 seconds of the snap. Three drops and a missed assignment leading to an interception in the first quarter. From a patchwork receiving corps that had a dozen NFL starts between the entire group.

    Irsey whining about the protection Neckbeard gets in Indy. The Goofy Frat Boy is playing in Fort Knox compared to Gabbert in Jax.

  9. Gabbert sucked it up last year, Henne comes in the last part of the season and the teams instantly looked better. (Not saying Henne is a long term answer). This year, you have Gabbert, who have proved nothing, playing with a broken thumb on his throwing hand, while a healthy Henne sits and watches. Who the hell makes poor decisions like that? No way in the world Gabbert should have been out there last week, and no way he should be considerd this week. These are the reason the Jaguars will be at the bottom of the standings for the forseable future. (and NO bringing Tebow is not the answer, sure it will sell a few tickets, but in the long run your football is no better, maybe worse).

  10. The Jags later decided to send him for the best possible treatment for a large contusion… the Tampa Bay locker room.

  11. The good news is , as thegreatgabbert has duly pointed out , Gabbert is still nearly a year and a half younger than Ryan Tannehill , so we should expect him to eventually surpass Tannehill in terms of production. -Not- .

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