Goodell on Redskins name: “If one person is offended, we have to listen”


At a time when Redskins owner Daniel Snyder has insisted he’ll never change the team’s name, Commissioner Roger Goodell continues to take a somewhat softer stance.

In a Wednesday appearance with LaVar Arrington and Chad Dukes of 106.7 The Fan in Washington, Goodell reiterated his recent willingness to acknowledge that some may be legitimately troubled by the term.

“I think what we have to do though is we have to listen,” Goodell said.  “If one person is offended, we have to listen.”

Goodell comments represent the latest step in a subtle evolution by the league from denial of the existence of a problem to acceptance of the reality that a slowly growing segment of the population finds the name troubling.

At his annual pre-Super Bowl press conference, Goodell sidestepped a question on the subject by saying, “I don’t think anybody wants to offend anybody.”  Since then, he has adopted a posture that acknowledges the possibility that offense will be taken, regardless of intent.

In a response to a letter from 10 members of Congress, Goodell initially defended the name, but he then admitted that the “issues raised with respect to the Washington Redskins name are complex.”  Goodell also pointed out that the NFL “respect[s] that reasonable people may view it differently, particularly over time.”

In August, Goodell addressed the name again, in connection with the controversy that emerged regarding the use of a racial slur by Eagles receiver Riley Cooper.

“We have to continue to be open and continue to listen, but we also want to make sure we’re doing what’s right to encourage that heritage and that pride that we have in the Redskins name.  But we’ll always listen and be open,” Goodell said.

Wednesday’s comments, in our view, come the closest yet to a concession that, at some point in time, the voices that are speaking out against the name will outnumber and overpower the voices that, in many cases, hope to currently shout down the dissenters.

“Ultimately it is Dan’s decision,” Goodell said of a possible name change.  “But it’s something that I want all of us to go out and make sure we’re listening to our fans, listening to people of a different view, and making sure that we continue to do what’s right to make sure that team represents the strong tradition and history that it has for so many years.”

In other words, at some point the name no longer represents a “strong tradition and history.”  At some point the name becomes inherently offensive even if it is intertwined for decades with the name of a football team.  At some point the name will have to be changed, whether because of political, judicial, or economic pressure.

Goodell’s latest remarks leave the door open for action if/when the opposition to the name reaches national critical mass.  He senses that the day is coming; the only question is whether it happens before or after he retires from the job he already has held for seven years.

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  1. “Goodell’s latest remarks leave the door open for action if/when the opposition to the name reaches national critical mass.”

    …which it never will, despite your best efforts.

  2. Dan Snyder does what he wants, when he wants. Goodell needs to publicly apologise to REDSKINS fans everywhere for sabatoging our 2012 season and give back the 36 million cap space money period. #RespecttheRedskins

  3. I’m a Native American and my entire family and I find that name demeaning and ugly. We’ve referred to them as the Washington Racial Epithets since the early 1990s to demonstrate our indignation.

  4. Can’t imagine if they were called the “Blackskins” instead of Redskins that it would take that long to change.

    There would be mass protests outside RFK.

  5. What changed to make you, Peter king, or anyone else offended by this name???

    Five years ago everyone can say it and there was literally no problem at all. Then what happened over the last 5 years that now makes it offensive? This is such a joke. Such a manufactured issue where the liberal media can feel special because they stepped up to the plate to “defend” a small helpless minority group.

    If this is offensive, then so should be “the fighting irish” and the “vikings”. Quick! Lets also start a PR campaign about that too because 3% of Irish may be offended!!! What. A. Joke.

  6. I’m of Scandinavian descent and I find the name Vikings, as well as the people who dress up as Vikings at the Metrodome, offensive.

    There. I’m one person. Now Goodell must listen to me on this matter.

  7. I think its fair to say at this point more than 1 person is offended by the name……and it isn’t one of those instances where the people who are offended are being over sensitive either. It is warranted.

  8. This headline is what’s wrong with the politically correct climate of today. The majority doesn’t matter anymore, so more people actually end up getting shafted because the minority is more important.

  9. It’s popular to be offended by it right now. If we find something else to be dramatic about, we’ll forget all about this issue. Let’s face it, we are constantly begging for turmoil and trouble.

    No one’s offended by the name.

  10. If Snyder wants to get people’s back in his corner, he’s got to float out some really awful replacement names. Like the Washington Log Jams or something. Maybe the DC Filibusters.

  11. 1 person, really if 1 person is offended!
    If that is the case, I am sure we can find 1 person who suffers from gigantism and finds the name “Giants” offensive. What about an atheist that finds the term “Saints” offensive, are we going to have to accommodate them too.
    None of these names are meant to be offensive.

    That is different when the term “Redskins” is being used to ridicule a person.

  12. I don’t see any critical mass on this issue. The only person who brings it up all the time is some guy named Mike Florio.

  13. Pink in football…emphasis on player safety, yet wants 18 game season ….games in London …hurts local economy for Home teams overseas…but wait…he has such jazzy handshakes at the draft. Goodell—-will the NFL survive?

  14. Goodell…………F@@@ING UP THE NFL…………!! Tired of this political correct BS. If Snyder changes the name he’s a fool, and I’m not a skins fan, but tired of this crap. If it offends someone then that someone doesn’t have to watch.

  15. If all it takes is one offended person to make a name change necessary, there’s not a team name on earth that can satisfy that test!! I’m not saying Washington should or shouldn’t change. But this ‘if just one person’ nonsense is embarassing.

  16. That may not be good policy. Will Mr. Goodell consider the gay community’s issues with the name of that communist team from Green Bay?

  17. “If just one person”

    This is what is wrong with America these days.

    Is the name derogatory or offensive? Sure whatever I really don’t care. But they should only have to change it if a lot of people are legitimately offended. I really don’t see that. Most of the people raising a stink are blow hard politicians and white intellectuals. I don’t recall any big Native American group ever holding a protest rally.

    And on the subject of Native Americans. This is a group that has had it even worse than African Americans through our history. Seriously. Yet you never ever talk about them. Most people almost seem to think they’re all rich and lazy off of casino’s. If we change all mascots, will we just forget about them completely?

    And until all the State run schools get rid of the Redskins name, I don’t think elected politicians should be bullying any private owner into changing theirs.

    Just my $0.02.

  18. “If one person is offended”? You mean if one MINORITY person is offended Rog. Pathetic. This drumbeat of the media is really a frightening form of intimidation.

  19. Goodell:

    A vertically challenged person is offended with the name “Giants”, are you listening?

    A person who loves all kinds of animals and birds is offended with most NFL teams. Are you listening?

  20. The Redskins were established in 1932 and now people are finding it offensive (I’m sure people have always found it offensive), but c’mon change the name after 81 years. I’m not even a Redskins fan. People are so PC these days, we are becoming a nation of wusses.

  21. And the media spin machine is alive and well, knowing that if they all keep saying it and they all keep quoting each other and they all pretend like its news when it isn’t, that eventually people will start to believe them and share their feigned outrage.

  22. One person offended?? Really?? I’m offended that:
    The Raiders look like criminals
    Cowboys stole land from the Indians
    The Eagle is our national symbol. Let Philly change their name.
    Chiefs same as Redskins
    Buccaneers and Vikings are thieves.
    Browns? Brown what?
    Saints- can’t have that
    Giants make us short people offended
    It is an HONOR to have your profession, race, ect named after a team. There is a high character value that reflects on the team that fans and players can rally around. The “Redskin” has a proud courageous heritage.
    Secondly, it is not your team.

  23. I’m offended at the New England Patriots name. Patriots don’t cheat, lie, and go to jail. They are offensive toward American Patriots, they shed them in a bad light.

    / liberal rant

  24. Atleast one person was offended when you started the season with scrub officials last year.

    Did you listen? No

    It took a colossal mistake that cost a team a win for you to finally listen.

    Mostly, because you were too embarrassed to show your face in public without announcing the deal with the officials.

  25. Hey Rog, I’m offended that you hammer players for hitting hard, but fine that giant tub of cheap lard Suh peanuts for trying to intentionally hurt dudes.

  26. What’s more offensive is having a team which has not been in a Super Bowl in a quarter of a century still in the NFL. The Redskins should be bumped down to level 2, like in the English Football league.

  27. “If one person is offended, we have to listen…”

    My great uncles, best friends, mother in law was eaten by a bear. I demand Chicago to get a new name. I’m offended by bears – so insensitive.

    My grandmother’s dogs original owner’s son in law was killed in a storm, I’m offended by the OKC Thunder.

    I had a dream that my future great grandson’s wife’s mother died in a lake. We should change their name. It offends me.

    Th Bible mentions the word Raven in the book of Genesis – that offends me. I demand a name change.

    My iPhone charge has a short in it and now the mention of a charger upsets me. I demand San Diego change their name.

    …so stupid. I’m no Redskin fan, but I hope the name stays forever.

  28. Native Americans are offended by Redskins.
    African Americans are offended by Panthers.
    Gays are offended by Packers.
    Women are offended by 49ers (gold diggers).
    Catholics are offended by Saints.

    And everybody is offended by the Jaguars offense.

    I’m sure this post will be deleted. Thanks anyway.

  29. “If one person is offended, we should listen”? Really?!! Once again this moron is showing why he shouldn’t be where he’s at. Hey Goodell, you’re a jacka$$ and I’m offended by you! Are you going to listen to that?!! Didn’t think so… Welcome to the powder puff league my friends!

  30. I’m a Giants fan and I’m going to the Redskins website and buy a couple of Indian head T-Shirts. This is ridiculous. That was never the intention of the name to offend. Did anyone see the movie Idocracy? Please refer to the Fuddruckers scene.

  31. This is simply a media driven story trying to influence readers.

    If they want to start with the Redskins fine, but please also dismiss the Indians, Chiefs, Packers, Browns, and Vikings, among others. Those terms are just as derogatory, if used in context.

    Peter King refers to the Redskins as “The Washington team.” I challenge him and others to abide by the same rules and take accountability when speaking of other teams. Is the name Redskins really worse than any of the others?

    To fans, this is just a non-story. It’s just a pushed agenda.

  32. Anyone else find it interesting that it’s all mostly a bunch of white-guilters who find the name truly offensive?

    I’d bet $100 that a larger percentage of media members find the name Redskins offensive than actual American Indians do.

    I mean, let’s just get a little truth into the discussion here.

    Is anyone else sick and tired of the Culture of Offense that political correctness has wrought in our world?

    The thing is, this may very well be an actual situation that is offensive, but you all (and Florio, you’re included in the “you all”) constantly run around screaming your head off about what you find offensive.

    And then demand the world change to fit your politically correct point of view of “how it should be.”

    Well… forgive us all if we’re a bit tired from your “White liberal male who cried “Offense!”” routine.

  33. Sick to death of all this. At the end of the day you can always find a small group that will complain of some perceived slight and for some reason we scatter like a kicked anthill thinkin’ it needs fixing.

    It don’t…..

  34. If one person is offended? So if I say that the word Dolphin or Charger or whatever NFL team name is offensive to me, he should listen? This is patently absurd. Dan Snyder don’t pay any mind to this Goodell, ever.

  35. I’m offended that Roger makes millions a year and I don’t. So listen to this Roger – give me some of your money, $1 million would do fine for starters, we can negotiate upward from there.

  36. Yeah Redskins is a hugely racist name, thats why so many high schools on Indian reserves use that for their nicknames. Polls have been done and show that a very strong majority of Indians don’t find it offensive. The term was created when early white settlers encountered natives that used a red clay on their skin, that’s where the term was derived.

    BUT if Goodell says if one person is offended they must act, well I’m offended by how watered down and lame the NFL is becoming under your nanny watch. Please address that issue, my voice is important and if you ignore me its only because you hate white people (technically I’m not white – I’m much more of a pink, we can address that later).

  37. shaggytoodle says:
    Sep 11, 2013 11:13 PM
    Atleast one person was offended when you started the season with scrub officials last year.

    Did you listen? No


    I’m offended that they brought back these union hacks that can’t be fired no matter how terrible they are. My voice must be heard.

  38. Common sense on Redskins name: “If one person is offended, they have their head up their butt! If Xnumber of people are offended, all Xnumber have their heads up their butts.”

    The fact of the matter is there is absolutely nothing offensive, racist, prejudicial, or demeaning about the name. If you disagree, you have the right to be wrong, but shut up already.

  39. And so begins the process of changing the name of the Washington, D.C. NFL football club. Glad I bought my Cherokee wife a Redskins T-shirt. ::sigh::

  40. Hey Roger, if you’re so concerned about Native Americans why don’t you take a few million out of your $15 million salary and distribute it among some of the Native American tribes so they can live better lives. I’m sure most Native Americans would rather see you do that than diddle around with something as silly as the name of a football team. I’ll be offended if you don’t do that so listen up.

  41. Typical liberal singularly-minded drivel perpetuated by a typical liberal singularly-minded jester.

    You’re no blogger. You’re a propagandist.

    Quit it already.

  42. Well if thats the case I’m one person and I’m offended by the bills.. I have no idea what animal a bill is, they have had a buffalo on their helmet and that makes sense.. make them change to the buffalo buffalo’s. A “bill” doesnt exist and I am extremely offended by this.

  43. Go to a reservation and look at what NFL gear many of the kids are wearing. You will be surprised when it is Redskins gear, even here in Washington State. I live near 2 of them, and many of the kids love the gear. Just like they wear Braves stuff for BB. It is a small group of people wanting to find something to complain about. Time to move on.

  44. Fans care about football not a effing name! The only ppl that have a problem with the name are ppl that most likely don’t even watch football. If you don’t like it don’t watch it. Plan and simple. This country is made up of a bunch of sissy’s! Get over it!

  45. Well I’m offended by the cowboys, eagles, redskins, giants, lions, bears, packers, vickings, saints, buccaneers, falcons, panthers, rams, seahawks, 49ers, cardinals, patriots, dolphins, jets, bills, Bengals, browns, steelers, ravens, titans, texans, colts, jaguars, broncos, chiefs, raiders and last but not least.. the chargers!

    I mean… Im a chargers fan but what is an LA charger? And now a SD charger? Im confused and offended by the lack of creativity in the name so it needs to be changed! SD beach bums? SD surfers maybe? But wait.. that might be OFFENSIVE to ONE guy too! Damn, so much for that! Guess its just the San Diego … for now on!
    One voice gooddell! if thats the case U better read my post and listen!!

  46. Overwhelming majority of the people defending the name are conservative right wing, white people. You know it. I know it. Everybody knows it. And it’s all you need to know. They don’t realize they’re the minority in this country. But they sure do whine the loudest.

  47. I’m offended by the name Cowboys… makes real Cowboys look like they would fumble calves around, never make it to market and have an idiot for a trail boss.

  48. My dream space: Snyder announces that the logo will be changed from the brave warrior profile to a redskin potato. Without a doubt, the hand-wringing libs would lose their peanut sized brains. And the new potato merchandise would fly off the shelves.

  49. So what will the NFL do when communists, jihadists, socialists, basically the democratic party say they are offended by the PATRIOTS? LOL

  50. Snyder should never ever relent…. But the Washington Bullets would be great, just to poke a finger in the eye of people like Mike Florio…. Washington Warriors, to reflect the old name’s history AND the military-industrial complex currently controlling the town…. How bout ” The Washington Insiders?”

  51. It will change because Snyder wants to get a free stadium out of the Olympics. And he knows that will never happen unless he changes the name.

  52. A modest proposal…

1. Change the name of the team to the Washington Americans.

2. Keep the logo.
 It would honor Native Americans, while removing an offensive (to many) team name.

  53. I think we have disrespected the native Americans enough in our time here…. Change your name. Do it for “chief” the tow truck driver / fake Indian chief that Dan Snyder paid to pretend redskins is a term of endearment. #dothrightthingignorantaholes

  54. I am offended by what you have done to the NFL Goodell. I am pretty sure that you are not going to listen to that.

  55. Problem being that at least one person is offended by absolutely anything. I’m sure the mere idea of dolphins being forced to wear helmets like in Miami’s logo bothers some people.

  56. The only reason that the term redskin is being referred to as a prejudiced term is because people like the writer of this article are reminding people that it was once used as a derogatory term. If you people who are hell bent on living in the past allow terms like this used in a derogatory way die then no one would know it was once used in a negative way. Allow this to go away. Stop bringing it up. Should football programs like Alabama, Clemson, or any other program in the sec or acc lose their football programs because at one time minorities were not allowed to play? No. Because people forgave and forgot. Let this die. Leave this term alone as a derogatory slang term. Allow it to live as a sense of pride. Redskins means nothing to me and most people other than a football team we cheer like hell for.

  57. It’s the person’s job who is offended to just get over it. Everybody and everything is going to eventually be offending, and you will NEVER to able to please everyone. Just get over yourself already. Personally, Goodell is offensive to me. I think he should change his name…he’s not actually very Good.

  58. The “Why is this an issue all of a sudden?” argument: This is nothing new, there have been protests and requests for a name change going back to the early 1980’s.
    The “Well they need to change the name Vikings, Cowboys, ect” argument: Those names are not a insulting term towards those races or people, much like the Florida Seminoles is not offensive to Seminoles. The Seminoles have granted the university permission to use the name and see it as an honor to their culture.
    The “The name has been around forever” argument: Just because something is does not make it right.
    The “Indians are not offended by the name” argument: In 2001, Indian Country Today conducted a poll of an undisclosed number of readers reporting that “81 percent of respondents indicated use of American Indian names, symbols and mascots are predominantly offensive and deeply disparaging to Native Americans.” Subsequent polling results published in Sports Illustrated in March 2002 finding that 90% of Indians living on reservations found the practice to contribute to discrimination, whereas 10% of Indians living off reservations stated that it didn’t.
    The “Redskins is not a racial slur” argument: It emerged at a specific time in history among a small group of men linked by joint activities that provided the context that brought it forth. That context was the need for a term that all could use in negotiating treaties during the late 18th and early 19th Centuries. It is later that the term became more pejorative. A linguistic analysis of books published between 1875 and 1930 show an increasingly negative context in the use of redskin, often in association with “dirty”, “lying”, etc.; while benign or positive usage such as “noble” redskin were used in a condescending manner.
    If you are still with me after all that thanks for reading. The name should be changed!

  59. Would love to know the over/under on how many of the pro-“Redskins” posts here are from angry, middle-aged white men who are frustrated by change. Here’s a news flash — Many high school teams have switched out offensive names like “Red Raiders” in deference to Native Americans who would prefer not to be made into NFL caricatures. And the fact that the name is being used by the home team of our nation’s capital makes it even more pathetic.

  60. I can see why some American indians might be offended by this name. Why not just change the team’s name to Braves. You could keep the same uni’s then, & people could move on from this to something more important.

  61. You know, when you really think about it, when they named the team… they did not choose the name because they felt it would eventually insult someone. They chose it as a name of power and fighting spirit.
    A team to be feared. It was (and still is by some) viewed as a badge of honor. So in large part (nod to Obi-wan) it all depends on your point of view. One can easily argue that the name celebrates the American Indian and its heritage. You can choose to be insulted, you can choose to be proud, you can choose to not pay any attention. But really, in the end, is anybody really being hurt by the name? And if you don’t like it, don’t buy a ticket and I promise you the on/off switch on your TV works just fine.

  62. @novembercharlie290

    Care to cite your sources? And of course the alleged survey you plugged had an “undisclosed number of participants”……because the sample size was probably 5 people.

    Funny how all this hubub by you poeple over this non-issue hasn’t generated any kind of legitimate outcry by any number of Native Americans. At all.

    You guys never have any verifiable information to present to support your argument. Translation: almost nobody is “offended” by the name. It’s all feigned outrage by you soft types with delicate sensibilities that believe the world should change to suit you and you alone.

  63. Two thoughts on this matter. First, will Goodell listen to the people who will be offended if he does kowtow to this PC Silliness and change the name.

    Second thought, I would suggest that the name be changed to the Washington WHITESKINS! I doubt if any whites will take offense. But, then again, those who want to be offended will be the same ones who are offended by the Redskins. But, please, I’m in the majority, so go ahead and offend me and make them the Whiteskins! I deserve it!

  64. Okay, what about all the things that I find offensive in society today… I expect something to be done about every single thing that I find offensive in society today!!

  65. Ok, let me make sure I understand this. Most of you that object to a name change I’m guessing that you’re not native american. And, just another guess I’m betting you’re not african american either. So, you’ve never been on the side of the oppressed in this country. No offense but you don’t have the moral right to object. It’s this simple the only people that can determine if this name is offensive is Native Americans. Now, Dan Snyder can do what he want’s with the name of his team. But, anyone who thinks that this isn’t a big deal is either a racist or stupid. I must admitt I was the latter before I researched the term. It’s the same as someone referring to me with the “N” word.

  66. I hope Snyder stands his ground ….it’s his business and its a free country… he wants to name his team that then…..if you don’t like it…boycott the games….ha

  67. I’m 68 years old ( not white ) and have always loved the name , Washington Redskins . I may be an old dog , but I do realize that if people are offended ( native americans ) then change the name . It’s football and it’s not going to change anything except make a few people happy .

    Wait a minute ! The owner of the team Mr. Snyder should be forced to sell his interest in the team because of his insensitive stand . The City of Washington should be punished for allowing this name calling for decades .

    Do what’s right and give the franchise to Los Angeles and we shall immediately rename the team the ” Lambs . ” Problem solved .

  68. The Aerospace Industries Association, is the premier trade association representing the nation’s major aerospace and defense manufacturers.

    They, along with the Airline Pilots Association are offended by the team name “Jets”.

  69. This is all non sense. hor2012, while I respect your opinion I respectfully disagree. I ha e never heard the term redskin used in a derogatory manner. Furthermore, if you would like to see the N word never used again encourage African Americans to stop using the N word when referring to one another. The N word can disappear just as the term redskin disappeared in a derogatory sense because the only way it is ever used today is as a team name. When has anyone posting on this EVER heard a Native American referred to as a redskin? I have never heard it. Stop with these stories and stop reminding folks.

  70. “I’m a Native American and my entire family and I find that name demeaning and ugly. We’ve referred to them as the Washington Racial Epithets since the early 1990s to demonstrate our indignation.”

    As of now, there are 246 thumbs up for this comment and 528 thumbs down. That sums up how sick society is.

  71. I am offended with what you did to the NFL Goodell, maybe it’s time for you to listen to the fans

  72. I am offended that others are offended about the name…Tackle that one Goodell. I am that fan that you need to please. Now lets hear how your going to make me happy.

  73. While we are obsessing, why the selective outrage about the Redskins? And never mind the excuses about one being more offensive than the other. If the point is to stop using Native Americans as mascots, why don’t Peter King and Christine Brennan stop referring to the KC Chiefs, Atlanta Braves, and Cleveland Indians – whose image of Chief Wahoo is, by the way, light years more offensive than anything dreamed up by Washington’s football team.

  74. tryclyde says: Sep 13, 2013 2:43 PM

    “I’m a Native American and my entire family and I find that name demeaning and ugly. We’ve referred to them as the Washington Racial Epithets since the early 1990s to demonstrate our indignation.”

    As of now, there are 246 thumbs up for this comment and 528 thumbs down. That sums up how sick society is.
    Because it’s probably someone posing as a Native American. I’m a real Native American (Cherokee) and I love the name. Anyone can come on here and claim to be something they are not. You are faceless on this website and type anything you want to.

  75. One of the best posts ever on this topic. Great!

    A few years back some American Indian group or was it a leftist group? protested the hatchet chop of the Atlanta Braves, so they went out and appealed to a Native American chief and he approved. The Florida State Seminoles did the same thing.

    Maybe the Washington management can go out and appeal to various nearby Native American groups to come in and “bless” the team and then this mess can be over?

  76. Lets just change the name to the “Rednecks.” Then everyone will be happy. Anyone considering themself a redneck would be honored to have an NFL team named after them. I think changing the name is uncalled for. I personally believe Natives don’t really care unless someone does a study and brings the idea up to them. Or if the chance of $$ comes into play like a lawsuit or buyout. And yes tradition is part of it….not just middle aged white people unwilling to change. Lets just piss on the constitution and tear down the Statue of Liberty while we’re at it. Or maybe we change ALL the NFL names to more current occupations. Since the ones named years ago are outdated… How about these….The Lawyers….The Welders…..The Firefighters….The Taxi Drivers…..The Computer Programmers…..The Mechanical Engineers…The Washington Politicians…I bet most of the people offended aren’t even Native but think that Natives are offended so they are speaking up. Which happens a lot with other racial issues.

  77. I’m a Native American and my entire family and I find that name demeaning and ugly. We’ve referred to them as the Washington Racial Epithets since the early 1990s to demonstrate our indignation.”

    As of now, there are 246 thumbs up for this comment and 528 thumbs down. That sums up how sick society is.
    Because it’s probably someone posing as a Native American. I’m a real Native American (Cherokee) and I love the name. Anyone can come on here and claim to be something they are not. You are faceless on this website and type anything you want to.

    Okay, as I’ve mentioned in another DC-related pager here, I’m quarter-native and I found it offensive. I was in rehab with a full-blooded native who loves the “Redskins”. Most other full-blooded natives I ‘ve known don’t really care for DC’s current name – I suspect the relatively few full-blooded ones that do have some kind of self-hatred against themselves or they’ve let themselves be brainwashed by the men who nearly wiped their ancestors off the face of the earth as recently as just a century ago. That kid in rehab, while somewhat charming in his own way, was prone to bipolar behavior at times while he was addicted to alcohol. (Oddly enough, I don’t get much out of drinking so I don’t really do it too often – ah the benefits of being a “hybrid; don’t have to suffer certain racially-bound genetic issues (such as alcoholism, sickle-cell anemia, etc).

  78. pathetic. Packers offend gay people, Bears – the tree huggers, Vikes – the scandehoovians, Dolfins – the fish eaters. It doesn’t end . Roger. How you ever gonna please us all?

  79. But if One Person is Offended by Colin Kaepernick they just need to get over it. ~ Roger Goodell

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