Greg Little, Josh Gordon plead no contest to traffic charges


The Browns didn’t practice on Tuesday, giving the team’s players a chance to take care of other things before getting back to work on Wednesday.

For two of the team’s wide receviers, that means clearing up traffic charges that came to light this summer. Greg Little and Josh Gordon each pleaded no contest to the charges against them and received fines.

Cory Shaffer of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports Gordon was fined $296 after being stopped for speeding. Little received a $472 fine as a result of his own stop for speeding, which also turned up the fact that he was driving a car with expired plates.

Little called that stop a “mindless effort on my behalf,” which is a good description of another traffic mishap Little had in April as well. Little crashed his car while going 127 miles per hour on a road in Cleveland, an incident that obviously didn’t turn Little off of driving faster than the laws allow.

3 responses to “Greg Little, Josh Gordon plead no contest to traffic charges

  1. Given the pathetic performance that the offense put out there on Sunday I don’t see how they couldn’t be practicing. Especially Greg Little.

    I was very optimistic about G. Little this year. His attitude and work ethic seem to have changed drastically and he had a good second half of the season last year. I’m not writing him off for the year but I think it’s pretty clear that he just doesn’t have good hands. You either do or you don’t, no matter how many JUGS you catch after practice. It’s unfortunate because with his athleticism I have seen him make some incredible catches, but he always seems to drop the routine ones.

    He used to play running back, which is very evident in game. And if he can’t hold on to the ball this year then the #2 WR position needs to be addressed

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