Gronkowski, Amendola listed as doubtful


Every indication this week has been that the Patriots were going to be without both wide receiver Danny Amendola and tight end Rob Gronkowski, and nothing in the final injury report suggests otherwise.

Both players were listed as doubtful for Thursday’s game with the Jets. That translates to a 25 percent chance of playing, though it generally means the percentage is lower than that.

Amendola’s groin injury will only bring up all the old doubts about his durability, as he’s played in 16 games exactly once in his career.

The Patriots also listed running back Brandon Bolden (knee), wide receiver Aaron Dobson (hamstring), wide receiver Matthew Slater (knee), tight end Zach Sudfeld (hamstring) and running back Leon Washington (thigh) as questionable.

Given the short-handedness of the Patriots’ offense at the moment, if you’re 50-50, you’re probably close enough to play.

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  1. In all fairness “offensive targets” has never really been the issue when they have Brady on the field, he’s performed miracles with mediocre talent before. It’s just the lack of a stellar running game or defense that worries me…

  2. Pats are still good enough to beat the Jets

    Rope-a-dope it for 3 and a half quarters then get the game winning, walk-off FG

    Rex’s Ds ALWAYS choke with the game on the line

  3. REST Gronk, Danny & Zudfield….let Brady do his stuff with Edelman, Boyce & KT…& that TE with the weird name….that along with Ridley & Blount should suffice against the lowly Jets…time for the D to step up & flex its muscle!!!

  4. Let’s face it… with Brady’s ability and the refs constantly working on his side, they could line up undrafted FA wide receivers and get 12 wins.

  5. I wonder how many games Amendola will miss with his groin injury. It’s my understanding that that type of injury can be lingering and difficult to heal. In football it’s not enough to be talented, you also have to be durable.

    Meanwhile Wes Welker will be going for another 100+ reception year….

  6. This is where the Patriots D needs to make a statement against a team playing a rookie QB. I believe the Pats could have a top 10 this season with the maturation of Jones & Hightower year 2, Talib having a full off season and the DB’s playing together for a full season.Kelly is a great addition next to Big Vince.

    Keep the Jets under 10 points and Brady & Co. will do the rest.

  7. whatnojets:
    Mark my words, Tebow is still the Patriots third string QB. There is no QB after Brady and Mallett on the 53 man or practice rosters. If Brady gets hurt, Tebow is Mallett’s backup the next week. There is no other QB (I use that term lightly) with any experience this year in this complicated system. The original deal was to bring him back at some point after the first Jets game to avoid that media circus, and help preserve a roster spot due to injury. Essentially, he would be the 54th man on the squad. With the amount of injuries, he may not be back soon, but seeing as he is Josh McDaniels long-term pet project, with no shot at being on the field this year, there is no rush to bring him back. That is why he has been so adamant about turning down other types of offers, he has a long-term developmental offer here from the one man who truly supports him, McDaniels.

  8. Well first of all they’re playing the jets, second it’s week 2, and third they’re playing the jets.

    As much as I want amendola for my FF team, I’d rather have them use him sparingly now so he can tear it up for my, and the patriots, playoffs later on in the year.

  9. Who are these mediocre receivers that Brady threw to? Deion Branch was a pro bowler. Randy Moss? Probably a HoFer. Gronk and Hernandez? Pro Bowlers. Welker? Pro Bowler. I’m sorry, this “conventional wisdom” on Brady is crap.

  10. Patsies are ripe to be upset. Missing best WR and RB from last week and they were banged up to begin with. Jets have much better DB’s than the Bills, and they defend vs. the run better. If Rex dials up his pass rush and they get to Brady, Jets can disrupt Pats offensive flow. Only way to beat the Pats though is if Geno can be poised another week. This aint Tampa, and its on the road. Great test for young QB.

  11. Hopefully with a game under his belt, Thompkins won’t look lost out there again.

    If Edelman gets hurt which is probably a matter of time, it’s going to be Tom and the 3 rookies.

  12. The Pats offense hasn’t been an issue for several years. They haven’t had a good defense since 2004! If they had the same defense in 2007 or even last year that they had in prior superbowl winning years, they win the Superbowl in 2007 and last year. You can’t put up 30+ points every game and expect to win. Defense still wins championships. Brady played with scrubs in 2006 and lost to Indy in the AFC championship game. If they had a defense during that year the Colts wouldn’t have come back. Bill B. is a terrific coach but how many swings and misses can you have drafting secondary positions and also taking chances on players who slipped to the later rounds because of character issues. The whole value in the draft theory is crap. Get the best players!

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