It’s players-only meeting time in Tampa


At a time when the team coached by the son of legendary Buccaneers defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin may or may not have had a players-only meeting, Monte Kiffin’s former team definitely did.

Per multiple league sources, the Buccaneers conducted a players-only meeting in the wake of Sunday’s defeat-from-the-jaws-of-victory performance at MetLife Stadium against the Jets.

The full agenda isn’t known.  One league source tells PFT that the discussion included the raising of concerns regarding the legitimacy of the vote that resulted in quarterback Josh Freeman losing the captain’s “C” from his jersey.

The Buccaneers had no comment.  But they surely would deny any foul play in connection with the counting of the votes.

Nevertheless, the concern exists — and it’s the kind of thing that could fester like MRSA for a team that faces a visit from the Saints, a trip to New England, and a home game against the better-than-advertised Cardinals before an early bye week.

UPDATE 5:40 p.m. ET:  We’re now hearing the meeting actually happened before Week One, which suggests an even deeper level of problems and/or dysfunction.  Former Bucs quarterback Shaun King and former NFL offensive lineman Ross Tucker addressed the situation on NBCSN’s Pro Football Talk, and we’ll be posting the clip here.

49 responses to “It’s players-only meeting time in Tampa

  1. Josh Freeman sucks and thats not changing anytime soon. We’ve seen him for almost 4 full seasons. If at this point we’re still not sure he’s the guy or not, its probably because he’s not. Glennon will start be Week 5. If he’s the guy, great. If not, at least they’ll be bad enough to be picking a franchise guy, because Freeman leading them to a 7-9 or 8-8 season would be a disaster.

    I’ll say it now: If the Bucs, with the same team now, get Teddy Bridgewater next year, they will see a Seahawks/49ers type turnaround with the new QB.

  2. Well, that looks like a 1-3 at best start if you ask me. The Saints have their coach back, the Patriots have Tom Brady, and the Cardinals aren’t a push over. Wonder who the next Buc coach and GM will be?

  3. Usually it’s takes 4 or 5 losses to get to the “players only meeting” stage. Having the meeting after only one game does not bode well for the team.

  4. “and it’s the kind of thing that could fester like MRSA”


    And that’s all you need to know about the Bucs.

  5. Toes on the line Tampa!!!
    Its all about the FAMILY
    Great job Scamanno Great job!!

  6. And if you wanted some statistical proof of Freeman’s suckiness: His last 4 games? 90-167 (54%), 1083 yards, 3TDs, 10INTs, 3 fumbles lost.

    I didn’t give you the name of the QB who put up those stats, you would think it was Tebow (although admitedly 1,000 yards would be Tebows season total). Seriously, enough is enough. He’s not good enough.

  7. It looks like Shiano’s control freak college methods have lost him this team. Guys like Parcells, Belichick and Coughlin can get away with it because they have a proven track record in the NFL while all Shianon has done is turn an awful college team into an above average college team over the course of a decade.

  8. Hopefully Captain Davin Joseph can step up to a podium and quell all concerns and take ownership of this team he is leading. The offense needs to do better and Joseph is manning the helm. Maybe his best move is to step aside and let Josh Freeman be the skipper instead. He’s the one with the ball in his hands the most.

  9. Lets see, Vikings, Bucs, Jags, maybe Raiders, Jets?? All in the Get ready for Teddy sweepstakes??? It will come down to week 16, and Ponder will throw for 499 yards and 6 touchdowns!!! Bank it! The. We will drop 5 draft slots and end up with Murrey!!! Only the Vikes could win and and end up losing @ the same time

  10. Did they check for hanging chads?

    There was this gore guy that said he got screwed by hanging chads a while ago. 😉

    I feel bad for #5 but he has done nothing to EARN the respect of his fellow players. His big plays stopped in 2010 and never resumed. I think they call that a one hit wonder. He needs to step up this week BIG or grab a clipboard and watch the rookie Glennon (who is awful too) play. We have seen enough!

  11. Born: 1961 Titles seen: 0 says: Sep 11, 2013 4:09 PM

    I’m sorry, it’s week 1 and the team voted to remove the “C” from the QB’s uniform? Holy crap, and I thought my Vike’s QB situation was dire!


    GREAT screenname! For a long time, I could relate.

  12. Josh freeman is a franchise stud QB …. He is not the issue here . The guy has a rocket arm and had us winning with 40 seconds left

  13. the bucs problems are on offense. namely their qb. getting outplayed by a rookie making his first career start isnt a good look. oh, and getting in screaming matches with your offensive line on the sidelines doesnt help the cause either.

  14. paulbdotcom says:
    Sep 11, 2013 3:45 PM
    I wonder if the coach said, “My 6 year olds Pee Wee team could beat you guys! And it’s CoEd!”


    Hmmm. It was a “players-only” meeting. Meaning no coaches.

  15. Tough start, huh?…Face it Tampa fans, just like us Redskins fans had to deal with Jason Campbell-I don’t care how many times they change Coaches & Offensive Coordinators, QB Coaches, whatever….. You can tell very early on in a QB’s career if he has “It” or not, and Freeman just doesn’t have “It”. Ride the season out, draft another guy. You have no other options.

  16. To all those saying it’s a little early for this type of meeting, consider who they lost to. Losing to the Jets is the psychological equivalent of starting the season 0-12.

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