Lloyd has rejected at least six inquiries about playing

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On Monday’s edition of Pro Football Talk on NBCSN, the assembled foursome of Rodney Harrison, Scott Pioli, Erik Kuselias, and yours truly addressed whether the Patriots should pursue receiver Brandon Lloyd.

As it turns out, they have.

The Patriots, Jets, and 49ers are among at least six teams that have approached Lloyd about playing in 2013.  Per a source with knowledge of the discussions, Lloyd consistently has rejected all overtures.  (Curtains, lights.)

Lloyd has no interest in playing, taking the position that he’s neither physically nor mentally ready to continue.

A 10-year NFL veteran, Lloyd would be entitled to a minimum salary of $940,000 on a one-year deal.  But he apparently won’t be extending a career that culminated in a 911-yard performance last year with the Patriots.

Lloyd’s best year came in 2010, when he generated a league-leading 1,448 yards with the Broncos.  Until further notice, Lloyd’s total for 2013 will remain at zero.

28 responses to “Lloyd has rejected at least six inquiries about playing

  1. if the Jets were smart they would pick up Braylon Edwards. he knows the offense, he is a big target for Geno and Kerely might be sidelined. also this would prevent the Patriots from getting him and exploiting the Jets even more. both teams need an additional receiver right now.

  2. Good for him to not just jump at the money. It’s a lot of money, so hopefully he gets himself right, but health and happiness should come first.

  3. A lot of guys work beyond their ability to produce on the field and well past their desire to keep playing, often because they’ve squandered the wealth they’ve earned playing the game.

    If Lloyd is financially set (doesn’t need another million dollars) and feels good about where he is, then more power to him. He had a nice career.

  4. He doesn’t have a ring. So if in November a team that looks good for the playoffs calls he might say yes.

    As Joe Montana once put it about 3-5 years after he retired… I can still put the pads on and light up the field for a game, but not for a whole season, my body is too old.

  5. He is a very talented receiver, but has already been dropped by several teams. Obviously he has deeper problems than football, and here’s hoping his life gets better, with or without football.

  6. If you pass the physical, why not sign for one year, play your 15-16 games and walk away with a million dollars? Apparently, you’re wanted. You can’t tell me that he couldn’t use the money. The added benefit to it, another possibility of playing in the big show, the Superbowl.

  7. Well. I guess that is a back handed way of admitting they made a huge mistake letting both Welker and Lloyd go and hitching their wagon to Hernandez and injury prone Amendola. Amendola is terrific. But he won’t play in at least half of the Patriot games because of dings and nicks. They should have gone back after Lloyd as soon as the Hernandez issue broke. But I guess they didn’t want his salary on their books on opening day. Now they are stuck with a pile of money to spend and a guy essentially saying Stick it! Thompkins, Boyce and Dobson better grow up very fast. Or this could be a long year in Bean Town.

  8. If you’ve ever heard him talk,Lloyd is obviously intelligent and he should do well outside of football. I hope he gets his mental health in order and has a successful life after his NFL career.

  9. @homelanddefense who says: Sep 11, 2013 2:18 PM

    “bigbam, how do you know they didnt contact him two months ago?”

    Fair question and good point. I don’t. But they did make a lot of points in the preseason about not wanting to carry unnecessary big contracts into the first game. And have to lock it in for the rest of the year. I hope they actually did contact him months ago. Because I think he could help them. And help the young receivers on the sidelines, at practice and in the locker room. IMO that is what the Pats are missing most right now with the receiver corps. That veteran presence.

    Guys like Troy Brown and Deion Branch were great sideline teachers, who understood exactly what Brady wanted. If Lloyd isn’t interested, I think the Pats should reach out to Branch as a possibility. His sideline game presence with the young guys would likely be more important than his in-game production at this stage of his career.

  10. Funny that in the Winfield article, the concussion settlement is mentioned, yet this article makes no mention of it.

    Someone who doesn’t want to play because of mental health issues and is remaining retired despite offers… sounds like he might be waiting for a piece of that concussion pie.

  11. @bigbam

    I agree about the veteran presence….it is lacking. Which is why I was a little disappointed they didnt keep ANY of the vets they signed (Hawkins, Jones, etc)

    From what I have read Lloyd was a weird guy, not really a good asset in the locker room. Not that he was a bad guy, just that he was odd. Id say call Branch for that, just not sure he has anything in the tank at all.

  12. I think that it is very magnanimous for some commenters to volunteer Lloyd’s body to get beat up for a season for less than a million dollars.

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