Mellette to IR, Ravens running low on wideouts


The Ravens practically gave away a wide receiver this offseason, and he showed Sunday he can still play. Now, they’re having problems finding enough guys to suit up for them.

The Ravens announced they had placed rookie wideout Aaron Mellette on injured reserve with a knee injury. A seventh-round pick from Elon, he had impressed in the preseason, and was about to have to play because of attrition.

The Ravens are down to four healthy wideouts, since Jacoby Jones will miss a month with a knee sprain, and Deonte Thompson was inactive last week because of a foot problem that has bothered him since the preseason opener.

That leaves starter Torrey Smith, along with Brandon Stokley, Tandon Doss and Marlon Brown, barring any more transactions.

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  1. Don’t tell me the wizard of OZ let a pro-bowl receiver go and he can’t seem to find adequate replacements? The horror. Newsome doesn’t make mistakes, I thought.

  2. they had this awesome WR named Boldin or Anquan, This dude was pretty good, He played in a Super Bowl and should have been the MVP of that game but they gave it to some half wit QB who also got alot of money because of this Anquan guy. I think the story goes the told this Boldin to take less money for his performance then shipped him off to the other side of the country. This sounds like a tall tale but people claim its real no mater how crazy it sounds.

  3. Sucks for him…get well and cone back strong next year.

    This just means more pressure for Flacco. More injuries and no answers. Smith can only do so much while being doubled and I would guess tripled at times.

  4. Anquan Boldin was let go because of CAP SPACE & because Ozzie said he wasnt gonna do what he did the LAST TIME he won a Superbowl when he tried to keep the same team intact, and got into salary cap issues. It was not Flacco’s contract that made them ship Boldin to SF. I’m so tired of people thinking that.

  5. Honestly when La’Quan Williams had his chances the last few years, he caught the balls thrown his way. Maybe they can bring him back.

  6. For anyone who keeps up with the Ravens’ front office, this is a typical move. Every year, a late round rookie who may have been a longshot to make the roster mysteriously winds up with an injury that shelves them until their next shot to make the team. Tommy Streeter last year, Ramon Harewood the previous, it goes on. The only difference is they waited until week 2 this year. Its a shrewd move to keep other teams from really pilfering your practice squad as I’ve seen other teams do the same. Now that said, the reason it happened this year to Mellette is because the coaching staff really screwed the pooch on having a viable backup returner with Deonte Thompson still hurt and Asa Jackson suspended. They had already released the only other 3 guys on the team who had return ability (Bobby Rainey, Laquan Williams, and Tandon Doss who is back now) and jumped on Droughn when he became available, needed a corresponding roster move so why not the wholestash ’em til next year routine.

  7. Oh but it is flaccos contract that’s keeping Them from replacing boldin hence why 7th round picks getting hurt are a big deal in Baltimore

  8. To the Brown fans: Your chance of winning the game sunday is the same as me winning the lottery. And I don’t buy tickets.

    To the Steeler fans: I think that I would look to your own house before you start casting stones. Were it not for a meaningless TD late in the game your offense would not have scored.

    To Bengal fans: Keep Dreaming

    To Raven Fans: no matter what they do or say, the fact is that for now the Ravens are the defending SB champs. This season will be written in the second half when it is time for AFCN play, minus the Browns. Keep the faith

  9. 4 receivers is plenty when 65% of your offense is a check-down to rice. Not to mention the opponents d-backs will be targeted often too.

  10. Adding a couple receivers off the NFL scrap heap won’t fix the fact the Raven’s defense gave up 49 points on opening night.

    Offense, defense, and special teams are currently a mess.

  11. That’s too bad.

    We’ll have to assume the stone hands of game 1 receivers are over. This is where Flacco proves it. Brady is dealing with very poor quality targets and they are just expecting him to make them better. Flacco shows, or doesn’t show, he can do it too. I’m a big Ravens fan but you have to deliver. Each game needs to show continual improvement.

  12. Even with all the injuries, Ravens still scored three times as many points as the Steelers who could barely manage a single touchdown in garbage time. Once these receivers get into a rhythm, Flacco and Co. will be unstoppable.

  13. “Once these receivers get into a rhythm, Flacco and Co. will be unstoppable.”
    That would be a great balance – an unstoppable offense to go with a defense that can’t stop anyone. But you don’t need to be unstoppable on offense, just good enough to score more than 7 TD’s every game.

  14. Hey crown, are you going to keep this up all season? Come October even jtbsteeler will replace his Steelers gear with his Pens gear and start trolling prohockeytalk.

  15. Don’t worry lf4l, I don’t even like hockey. I’ll be right here when you need some knowledgeable insight.

  16. Flacco’s contract didn’t stop Clark from dropping a touchdown. Flacco’s contract didn’t stop Dickson from dropping every pass his way. Flacco’s contract didn’t injure Pitta. Flacco’s contract didn’t injure Mellette. Flacco’s contract also didn’t cause all the New England Patriot receivers to drop so many passes last night against the Jets. Flacco’s contract also didn’t prevent all you morons from posting stupid posts about Flacco’s contract. Flacco’s contract also didn’t affect the earth from spinning on its axis…

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