PFT Live: If you ain’t cheating, you ain’t trying?

Mike Florio discusses the issue of defensive players on teams facing no-huddle offenses faking injuries in order to slow down the game. So how do we catch those players who fake their demise? Florio also discusses the new speediness and high-scoring nature of the game as demonstrated by Chip Kelly’s offense. And, what are the chances Michael Vick can remain injury-free all season?

1 responses to “PFT Live: If you ain’t cheating, you ain’t trying?

  1. I’ve always hated the “If you aint cheating, you aint trying” b.s.

    Number one, it seems to cast cheating in a favorable light. WRONG ANSWER.

    Number two, speaking for myself and many others I’ve competed with – you can relentlessly bust your tail competing WITHOUT cheating.

    To the contrary, cheating is the EASY WAY – it’s the shortcut. It’s the performance/production boost that came without (legitimately) trying.

    I just hate that saying, and here’s a vent opp.

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