ProFootballTalk: Boldin vs. Sherman

Anquan Boldin of the 49ers is arguably the most powerful wide receiver in the NFL, however cornerback Richard Sherman and Seattle’s defense will do their best to out muscle San Fran’s offense.  Who will prevail in the battle for NFC West supremacy?

2 responses to “ProFootballTalk: Boldin vs. Sherman

  1. The great thing about Boldin is you can double, triple, or quadruple-team him. It doesn’t matter. He’ll take the ball right out of your hands.

    And while the whole Seahawk defense is following him around the secondary, Kaepernick will be playing catch with Davis, Moore, Williams, Patton, Baldwin, McDonald, and maybe even Harper (just to rub it in a little – a Harper TD would have just the right feel to it, and I’m sure there is nothing he’d like more).

    Sherman may be the best shut-down corner in football, but the reported demise of the Niner receiving corps is GROSSLY over-stated.

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