Shaun King says there’s “a lot of disarray in Tampa”

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On Wednesday afternoon, we reported that the Buccaneers already have conducted a players-only meeting.  It happened not after an ugly and undisciplined loss to the Jets in Week One, but before the regular season even opened.

One of the concerns, we reported, was the legitimacy of the vote that resulted in quarterback Josh Freeman losing his role as a captain after three years with the designation.

Former Buccaneers quarterback Shaun King, who now contributes to NBCSN’s Pro Football Talk and still lives in the Tampa area, addressed the issue on Tuesday’s show.

“It speaks to a deeper issue,” King said.  “There’s a lot of disarray in Tampa.  One of the points being that some of the players felt like there was an unfair counting of the captain vote, feeling like Josh Freeman should have remained a captain. . . . Greg Schiano is a micromanager, and it’s starting to wear thin with some of their veteran players.”

King said the problem is that Schiano comes from a college program that wasn’t highly successful.

“When it comes to college coaches making the transition to the pros, it’s very difficult . . . when the college coach never won anything of significance in college.  [When] Greg Schiano was hired, he was 20 games under .500 in the Big East at Rutgers.  Those are real numbers, so I don’t think those guys are currently buying into that ‘my way or the highway’ style.”

Ross Tucker, who spent seven seasons in the NFL, shed a little light on the topic, too.

“I talked to guys on the Buccaneers this summer.  I said, ‘What’s up with the quarterback kneel-down thing, where you have to dive at the legs?” Tucker said, regarding Tampa’s habit of attacking the offensive line when in victory formation.  “They just shook their head. . . .  When you ask NFL players to do things that they know is bogus, that they know is bush league, that’s not a good thing.”

So has Schiano lost the team?

“It’s close,” King opined.

“It doesn’t sound good when you have a players-only meeting before the first game,” Tucker added.  “I’ve never heard of that.”

The situation reminds us of our report from December 2012 that one of the players said privately, “Can we send these coaches back to college?”  This year, the sentiment seems to be percolating a lot earlier.

40 responses to “Shaun King says there’s “a lot of disarray in Tampa”

  1. Not saying everything is fine down in Tampa, but I wouldn’t take shaun king’s word on anything. Guy has made a career of taking shots at the Bucs organization any chance he gets.

  2. “King said the problem is that Schiano comes from a college program that wasn’t highly successful.”

    Toes on the line…………..

  3. Anyone from Tampa knows that disregard Shaun King. The only good thing he knows about Tampa is where the best buffet places are. He thinks he’s entitled because he led a top-10 defensive team to the NFC title game after Trent Dilfer’s broken clavicle. He’s only continuing his vendetta against the Glazer’s for his time with the Bucs.

    Simply put, he’s a watered down version of Skip Bayless; and everyone know’s how insightful Skip is.

  4. Schiano shows up, and the team wins 4 more games than the previous year.

    Were it not for a ticky-tack penalty, he’d be 1-o this year and no one would care about his methodology.

    When you’re criticism would disappear were it not for a once-in-a-season situation like that last minute penalty and GW kick…your criticism seems minor.


    Not a Bucs fan

  5. Coming from a guy who never won anything in the NFL. Schiano made Rutgers a something. TB is still full of players who are not Schiano’s guys, he’s a good coach I hope he gets fair chance.

  6. This’ll be a bum season, they’ll let Josh walk & draft a ‘new QB of the future’. Josh will end up in better situation and show he’s legit.

    All of season PFT had articles reading that the coach isn’t a fan which will lead to dissatisfaction. As a coach, why go into a season w/ a person you don’t want calling plays?

  7. I will say this for King. He was the ONLY analyst that predicted the game would be much closer than the blowout everyone was predicting for TB.
    It was everybody’s lock of the week. He saw it coming

  8. I cannot for the life of me understand the Bucs fans who assume Freeman will leave and instantly become a superstar. Currently in Tampa, he has an elite #1 receiver, a top 10 offensive line, a top 5 running back, maybe the best #2 receiver in the league…and he’s gonna leave that and get better? Like really?

  9. I never thought Schiano’s style would work in the pros. He was known as an A-1 butt hole when he was at Rutgers, so you know that wasn’t going to work with pros. Accountability is one thing, but these players are grown men and all but a hand full of them make way more money than most coaches do, so when ownership has to choose, guess who’s getting picked?

    The even bigger issue for Tampa is that their roster isn’t as talented as they want to believe, which points squarely at the poor job that Dominic has done.

  10. lmao who were you listening to nobody took tampa as a lock of the week , most took indy or KC , anyone with half a brain knew the jets and the bucs are basically in that same group of 5-6 win teams

  11. For those who are in denial, you better take a second look. There are other sources making the exact claims as King is making about this team. There is definitely some dysfunction going on with this organization.

  12. It was only a short matter of time before the Schiano speculation began, just not short enough for Tampa fans…you have a good team, but it will be held back by the HC

  13. Not sure why the Schiano hate. Tampa would love to have Patriots success, but want to whine because we hired a Bellichek clone. The hoodie got the run in Cleveland, for much of the same as the gripe about Schiano. I wasn’t happy with Sunday. But, I saw a team that hit hard and knocked receivers off their routes, and occasionally out of the game (ala Dashon). I’ll take it. Better than last year’s ole team. Maybe Shuan thinks the Bucs need to return to midweek parties with ‘Rah’ in south Tampa. BTW…replay Bucs championship game and watch Mr. King throw the game away on a pick, and then heave the hail mary ten yards past the end zone. Guys got no cred. Just another hater.

  14. Nice of Shaun King to cherry pick his stats. Overall Schiano has a winning record at Rutgers. He took over a horrible program and turned it around going 49-21 over the last six years with five bowl wins in five tries.

    I’m not sure he’s the right guy for the job, but … c’mon man.

  15. “I cannot for the life of me understand the Bucs fans who assume Freeman will leave and instantly become a superstar.”

    If your team had Steve Young at QB, then let him go when Testaverde was drafted, you’d understand.

  16. Well this is a chaotic mess. What’s the deal with Freeman, is he a chump to dump or is he the leader of the franchise? Tampa Bay is so screwed up from the top down by arguably one of the worst GMs in the league, and this team will accomplish nothing until they get their ducks in a row and put some real football men in charge of this team. Everything is a mess and Shaun King can smell it miles away.

  17. Didn’t Mevis tell us all how different it was in Tampa,so he meant not in a good way??
    Saying Schiano hasn’t done anything is a joke obviously the esteemed Mr King had no clue about the history of the Rutgers football program.

  18. Never won anything? So when your program goes from being unknown, bottom of the barrel and then he gets them al the way up to the number 2 ranked team late in the regular season back in 2006-2007, I guess that is nothing.
    Greg is a good coach, he lead the Bucs to a good record in spite of a couple tough breaks last year by losing two all pro guards, inconsistent QB play, worst secondary maybe ever, and losing both his Des (at least the most talented two).

  19. When your QB is not a captain on your team ther is a problem. When you QB can’t be bothered to show up for the team picture there is a problem. There is a problem on this team that runs deep.

  20. The bottom line is; players only meeting before season has started. That’s only bad. It’s only a matter of time before we have another major change in Tampa.

  21. Raheem was a good coach for the team, Dominik and Owners failed to get him the personnel on the field to be successful. Along comes Sciano and they spend money on quality players when they should have done that when Raheem was there! If someone should have gotten fired it should have me Dominik not Morris!

  22. King has been proven track record of making up stories and claiming sources when there weren’t any. He was called out on numerous occasions by the Tampa Bay media for his dubious claims and “unnamed sources”. Do I think everything is peachy at One Buc Place? Not even in the slightest. But am I going to take Shaun King’s word for it? Absolutely not.

  23. Did he really use Schiano’s big east record as a benchmark?

    Rutgers lost a ton of games in Schiano’s first few seasons and then turned it around bigtime once his recruiting in state and in Fla started to blossom.

    Why does anyone have a mic in front of Shaun of the dead King anyway???

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