Suh should pay the fine, and move on


The tweet from NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith illustrates the conflict inherent to union representation of an employee who has been accused of wrongdoing and the employee who has been victimized by it.

“I have reached out to Ndamukong Suh,” Smith said.  “We believe that all players have a basic responsibility to each other.”

While that’s a far cry from Al Pacino declaring that “the honorable Henry T. Fleming should go right to f–king jail,” it shows that Smith in this case errs on the side of not taking out the knees of another player in a manner that violates the rules.

Suh either hasn’t gotten the message, or he doesn’t care.  Suh told reporters on Wednesday he won’t change the way he plays, even though the way he played on Sunday resulted in a flagrant violation of the rules.  Suh’s agent has concocted a tin-foil hat claim of persecution, arguing (we think) that Suh’s ability to on most days not stomp on guy’s arms or kick them in the crotch or take out their knees should be mitigating factors.

“Suh is a smart guy and I think when it happened, he knew that he made a mistake,” Lions running back Reggie Bush told NFL Network on Wednesday.  “He stood up in front of the team this week and he apologized for it; he was a man about it and that’s what you need out of your leader, out of your captain.  You need him to stand up for his mistakes when they happen.  He realized what had happened, the league fined him and now we can close the chapter on that penalty, and we can move on.”

No one can move on while the appeal is pending.  And if Suh wanted to do the right thing, he’d pay the fine without appeal, publicly apologize, vow to stay within the rules, and then do so.  Otherwise, he’ll eventually be suspended again — and nothing he or his agent says will change the fact that the NFL will protect other players from Suh, and that the NFLPA will ultimately have no problem with it.

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  1. As a Lions fan, I think the team managers need to do more to motivate Suh. If they are doing something, it doesn’t appear to be working. Suh’s “style” of play doesn’t need to change. His temper needs taming so his style of play can be more effective.

  2. Also. should every player must publicly apologize when ever they receive a 15 yard penalty? nope just Suh. where are all your articles on Matthews and that extremly dirty hit? not only did he destroy someone 5 yard out of bounds, he sent to the head area…….

  3. See article below, Von is getting minimal chastizing compared to Suh.
    Hey Florio, you failed to mention the comcast guy was in Suh’s backyard around 9pm…I would try to protect my house too.

  4. Except thanks to the media (hint hint) he can’t move on. He could be a choir boy for six years, and the second he has an offside penalty you’ll write ten articles about how he should be suspended.

    Hey, Cortland Finnegan has a huge history of illegal plays and dirty behaviour, and he just got two Unnecessary Roughness calls on Sunday. How many articles did you write about him?

  5. Suh your a disgrace to yourself, fans and your peers!! I guarantee you lost respect from your teammates, fans ie and the stiff who returned the ball for a td that was called back. Charma is a bia!! Any coach with respect of the game and his peers should have benched him and made a point, but hes a knucklehead just like Suh.

  6. The people that is writing about Shu should tell the truth it is not a block from behind his head is in front of the player and he is at his upper leg take a look at the picture.

  7. Since the money from the fine goes to the NFLPA….

    That means it’s a tax write off? Right?

    Just Saying….

  8. The fact his coach and teammates defend his actions show an obvious lack of independent thinking. This organization is doomed so long as this child is employed by them

  9. It may be a silly tin foil hat, but foil is a lot stronger than the saran wrap that the NFL rules are made out of. You don’t see the army trying to stop the Incredible Hulk with a giant sheet of the stuff. Good luck adjusting when one flap gets folder over and stuck to the other side. Maybe it’s time to have a league with some real guts behind it.

  10. The 100k is NOT enough. they should also kick him out for 8 games. Lets see.. he kicked a guy LOW. Snatched the helmet off another guy. and Stomped a guy he was standing over

  11. He needs to be fined more, and often. He’s a hazzard, and he’s getting away with it. Let’s see what happens when it’s a star, and someone that’s not white offensive lineman.

  12. One would hope in the interest of journalistic integrity and just plain old fashioned fairness there would be a link to the video of the Play… Alrighty then.

  13. Regardless, as someone that knows the target is on his back, you would *think* that Suh would behave differently. Life isn’t fair…even if he is being singled out more than other “dirty” players he has 100% control over how he chooses to behave, with that bias in mind.

  14. Reggie Bush said he was a man about it apologizing to the team and owning to the mistake?

    A man wouldn’t have taking that cheap shot…

  15. Those sticking up for Suh in this case should stop doing so. He’s a great player. Everyone knows that. But the fact is proven that he’s also a dirty player that has no respect for other player careers. Bush is full of crap saying he’s a man and takes responsibility for it. If he took responsibility for it, he wouldn’t have justified it the other day nor would he appeal the fine.

    I like his intensity on the field. However, he needs to stop playing dirty. He’s a repeat offender and that is the cause for the media frenzy with him over a Clay Matthews. Matthews hit was inexcusable the other day but let’s not try and say the history between Suh and Matthews are similar. They are not even close!

  16. Choir boy for 6 years? How about for 6 games?

    It’s laughable that he is a Captain of the team. Maybe he should call another players only meeting?

  17. I would appeal a 100k fine too. may not mean as much to him as it would to me, but isnt HIS money that he would be losing? why should he just lose out on 100K just because the media thinks he should?

  18. Why would he not appeal. If you have the opportunity to appeal you always take it. There is nothing to lose. Especially since the fine seems arbitrary. His last fine was $30k so why jump to 100? I doubt there is a valid explanation.

  19. If everyone always wanted to do the right thing then we would have a whole lot of lawyers out of work.

  20. Child please. We’re talking 100K for a missed block (1 foot too low). I would appeal that too. Just because he stomped on a dudes arm 3 years ago and magically did a no-look, reverse, backwards kick right in the bullseye of a groing 2 years ago doesn’t make a missed block a ‘dirty play’ today. It just doesn’t warrant the highest on the field fine EVER. Ridiculous.

  21. The reason it’s $100K is that he has been fined five times before and the fines ratchet up. He’s also been suspended for two games. He’s a dirty player. If the league had thought it was any worse, they would have suspended him. He just needs to clean up his game for a reasonable period and he won’t get “picked on”. It’s hard to feel sorry for this multi-millionaire who lives on the quality of his play for the most part, and intimidation on a lesser part. Clean up your act and then maybe an appeal will work.

  22. Suh’s agent has a tin-foil hat claim of persecution? You use the word “flagrant” to describe a hit that was legal last year and made by other players on the very same day. Then, rather than defend your hyperbole and perhaps admit the media’s role in creating fan outrage at Suh over a run-of-the-mill hit, you delete my comment that points it out.

    Maybe Suh’s agent isn’t as crazy as you make him sound…

  23. Suh has made his bed with Tac’s and razor blade’s in it for the last 3 years. Now he’s acting surprised when he has to lay in it. the 100k anit enough they need to suspend him for 8 games too.

  24. Smith should be fired. He is Godell’s lapdog. He should be defending Suh from the vindictive fine amount levied by the NFL. No reason for $100k.

    No question the block was illegal (this year). I don’t have a big problem with a fine although I think the NFL is just piling on. Suh’s history includes some fines that were unjustified (pushing Cutler too hard to get him to the ground???).

    The NFL and Goodell have lost any credibility they had.

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