Undercover cops will wear 49ers jerseys in Seattle on Sunday night

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As the Seattle Seahawks prepare to host their arch-rivals on Sunday Night Football, the 12th Man needs to keep one thing in mind.

That 49ers fan you’re harassing could be a cop.

The Seahawks have announced that undercover officers will wear opposing team jerseys at home games, starting Sunday night.  The move comes less than two weeks after the Seahawks began using non-uniformed police to monitor fan conduct at CenturyLink Field.

“We have great fans,” Seahawks president Peter McLoughlin said in a team-issued release. “Our goal is to ensure a safe environment for all in attendance, including visiting team fans.”

The 49ers have taken similar steps, starting during the 2011 playoffs.  After Saints fans were harassed in the divisional round, officers outfitted with Giants jerseys attending the NFC title game.

Fans who are ejected from Seahawks home games are required to complete a four-hour online course, at a cost of $75, before being permitted to return.

82 responses to “Undercover cops will wear 49ers jerseys in Seattle on Sunday night

  1. Love it. you should treat opposing team fans with respect just like anyone else if they don’t make a lot of noise and aren’t taunting or disrespecting your team.

    its downright dangerous to go to a game at times, and there are children who get harassed, its just not right, and I’m glad the NFL is doing something about it.

  2. Opposing fans need to be treated with basic respect as human beings. Some smack talking is fine, but if the fan doesn’t reply and doesn’t seem to want to engage you in conversation, just let them enjoy the game. They aren’t a punching bag. I hope other police departments around the country follow suit.

  3. As a person in law enforcement, it would probably be more effective if it weren’t broadcasted. Kind of like advertising where DUI checkpoints will be and when and still expecting to catch people. They’ll probably nab a couple people, but not as many as they could have.

  4. We have great fans, but we don’t actually trust them. I guess it would be safe to say Seattle fans as with the rest of the NFL’s crowds are just that, crowds.

  5. Too bad no one has stones enough to address the REAL problem re: “rowdy” NFL fans, which is quite obviously alcohol (beer specifically). A large percentage of these “great fans” go to these games fully intending to drink themselves into a staggering mess, leaving the other fans (those capable of enjoying an event without needing 27 beers beforehand) to deal with their idiocy.

  6. It’s a shame they can even find people willing to wear another teams jersey in their hometown to bust their hometown fans.

  7. The Seahawks and 49er fans are absolutely the worst I’ve ever seen. I thank the league and Roger Goodell for instituting this police.

    Most classy fans I’ve seen are probably the Arizona Cardinals fans. Vikings fans are delusional by nature but they’re very nice to the opposing fans at the games.

  8. Id be interested to see the criteria for being “ejected” from the stadium . As an avid football and Seahawks fan heckling opposing fans is part of the fun as long as both parties are respected in the process I have had very good back and forth with niner fans at games before then we bought each other beers so like I said , I wonder what the grounds for ejection are?

  9. Don’t like either team, both coaches are extremely hateable. That being said should be a great game.

  10. Weird. I went to Seattle games a few times and they always had pretty polite fans. However lately it seems, when I visited recently, their fans have become increasingly belligerent. This is exceptionally funny for a team that has never amounted to much outside of a couple years in its entire existence. In fact I was always ashamed of Seattle’s ineptitude seeing how I grew up in the Northwest.

  11. I wear my 49ers gear every time they come to Seattle. When you wear another teams gear you have to expect some crap talk. These bandwagon fans get worse and worse every year.

  12. I’m not worried about the safety of those in the stands. They should put some undercover officers on the field at the end of the game when the coaches “shake hands.”

  13. Funny they are doing this for niner fans. Anyone been to candlestick as an opposing fan? I was there last Sunday and niner they are absolutely awful to us. It’s pathetic actually, youll never see anything like that at Lambeau

  14. Maybe it’s the impending release of a certain major video game and my accompanying excitement talking, but folks should remember at the end of the day that’s its just a game…Kaepernick and Wilson seem to get that… BTW who else is excited about GTA V?!!!

  15. I would think the NFL is broadcasting their intentions in order to give people a forewarning. I’m sure they’d rather have people behave than have them be arrested.

  16. So much for the 12th man approach. Then again, I rather see a good game instead of a stabbing story later. Love me some SNF, for some reason the best games are always on SNF.

  17. I hear they are doing this in Jacksonville, undercover cops wearing opposing team jerseys. .. not because Jags fans are trouble makers but rather a way to fill up the stadium!

  18. out tax payer dollars hard at work buying tickets for cops to go to one of the biggest games of the year.

    What a racket, this has nothing to do with fan protection.

  19. Long time 49er fan here. I went to the 49er/Packers game last week at the Stick and it was brutal. Drunks everywhere, fights, taunting, etc., and that was tailgating in the parking lot BEFORE the game. Right around kickoff time a drunk guy fell off a walkway and killed himself.

    They normally cut off beer sales at the end of the 3rd quarter. This time they cut it off before halftime.

    No mas for me. Hopefully it will get better next year at the new stadium because the ticket prices will likely weed out the trash.

  20. As if we don’t already put up with more than our fair share of visiting teams’ fans and colors at the Clink, now we get to choke down even more of it.

    Odds are most of them will spend the entire game hanging out at the Top Pot doughnut stand, whining about the lack of maple crullers.

  21. Telling fans that SPD will be wearing 9er jerseys is a LOT better deterrent than keeping the undercover effort a secret. The idea isn’t to arrest people-it is to encourage them to be respectful. That is better served by telling fans that the 9er fan walking by could be a cop who drew the worst assignment of their career…having to wear a 9er jersey.

  22. peytonshead says: Sep 11, 2013 8:38 PM

    As a person in law enforcement, it would probably be more effective if it weren’t broadcasted. Kind of like advertising where DUI checkpoints will be and when and still expecting to catch people. They’ll probably nab a couple people, but not as many as they could have.


    That would make sense if their intention was to nab-as-many-people-as-possible… but this makes a billion times more sense from a prevention standpoint.

    As someone in law enforcement, I’m sad you didn’t think of that. There isn’t a high-score for “nabbing bad guys”. This will most likely make for a more conflict-free environment, and as someone who wants nothing to do with law enforcement, that’s a good thing.

  23. @peytonshead
    “As a person in law enforcement, it would probably be more effective if it weren’t broadcasted. Kind of like advertising where DUI checkpoints
    will be and when and still expecting to catch people. They’ll probably nab a couple people, but not as many as they could have.”

    Stop thinking like the type of cop that makes people not like cops….maybe it’s not about getting people arrested as much as it is to simply keep the crowd under control and fans safe….if people know that undercover cops are there they are more likely to behave. It’s not all about you getting your ticket quota.

  24. There will also be superheroes with superpowers at the game who will also be wearing 49ers jerseys. They will be playing the game.

  25. thetooloftools says:
    Sep 11, 2013 9:02 PM
    Wow. Seattle is a tough crowd? Are they going to throw food toppings around? Wow. Raidernation is howling.

    Hey tool of tools – Tell that to the guy in the 9ers jersey I saw get beat up in the upper bowl by 4 huge Polynesian dudes 2 years ago during the Hawks/Niners in week 1.

  26. Easy to spot. Look for the guys wearing cargo pants with 49er Jerseys. They do this all the time at the Raider games. They get real pissed when you point them out. They threaten to arrest you. Just make a woooop whoooop sound or yell Five-oh at the guys in cargo pants and watch how pissed they get. Way too fun!

    RAIDER NATION!!!!!!!!!!

  27. While this may be an effective measure, it’s highly deceptive. I don’t support bullying at a game, but seeing an opposing team’s jersey is inviting a certain kind of behavior.

  28. My first Ravens game against the Steelers I didn’t know what to expect. Many Pitt fans in my sections that i could see. It was crazy great with the good banter between the Baltimore and Pittsburg fans. No fights or harassment just great AFC rival football with great fans enjoying the game. After the game we tried to find out if any trouble in other areas of the stadium. A cop friend said only minor issues really not us against them related stuff. But u know it happens.

  29. There have been a lot of really entertaining and competitive rivalries in the history of the NFL, not sure anyone has ever had to go to these lengths…yikes.

    Low class coach, low class (PED) players, and apparently low class fans…

    Seattle is quickly turning into a very unlikeable team and fanbase.

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