Anthony Dixon deletes his “She-Hawks” tweet


On Wednesday night, 49ers running back Anthony Dixon thought it would be funny to insult this week’s opponents by calling them the “She-Hawks” instead of the Seahawks on Twitter. On Thursday morning, Dixon apparently saw the error of his ways.

Although Dixon hasn’t said anything more about the subject, he has deleted his tweet. That was the right move, and it would be nice of Dixon to follow up with an apology.

Here’s a message to all the men and boys out there who think a good way to insult other men and boys is to call them women or girls: Stop. It’s stupid, and it’s offensive.

Comments like Dixon’s are particularly hurtful for females who do play football. The National Federation of State High School Associations says that in a typical season, more than 1,000 girls play high school football across the country. Those girls deserve credit for taking part in a sport that has been traditionally reserved for boys. Seeing a professional football player insult his opponents by calling them “she” is unfair to those girls, and it sets a bad example to their male teammates and opponents.

Dixon’s tweet was wrong. Insults based on gender have no place in the NFL, or anywhere else.

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  1. And Seattle player K.J. Wright did the exact same thing (also deleted after the fact):

    “@Boob24Dixon lol the she hawks!! I’ll be sure relay the message to the fellas.. Its gone be a long night for you and the forty whiners.”

  2. laughable attempt to justify how over-sensitive society has become… just to make an article out of it. I guess to say one ” throws like a girl ” is wrong and offensive now too.

  3. My daughter played linebacker all through high school. Maybe Dixon would like to lineup opposite her? I know she would enjoy that.

  4. I don’t think its even debatable that women are far worse football players then men and the evidence is the fact that no women has ever played in the NFL

    women are less athletic then men, that is a FACT

    its all fun and good when michelle wi goes out and plays the boys on the PGA tour, but how would they like it if some fringe scrub from the mens tour decided to go win every single female tournament???

  5. Why delete the tweet? People already know what was said and he can’t take it back.

    There was nothing offensive about what he said either as it was all in good fun.

  6. chrismatthewsucks says:
    Sep 12, 2013 12:52 PM
    I would respond, but I’ve never heard of Dixon. He is trying to make a name for himself, basically will be Brandon Jacobs during his time with the 49ers.
    Had to comment because you must not be a big football guy. Dixon went to Miss. St. and was dirty there. This is his 4th year with SF so he hasn’t been Jacobs for them, he beat Jacobs out last year and he turned down 24k from Nnamdi for the #24 a couple weeks ago so financially, he must be doing alright. Now you know who Anthony Dixon is! You’re welcome!

  7. I have a feeling he’ll be cut either this season or the next. 5 RBs on your roster, 6 if you count Miller; all will probably be fully healthy at the start of next season(Lattimore is the only concern). See ya later, Dixon.

  8. Carl Gerbschmidt is awesome. Hey Carl do they still invite you on kfan in minneapolis. Cant remember the show you you were always on but me being from north dakota and you bashing the vikings and you telling them how great the packers were was just great radio. Keep up the good work and GO HAWKS

  9. Your last sentence may be accurate. Gender inequity is wrong; misandry is just as wrong misogyny. However, contending that it’s wrong because girls play football is as simple-minded an argument as we’ve heard from you.

    Most of the comments posted on subjects like this about “political correctness” and “sensitivity” aren’t cogent and lack even rudimentary understanding of the subject matter. I will, however, suggest that we are producing “soft” children for a still-hard world. I would love to live in a world without bigotry where harmony, non-violence and empathy prevail. We don’t live in such a world. We should stop preparing our children for a world where they will never be able to recognize what is truly offensive.

  10. Thanks, PFT. That should be the last time anyone ever uses that kind of horrible, terrible, devastating insult ever.

  11. Whatever happened to light hearted barbs and the ability to tell intent?

    I don’t need the Calvin Johnson rule to tell me what a catch is and I certainly don’t need PFT to tell me when to be offended. I can tell the difference between a light hearted jab and the intent to defame women.

    If this offends you…get a hobby. Not everything is completely intentional evil.

  12. “who think a good way to insult other men and boys is to call them women or girls: Stop. It’s stupid, and it’s offensive.” relax michael smith you’ve probably said before we all have. Stop trying to get points with the ladies. She-hawks are going down and back to basement of the league standings where they belong.

  13. Always a good idea to insult your upcoming opponent, especially if you are a running back. It’s not like you are going to get hit or anything.

    Enjoy your night in Seattle, Dixon.

  14. Who’s the 49ers PR person? should have put a spin on it or rode the thing to higher ratings come Sunday.


  15. It’s time we stop calling the seattle’s team as Seadderall. After all, we really don’t know if they took adderall or HGH or something else. Sherman et al are trying to minimize the damage by claiming the most benign of drugs (among PED drugs).

  16. Oh, and he should NOT apologize. He said what he wanted. I personally don’t think he should have tweeted that and given the SeaGuls any motivation, however let a man live. I wish people would stop apologizing for things they aren’t sorry for. He doesn’t like Seattle. They are a division rival. He trash talked them as I am sure both sides will be doint the entire game. You don’t have to like him, any real niner fan loves Boobie Dixon!


  17. I think it’s neat how twitter lets us find out who’s an idiot easier than before. Imagine how many idiots went through life undetected.

  18. I can’t wait until this Week 2 game is finished. The Whiner bandwagon will be empty and they can start being Raider or Charger fans like they were the last 10-15 years. This forum was ghost town after the last time they visited Century Link. Their fans came back later with a million excuses about Davis got hit too hard, Manningham was the key, the crowd is too loud, they were tired from the week before..

  19. Hilarious to see the self-righteous indignation by those who demand others adhere to Groupthink.

    It’s always the liberals who want to control peoples thoughts.

  20. Well, it was really funny in the movie “The Sandlot” though.
    ‘Oh yeah? Well you play ball like a girl!!”

  21. The comments prove: People crying about political correctness are much more sanctimonious and whiny than actual political correctness.

  22. ^^thebirdofprey

    the she-hawks havent won anything yet!! relax you act like they’re champions, im not even talking about past superbowls.Im talking about now, our niners are the defending nfc champs and the seadderals beat them big last year but dont forget harbaugh owns cheaty carrolls in the overall record in the nfl in head to head matchups, i can’t wait for our niners to crush the seapigeons because it’ll be a long fall from winning nothing )past or present the seagulls just have spider webs and dust bunnies in their trophy case.

  23. I am getting irritated by people claiming that the Niner fans were fans of another team while they were losing. we are called the 49er Faithful for a reason. Also being called whiners is just as offensive as She-Hawk

  24. Personally, I think any derogatory mis-use of team names is childish and disrespectful. “Shehawks” “40-Whiners” “I’m rubber, you’re glue…” Yeah, I went through that phase in grade school. Grow up.

    A great rivalry doesn’t have to degrade into childish insults.

  25. ninerman78 says:Sep 12, 2013 2:01 PM

    I am getting irritated by people claiming that the Niner fans were fans of another team while they were losing. we are called the 49er Faithful for a reason. Also being called whiners is just as offensive as She-Hawk


    You don’t see the irony here, do you?

  26. It’s pretty shameful that the tweet was considered newsworthy to begin with. We’re talking about a fourth string RB (fifth if you count Marcus Lattimore on NFI) who is known for goofing off (we’re talking about a guy whose nickname is “Boobie”).

    At worst, his tweet indicates that he’s not much more mature than your typical forum poster (or PFT-commenter) who says things like “Seachickens” or “Fortywhiners”. But to treat him as seriously representing the team and trying to insult the Seahawks in any meaningful way is just ridiculous.

  27. Probably not smart to poke at the Lion, but it was pretty funny. And yes Mr Smith, it is funny for guys to make fun of each other by calling each other females. Pretty harmless rip that hurts no one. Relax buddy.

  28. As a Seahawks fan I have no problem with what I, and many others, consider smack talk. Bring it on Dixon. I love the chatter that goes along with this budding rivalry. The SEAHAWKS EMPIRE is upon you. Be wary…Be warned…and BEHOLD the reign of the Seahawks Empire.

  29. Not really surprised at the ignorant comments on this article. The vast majority of you are men so you have no concept of what it’s like to be a football-loving woman and have to read these petty “Karen Rodgers” “take your dolly and go home” comments on nearly every article some stupid diehard thinks is a reflection of some player’s manhood. The bottom line is: it IS offensive to women. And last time I checked that’s half the population and your mothers and daughters and girlfriends. It’s just plain juvenile as well. But, I guess we can’t expect men to be anything other than juvenile, can we?

  30. I don’t think it is as much about being PC as it is about being adult. Leave the juvenile insults to the juveniles.

  31. sonoco says: Sep 12, 2013 2:13 PM


    . . . then clinched the division, won the Conference Title and went to the Super Bowl. That loss really derailed the season.

    I am talking about YOU fans. 49ers fans talked trash weeks heading into that match up. After that game, NONE of you were to be found. Its all there, PFT doesn’t delete history. You only emerged later after beating the Cardinals. Had/have every excuse in the book about 42-13 game with Seattle. Vernon Davis said it himself, he didn’t want Seattle in that conference game. Maybe the RIP shot Kam put on him had something to do with it. I have said it before, Seattle matches up well to 49ers on every phase football. Throw in our home field advantage, bring your A-game or Seahawks will make this ugly.

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