Anthony Dixon takes a shot at the “She-hawks”


A week after successfully rope-a-doping the Packers into assuming the 49ers would run quarterback Colin Kaepernick all day long, coach Jim Harbaugh has been wise to avoid saying anything that would stir up the Seahawks.

The wisdom hasn’t completely trickled down to his team.

Running back Anthony Dixon, who recently turned down an offer of $24,000 from Nnamdi Asomugha to give up No. 24, has chimed in with a comment that is sure to both get the Seahawks a little riled up, and create a little controversy.

“Extra weight on the racks all week getting less sleep preparing for these She-Hawks I love hostile environments Imma feel right at home,” Dixon tweeted late Wednesday.

Applying female characteristics to male opponents invites strong criticism of Dixon.  It’s legitimately offensive to women (and if one woman is offended, the NFL will listen), and it’s a very short leap from there to the kind of homophobia that keeps gay football players deep in the closet.

The more immediate problem is that, at a time when Harbaugh has been tiptoeing through his press conferences to not stir up the team that handed San Fran last December its worst loss of the Harbaugh era, Dixon has given Seahawks coach Pete Carroll something he can use to give his players an extra kick in the pants before Sunday night.

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  1. Yep… when I read “She-hawks” the first thing I thought of was oh no!

    99% of women have no idea who Anthony Dixon is, but they are bound to be upset and offended by this evil, hate-filled jab!


  2. So hear lies the double standard, to me racism is racism whether its against a woman a gay man or lesbian woman or Chinese guy but you won’t here on person say Dixon should lose his job. I don’t believe he should, nor should have people called for Coppers job.

  3. So SHE hawks is offensive to women but a fun in Buffalo with a “Brady Sits When He Pees” sign was funny….or is the issue here a player typing it??? Maybe people need to stop being so sensitive because there are a lot bigger problems in the world then a 49er calling them SHE Hawks

  4. This was a dumb move. I love the intensity and the hate, but the last thing the SeaHags need is a motivator.


  5. Understated, savvy, excellent grammar. Should make nice wallpaper in the Seahawks locker room. Thank you for you participation.

  6. It’s not a big deal, but when people in the media start writing about it, it becomes one. That is one of the major problems in our society now. Everyone feels the need to not be offended. Free speech is a thing of the past.

  7. It’s called trash talking Florio and its part of the game called football. Quit trying to spin everything someone says as anti female, gay, Semitic, atheist, liberal, etc….. If you want cover a sport where it’s 100% PC all the time and everyone gets a trophy, go follow a youth soccer league in California.

    P.S. not a Niners or Seahawks fan.

  8. Its offensive to women to call a fellow male opponent weak, even though it is scientifically established that a man of average strength is stronger than 99% of females?

    Just sounds like biologically accurate smack talking to me.

  9. People need to quit taking everything so personal and getting worked up over every little thing.

    At least 2 or 3 times a day I will run into an article where someone is upset over this word, that tweet. Then if I decide to read the comments many of the commenters will be on the warpath because of it.

    Dixon is insulting an entire football teams masculinity, which is different than insulting a woman. In contrast insulting a woman’s femininity by applying masculine characteristics is not insulting men.

    This is not a big deal

  10. Seriously what is the big deal? It’s a RIVALRY! There is going to be trash talk and name calling. I really doubt we offended women here.

  11. Isn’t there such a thing as being ‘too PC’?!? She-hawks is FUNNY. All is usually forgiven when you can make the group you’re supposedly offending laugh. Just like when Shaq called the Sacramento Kings the Sacramento Queens. It’s funny…gay dudes will probably laugh at it…women will probably laugh at it….let it go.

  12. As a 49er, I’m a bit disappointed that Dixon could not keep his thoughts to himself.

    Let your play on the field do your talking. Go Niners

  13. If I were the starters, I would tie Dixon to the goal post for he entire game.

    That way he can be on the field the entire time instead of riding the bench while his comments are front and center.

  14. Special teamers shouldnt be smack talking let alone doing it on twitter. Does anyone outside of Northern Cali know who you are Anthony? No! Shut up and cover kickoffs

  15. If the Seahawk players need a juvenile tweet from a special teams player to get motivated for one of the most anticipated games of the early season on prime-time television, Seattle is in trouble. The notion that “bulletin board material” actually effects the focus and outcomes of games not only dignifies no truth whatsoever, it’s absolutely absurd. For anyone to assume such a thing seems to suggest they know little about professional sports.

  16. The key I took out of “Rafikis” tweet is he’s losing sleep. He’s scared. Meanwhile the Hawks are resting up and ready to smash these whiners on Sunday. GO HAWKS!

  17. This crap didn’t even need to be written about. If it offends you, good luck dealing with everyday life.

  18. Cause the seahawks were gonna be nice and not play there best before his comment. Coming from a niners fan dixon you dont even get the ball so until then seek attention else were. That will be all.

  19. I’d like to see how many yards “Dickson” gets against the Hawks. Seriously, you better be at least a starter to talk trash.

    If I was a 49er (notice I didn’t say forty-whiner) fan I wouldn’t want a backup who has no control of the game to talk this kind of trash and fire up the Seahawks. Was not smart.

  20. Why’s everyone hating on Dixon this guys work attention to the game!!this dude is in special teams the whole game and gets yards at RB WHO CARES ABOUT THE (SHE HAWKS)!!!

  21. It was a joke. Actually it made me chuckle a little. When players make these kinds of statements, it’s their image on the line should the opposing team embarrass them on Sunday. He knew what he was doing, and I don’t mind one bit.

    This is coming from a Seahawks fan.

  22. It should not be offensive to women when men push each other’s ego buttons by comparing their skills in a 100% male-dominated sport to those of females, who continue to lack the size and strength required to compete in today’s NFL.

    It is not sexism to recognize the FACT that men and women are DIFFERENT from each other. There are always exceptions, but overall, men ARE larger and physically stronger than most women. It is not saying men are BETTER than women to acknowledge this fact. Women have their own innate attributes most men can only envy, one of which is being much more compassionate and spiritually evolved than men.

    Any sport or any activity at all for that matter in which women cannot compete with men on a LEVEL playing field without handicaps, — or vice versa where men lack the innate attributes which women are naturally gifted — should not be subject to claims of “sexism” for suggesting otherwise. This is the equivalent to a heavyweight boxer taunting his opponent by calling him a “welterweight,” and suddenly every welterweight in boxing is supposed to feel offended.

    On the day a woman gets drafted to play in the NFL, that is when this remark can begin to be considered sexist. Until then, it’s nothing but a foolish remark by a special teams nobody that will serve only to make his team’s upcoming beat-down all the more painful. #GOHAWKS!!

  23. Hey dogman9, you’ll remember Anthony Dixon after we beat the seachickens!!! Seahawks are the most over rated trash out there. Go niners, we’re bring the 80-90’s back!!! It’s our time to shine and must be this talk to ride, sorry Wilson!!! Niner4life!!!

  24. i’m a feminist and i think this is funny
    anthony dixon may not be going to the hall of fame, but he is making plenty of contributions to this team.

  25. I hope all the Seahawks just say nothing and play and win. All this loud talking, bragging, trying to get in someone’s face is just plain boring. Who cares what some says. Seahawks just go out there and thump them. Enough said without saying anything.

  26. This is a non issue. An idiot male writer speaking on behalf women makes no sense. Maybe he should do some actual research before he makes an acusation like this in his story. I bet the percentage of women who are offended by this comment will tell a different story.

  27. it’s funny that someone would talk trash when they only have 402 yards in their career and they been in the league 4 years he won’t even see the field he will hear it at least the 49ers starters have the smarts to keep their mouth shut you don’t see our guys saying dumb stuff like that maybe by the time he retires he might have a thousand yards but he probably would have to put some more weight on the racks and lose somemore sleep what’s he losing sleep over when he won’t even get hit

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