Brandon Browner still sidelined in practice for Seahawks


Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll had been optimistic earlier this week that cornerback Brandon Browner would be able to return this week after missing the team’s season opener against the Carolina Panthers with a hamstring strain.

The plan for Browner was to return to practice Thursday in preparation to play against the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday night,

“He’s going to practice tomorrow,” Carroll said during his Wednesday press conference. “He’s been running all week. Monday, Tuesday and now today, Wednesday, it looks like he’s got a good chance to make it back.”

However, Browner was again a spectator for practice on Thursday as he was listed as not participating on the team’s injury report. Carroll said Thursday would be a “big day” to understand whether Browner would have a chance to play or not. They hoped to see how he would be able to make it through a practice and if he continued to show improvement the following day without any issues.

Instead, Browner wasn’t able to practice at all which seems to indicate it’s taking longer than expected for his hamstring to come around.

That doesn’t mean Browner won’t be ready to play Sunday – he was listed as questionable for last week’s game against Carolina before ultimately being inactive – but it’s a threshold the team was hoping he’d be able to make in his recovery and wasn’t able to. It appears as though Browner will likely be a game-time decision again this week for Seattle.

If he can’t play, Walter Thurmond and Byron Maxwell would again serve as his replacements opposite Richard Sherman.

17 responses to “Brandon Browner still sidelined in practice for Seahawks

  1. for the niner fans who are still whining about the hit cm3 laid on your qb. you should youtube deacon jones, he closelined everybody. no flags no fines, thats football. your the reason goodell is ruining our league. niners fans should be more worried why they big tough defense gave up 28 points to the packers, the hawks will probably put up 40. the packers defense is mediocre at best what are you gonna do against the hawks? not much??? anyway thought the niners whined alot after a win can’t wait for the tears after a loss…

  2. Walter Thurmond III will start as the CB opposite to Sherman, but will move inside as the 3rd CB when necessary, then leaving Maxwell outside. WTIII proved to be the best nickel CB, enabling the Seahawks to cut/retire Winfield – an incredible accomplishment.
    Thurmond would start for most teams as #1 CB, only injuries have slowed him. He may even be close to Sherman’s level. Don’t be surprised if Thurmond displaces Browner later this year, leaving Browner to play the spot Maxwell played last game and will possibly play this game.
    Just wanted to clear-up the statement about Maxwell starting opposite Sherman, because that isn’t quite correct.
    CB’s will be fine with or without Browner, what worries me more is health at the DT spot, with Mebane & McDaniel not quite as healthy as one would like.
    Good game coming on Sunday, should be one for the record books! Go Hawks!

  3. I watched the game against the Panthers and I’m not impressed at all with Seattle. Don’t understand the super overly confident Seahawk fans. If it were not for a gift wrap fumble at the 5 yard line, The Seahawks are looking at 0-1 coming in to this game.

    Calm down Seahawks and stop living in the past. Just remember last year road whipping was at the tail end of the season. The Niners are fresh and have a QB who obviously made use of the off-season.

    All that Chirping from a fan base that has never done anything all off season will be for not!

  4. @ fasteddy415, Quit talking about how’s fan base has done what. Nobody’s fan base has done anything… Ever. We don’t play the game. And further more, nobody cares what your team did 20 years ago. Montana and Rice are not running out of the tunnel on Sunday.

  5. fasteddy415 says:

    If it were not for a gift wrap fumble at the 5 yard line, The Seahawks are looking at 0-1 coming in to this game.

    Do you understand turnovers are not gift-wrapped? Good defensive teams work every practice on making turnovers happen. Excellent teams get the turnovers in critical situations. There’s no “gift-wrapping” about it.

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