Bucs avoid blackout, which means everyone can gawk

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If you live in the greater Tampa region, and enjoy watching a good grease fire, you’re in luck.

In an announcement with perfect “Hey, look over there” timing, the Buccaneers said Sunday’s game with the Saints will not be blacked out.

That means they sold more than the 85 percent of non-premium seats, thus will be shown on local television.

The game against the Saints should stand on its own merits, but this one looks like subtext already.

Seeing how the Bucs respond to week full of distractions will be fascinating. From news of players-only meetings to coach Greg Schiano airing out his quarterback for missing the team photo, there’s been enough drama for a month or more.

And now everyone in their home market gets to watch it.

19 responses to “Bucs avoid blackout, which means everyone can gawk

  1. Remember the last time Sean Payton was coaching on the sidelines here and got his leg broke? Maybe the Saints would like to return the favor to our head coach. I wouldn’t have a problem with that – however you would have to deal with our tough guy coach who would probably smash your team bus to bits using just his incisors. So its your call, I wouldn’t blame anyone for anything.

  2. As much as I’d love to see it, the Bucs cannot beat the Saints this week. But they need to put on a good show in order to keep Glennon off the field. They’re looking at 0-3 after the Pats next week. I really hope they can turn it around!

  3. This is to avoid 0-3. A Belichick coach team with 10 days to prepare for a mediocre quarterback with a confidence level somewhere between 0 and -5? Good luck. Gotta have this one.

  4. For those panicking I’d just like to remind everyone, it’s not even Week 2 yet.

    Additionally Freeman took the team on a game winning drive last week, the refs gave the Jets the victory. Take away the multiple BS personal fouls and the Bucs win that game fairly handily — even if it wasn’t as pretty as we’d like.

    Also remember Freeman barely played in the preseason, he looked like a QB that was still working out the rust. THIS is Schiano’s fault, he should have had Freeman and Martin and his starters playing more.

    HOWEVER with all that said, we haven’t even started game 2 yet. Chillout people.

  5. This whole mess with the Coach, etcetera…

    Sounds like an entire communication breakdown. The coach no communicating what he wanted, expecting everybody to read his mind, and blowing up when it doesn’t happen.

    The players no longer giving a… bleep… what the coach wants any more. And as a result, giving up on the team.

    But before everyone says how bad it’s getting.. I seem to remember the Bucs and their coach, were media darlings not that long ago.

  6. ninersreciognizebch says:
    Sep 12, 2013 5:46 PM
    Shiano rigged C he’s gone busted cant be trusted


    Just reading this knocked 2 points off my IQ.

  7. Well buddy, the Bucs scored exactly zero points on “the worst defense in history” last year. This defense is much better.

    So hopefully your comment will let you sleep at night. I promise you Brees keeps the Bucs awake.

  8. Great fans. Can barely sell out home games against a division rival.

    Brees last yr (with no D) vs Bucs: 684 yds; 8TD’s; 1 INT; 127 QB rating; 2 wins

    Schiano better get his victory formation defense ready.

  9. Mygoldtooth says:
    Sep 13, 2013 8:36 AM
    Great fans. Can barely sell out home games against a division rival.

    Brees last yr (with no D) vs Bucs: 684 yds; 8TD’s; 1 INT; 127 QB rating; 2 wins

    Schiano better get his victory formation defense ready.

    All those years of being the `aints has warped your brain. I took Drew Brees and Katrina to fill your stadium.

    Brees put up some impressive passing stats last year, but so did the rest of the league…. NOT this year pal.

  10. And THIS is what Carl Nicks left the Saints for? He goes from having a GREAT QB, one of the best head coaches, and an excellent GM/Ownership team to the cesspool of an organization that’s falling apart. I’ll bet he goes home and throws up every night….. AND ITS ONLY WEEK TWO!

    Then again, getting paid $50+ million dollars after winning a Superbowl with N.O. probably helps, huh?

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