Chris Canty on Suh: It’s dirty, but offensive linemen do it all the time


Ravens defensive lineman Chris Canty isn’t defending Lions defensive lineman Ndamukong Suh. But Canty does find the uproar about Suh taking a shot at Vikings center John Sullivan’s knee curious.

That’s because Canty says defensive linemen take shots to the knees from offensive linemen all the time, and no one bats an eye. In an interview with Andrew Siciliano on NFL Network, Canty said what he’d like to see is for everyone to agree that blocking a player in his knee is never acceptable.

“I think it was dirty,” Canty said. “I have to say this though: I understand his frustration because offensive linemen do it to defensive linemen all the time. But you just can’t retaliate like that. I’m an advocate of everybody staying away from the low blocks. I don’t understand why guys feel like they have to go low. We lift all of those weights in the offseason, we’re supposed to be the best athletes – surely you can find a way to block a guy other than to cut block him.”

Canty makes a fair point, but the rules of the NFL say that it’s OK for an offensive lineman to block low on a defensive lineman on the line of scrimmage, while it’s not permitted for anyone to block low on an interception return, which is what Suh did. Defensive linemen have been saying for years that those rules should change. They should continue to press that case.

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  1. Really? I dont recall the last time I saw ANYONE run down the field and take out someones knees 20 yards away from the play. He hit him from behind and from the side. He blindsided him. Offensive linement dont EVER do that. Its a penalty if they do.

    Please point out this all the time statement? Because thats a load of BS.

  2. So you little nimrods know better than a guy who makes his living playing the game?

    Im not defending Suh, dont even like him but Of course o linemen cut d line ALL the time but in today’s media driven hysteria its fun to have a whipping boy.

    Pro football is a nasty violent sport, open your eyes. the idea that Suh is the only dirty player is a joke.

  3. lol now he was 20 yards away from the play!? I love all the exaggeration. Why won’t pft and the media talk about clay Matthews? He actually cost them a td and a loss. This is so stupid.

  4. Detroit fans don’t defend the stomp, or what he did to Delhomme, but pretty much everything else is just a witch hunt that Detroit fans laugh about.

    An “us against the world” thing is what drove this team to the playoffs in ’11, and its going to happen again this year.

    Suh is a smart guy and he is taking this attention from everyone else on purpose.

    I wouldn’t want to be Arizona on Sunday, I’ll just leave it at that for now.

  5. A low block while somebody is directly in front of you at the line of scrimmage is a lot different than diving at the side of a guys knee while both are running full speed. Also, I believe you cannot cut block another guy at the line while he is engaged with another blocker (high/low) block. I see nothing similar is what Suh did to what offensive linemen do at the line of scrimmage.

  6. Sullivan probably did something to Suh earlier in the trenches but Suh is still a dirty player and it is his MO to to try and take someone out while they aren’t looking.

  7. Offense does do it all the time. I’m not blaming the eagles, just using as a reference, in the game Monday night I watched there whole line cut block. On hike 5 lineman went low at the knees of the skins.

    Again not mad at the eagles because like Canty said for some reason offensive lineman are allowed.

    Still don’t like Suh.

  8. We are the champions. We know how to win championships fair and square. This is a lesson the Steelers will never learn.

  9. Good points. but why isn’t he pondering on how not to get steamrolled for what shoud have been 70 points?

  10. why doesn’t the NFL fine the entire Eagles line for going after the Redskins defensive Line on the play where EVERY single lineman on the eagles dove at the knees of the Washington line? You are going to fine Suh for going after knees why isn’t the entire Eagles Offensive line being fined?

  11. Anyone who thinks going after knees is some how safer and not dirty simply because it’s legal for the offense to do it should look at DeCastro take out Pouncy’s knee on a block intended for a Dlinemen.

    But to further Canty’s point, offensive lineman will tackle at the knees, drag down opponents by the jersey, and arm bar elbows, which are all illegal, but only called for 10 yard holding and never fined. And, it’s done almost every play, and coached to deceive the refs.

    You can’t claim someone is trying to end careers on the grounds that it is illegal if the same football act is legal in many other situations. Otherwise every hold in football would be considered dirty and those who tackle an opponent at the knees or from behind to committ a holding penalty would be fined weekly.

  12. Shouldn’t David DeCastro be fined $100,000 for his hit on Pouncey? What the hell was he thinking??

  13. It is true that lineman do that but not in the heated fashion as Suh, love his tenacity because he represents defensive players in the younger days of the league, but he needs to learn. to control his temper and stop denying it and saying the same damn thing after the game.

  14. Cut blocks should already be outlawed. If you can’t block him, then you cant block him. Defenses already have enough issues defending with touch football in the secondary.

  15. If you want any opinion on Canty being correct you can ask Pouncey how his knee is after DeCastro tried to take out someones knees…

    If this was anyone other than Suh we wouldn’t have heard anything about this and there would have been no fine.

  16. I agree that players should stay away from the knees – including Canty’s current teammates in BAL. In last Thursday night’s game, there was a play where a BAL safety ducked his head straight into the knee of the DEN TE. Offense, don’t block at the knees. Defense, don’t tackle at the knees. Like Canty said, NFL players are the best athletes in the game. Play like men, and eliminate all of these low blows.

  17. sgtdiver says: Sep 12, 2013 8:37 AM

    lol now he was 20 yards away from the play!? I love all the exaggeration. Why won’t pft and the media talk about clay Matthews? He actually cost them a td and a loss. This is so stupid.

    Matthews cost them nothing.

    And speaking of what Canty is talking about, Joe Staley did exactly that on Matthews at the end of a Kaepernick run when SF was running out the clock. Like all the holding SF and other dirty things SF offensive line gets away with, refs naturally do not call it right there in front of him in the open field.

  18. to the redskins fan complaining about the eagles o-line, please refer to my previous point.

    shanahan and gary kubiak and others run a system which relies on cut blocks; not directly in front of the rusher like the eagles did (on quick passes to keep dlines hands down) but at the next level by diving at the legs of the linebackers and safetys as they cut to pursue the play. alex gibbs taught it for years and took it to atlanta and houston as well. google alex gibbs and cut block.

    finally to the guy that thinks the cut block in the trench is equal to one from the blindside with a 20 yard run for momentum… not even….

  19. @jjackwagon…..It’s Suhs MO to take a player out when they aren’t looking. Please identify one other incedent where he has done that… there isn’t one so how is that his MO. did he body slam Delhomme, yep. did he PUSH Jay Cutler, who was running the ball, too hard and get a personal foul, yep. But when has he ever done something where someone wasn’t looking? The articles and comments on Suh are hilarious. It’s like a game of telephone, the more comments/articles there are the farther away the truth is. Most the people who hate Suh probably only watch one Lions game a year. if you actually watch his games, you sill see he is an abzolut beast. has hd made some dumb dirty moves and a stupid decision with the stomp, absolutely. Week in and week out he isn’t the dirty player the media makes him out to be. Actually watch the games!!! Suh is an absolute beast and there isn’t an NFL team that wouldnt sign him.

  20. That’s funny bids Pouncy just go down for the year from being chopped by his own lineman going for the low wile Pouncey was engaged high? 5yrds up field?

    How about the fact that 41 players have had more personl fouls than Suh since 2011 or that he only had one PF last year?

    Clay Mathews???

  21. Yeah Chris……… lets see if Offensive Guard David DeCastro get a $100,000 fine for TRYING to low cut Sammy Hill while he was engaged in a block with Pouncy, and ended his own teammates career!!!!! who gets fine for this?

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