Cullen Jenkins offers some vision advice to Jerry Jones


The back-and-forth between the Cowboys and Giants about whether injuries were faked Sunday night has resembled a tennis match.

But it’s now over, after Cullen Jenkins just smashed one down the line for match point.

The whole thing started when Jerry Jones accused the Giants of faking injuries to slow his team, saying it was “so obvious it was funny.” Giants coach Tom Coughlin disagreed, and the league quietly took his side.

But because it was the Giants and Cowboys, it wasn’t going to end there.

“I don’t know,” Jenkins said of Jones, via Ebenezer Samuel of the New York Daily News. “I don’t know what he saw. I’m not sure. Maybe he should get his son-in-law to clean his glasses to see what’s going on out there.”


While that was certainly worthy of dropping the mic and walking off, Jenkins insisted he was actually injured, feeling something in his shoulder, though he did return.

“I got like a stinger in my shoulder,” Jenkins said. “That’s what had me down. If he sees the play, I clearly was down before they even made an attempt to go no-huddle. So I’m not sure what he’s talking about. . . .

“I think he just wanted to something to say. They got the win. They beat us. It’s all good.”

Says the guy who got the last word. For now.

30 responses to “Cullen Jenkins offers some vision advice to Jerry Jones

  1. Giants clearly were faking injuries against the rams in 2011, which helped them get into the playoffs that year. When two guys flop at the same time it looks cowardly.

  2. The Cowboys are IRRELEVANT in the Tom and Jerry Jones’ era.

    Seriously, what have they won?



  3. I’m still disgusted that with 5 turnovers they had the ball down 6 at midfield couple minutes to go and threw a second pick on a screen. It’s really unbelievable, and to make matters worse it was the damn cowboys. Only the Giants can loose in that manner. I was so happy that football is back till that first play from scrimmage was a damn screen that got picked, realized the stress this stupid game can bring. I was having heart palpitations sitting next to my brother in law who is a cowboy fan as he was having heart palpitations … gotta love the nfc east.

  4. Im an eagles fan and I think I seen some giants flopping out there it isn’t the first time and wont be the last that’s tommys way of being able to sub tired players

  5. The Giants need to shutup and win a football game. Jenkins was always flapping his yap in Philly, too. Not a good look when you look as bad as the teams he has played for have looked. Take a seat, Cull.

  6. You could see this LIVE. He was already down before Romo completely his drop back on that play. Bernadeau tackled (held) him and he lost his balance. Why on earth Dallas fans and Jerrah act like he went down AFTER the play to slow down the next play is beyond me. He stayed down the entire play.

    Oh that’s right, people don’t watch the trenches, just the QB and whoever has the ball.

  7. He goes down, a guy comes out and rubs it for 2 seconds and up he hops and jogs off the field. At least pull a nose hair and cry or something and make it believable for Cripes sake.

  8. Its funny that it took him almost a week to
    think of a comeback for Jerry. Maybe he should
    stay on the sidelines a little longer, that stinger
    must’ve gave him a concussion too. That’s
    ok though cuz the cowboys will have the
    last word when we beat them for a second
    time. GO COWBOYS!!!!!

  9. @ttommytom,

    The Cowboys are IRRELEVANT in the Tom and Jerry Jones’ era.

    Seriously, what have they won?



    “Seriously, what have they won?” Uhhhhhhh, Einstein, unless you call winning 3 Super Bowls under Jerry’s watch irrelevant, they won 3 SB’s. That is what they have won. Seriously.

    Just because you are a hater doesn’t erase the fact that Jerry and the Cowboys have 3 rings since he purchased the team. Just curious, how is it working for you living in denial?

  10. How is it even a zinger. His son-in-law cleaned his glasses? This is weird? Nobody ever did anything nice for their father-in-law?

  11. @ gintfan,

    ttommytom specifically stated:

    “The Cowboys are IRRELEVANT in the Tom and Jerry Jones’ era”.

    That era began in 1989. I think what he is trying to say, specifically, is that he is a hater.

    As a Giants fan, you have two SB wins in the past 23 years. The Cowboys have 3 SB wins in the past 23 years.

    You can play with the dates all you want, but that still puts the Cowboys at 5 SB wins, and the Giants at 4 for their legacies. Anything prior to this year is a team’s legacy. The Saints have one win all-time, and that was in 2009. Are they more relevant simply because they have a SB win in the past 4 years than any other team who has more SB wins in their legacy, albeit before 2009?

    What matters is SB wins. The Ravens won the SB last year, and also won it in 2000. They have two rings in their legacy, and that won’t change a year from now or 2o years from now.

  12. Actually, the NFL is older than the 1960’s. It started in the 1920’s. There were championships before the Super Bowl. Seeing as how the NY Giants have 4 Super Bowls and 4 NFL championships from before the Super Bowl era, their legacy is 8 NFL Championships.

    Only the Bears with 9 and the Packers with 13 have more.

  13. nygnjd,

    I am very aware of the history of the NFL. Due to the fact that several of today’s NFL teams weren’t around prior to the SB era, I think sticking with SB wins is most applicable to this discussion.

  14. We had 6 Turnovers on the road and only lost by a TD, 2 RB fumbles, Special teams goof, and a desperation pick 6 that hit the RB in the hands is why we lost. Brandon Jacobs is gonna take that fumble o the redzone out, Special teams is not gonna screw up, and we will be in control of the next game So Eli wont have to throw a desperate pick 6, Cruz had 4 TD’s and that was no fluke, The Giants had Dez Bryant Bottled up, We are gonna take the next cowboy game.

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