Dobson becomes the 47th player to catch a touchdown pass from Tom Brady


A rookie who went to college in West Virginia has had a major impact on Thursday night’s game.  But it’s not the one you think.

Rookie Aaron Dobson, who played at Marshall, opened the scoring with a 39-yard touchdown reception for the Patriots in their home opener against the Jets.  Dobson becomes the 47th different player to catch a touchdown pass from Tom Brady during his 14-year career.

For Dobson, who missed Week One with a hamstring injury, it also was his first career reception.

Dobson apparently was supposed to be covered by Darrelle Revis, since there was no one in sight as he caught a pass down the right sideline and ran to the end zone.  (Actually, the Pats lined up in run formation, and Dobson slipped through the scrum uncovered.)

The touchdown capped a six-play, 81-yard drive.  Brady completed three of four passes for 54 yards.

22 responses to “Dobson becomes the 47th player to catch a touchdown pass from Tom Brady

  1. Both teams look like crap right now. What a snooze fest.

    Pats got lucky for the totally blown coverage, otherwise Brady looks pretty pedestrian.

  2. 2 and 0 Baby! I don’t care whether it’s ugly or pretty. It’s 2 & 0. A few things though. Before everyone has a heart attack about the young Wide receivers. I say take a deep breadth. I know it is frustrating for a lot of folks, especially Tom Brady, who are addicted to perfect offense execution. But this is called “Growing Pangs”. It will get a ton better as each week passes. In fact I see a talented group of young players who can go the distance after they become veterans after about the 10th game. And I predict the Patriots will be 7 & 3 at the 10 game post based on what I see.

    Their defense is good and getting very good. They usually get great in December. At the 10 game post those fast young wideouts will be anticipating Brady and catching all of those balls they missed tonight. Gronk, Vereen, Amendola, Sudfeld and hopefully others will be back. I see the plate as 80% full right now instead of 50% empty. This years team remind me of the first Brady/Belichick SuperBowl team. Everyone thought they were sort of ordinary until they won it. Brady was just as raw as those young talented wideouts when he replaced Bledsoe. But those veterans stepped up and carried him until he figured it all out after about 10 games. He has to do for the youngsters that those vets did for him.

    So I say let’s enjoy this for what it is. This season could become special if & when it all comes together. The Jets are a much better team than people gave them credit for. Their young defenses will end up being one of the top 10 in the NFL this year. The Jets and Bills definitely have 2 of the top defenses in the AFC. The first half of the season will be a grind. With a few ugly wins and head scratching losses. Teams that look great right now like Denver and San Francisco usually flop miserably down the stretch. Those that overcome the early struggles and somehow win like the Patriots are doing (Baltimore did last year) and the Giants did on the way to 2 championships usually take the Lombardi trophy home.

    So chill out everyone. There will be some real pretty wins after about week 8.

  3. Wait till the playoffs roll around. With these rookies being thrown into the fire like this, they will develop rapidly. We will gel better when Gronk and Amendola come back.

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