Ed Reed a game-time decision again


The Texans didn’t officially rule out safety Ed Reed from Monday night’s opener against the Chargers until they handed in their list of inactive players shortly before the game.

If Reed misses this Sunday’s game against the Titans, that’s when we’ll find out. Mark Berman of FOX 26 reports that coach Gary Kubiak said after Thursday’s practice that Reed did more work during the session than he did at any point last week, but that the team wouldn’t make their call about whether or not Reed will play until Sunday.

“The question right now is when is he ready for those first 25, 30 plays,” Kubiak said. “When we get there, it will be a big plus.”

Kubiak also said that Shiloh Keo will start at safety whether or not Reed is in the lineup. It would be odd to see Reed on the sideline for the first snaps of a game if he’s healthy enough to play later in the contest, but the Texans aren’t going to stop being cautious about the veteran’s immersion into the lineup all of a sudden. They want Reed around for as much of the season as possible and limiting his snaps, at any point in the contest, is one way to increase their chances of making that happen.

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  1. Not to get all Seinfeldian but if it really was a true game-time decision, wouldn’t that mean that the decision comes exactly at 1 pm? And inactives have to be declared a couple hours earlier. So shouldn’t it be called a pregame-time decision?

  2. We were sold a bad bill of goods (although many of us suspected that). If he can’t make it on the field this year and actually play well, I have no problem cutting him. I’m still shaking my head at the front office for going nuts trying to get the old man.

  3. To be clear, Im a Bronco fan through and through, and I have to say Ed Reed was once, imo, the best safety Ive seen in many years….in fact, he and Lewis were 2 of the greatest defensive players that Ive watched play together. But I feel like I have to ask… What were the Houston Texans thinking? Reed missed alot of games the past few seasons and I dont see it getting any better for him this year….

  4. camdenyard says:Sep 12, 2013 4:00 PM

    And once again, Ed is pictured wearing purple. He can’t help himself. He’s a Raven through and through. He doesn’t want to play for Houston.
    So I guess that means you didn’t see him on the sidelines in San Diego running up and down the field screaming and encouraging the team as they were coming back to win? He said after the game he needed oxygen because of yelling and running so much.

    Yeah, sounds to me like he wants no part of this team at all…smh…

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