Giants place Dan Connor on injured reserve


The lengths to which the Giants will go to sell their fake injuries is impressive.

According to Conor Orr of the Newark Star-Ledger, the Giants placed linebacker Dan Connor on injured reserve Thursday.

Connor left Sunday’s game with the Cowboys with what was described as a burner. That caused Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to mock the Giants and say they were faking injuries to slow the game down, despite the fact Connor didn’t return to the game.

The starting middle linebacker told reporters Thursday he didn’t think the injury was serious, but it apparently was.

The Giants already used their IR/designated for return label on running back Andre Brown, which eliminated the possibility of Connor coming back this season.

22 responses to “Giants place Dan Connor on injured reserve

  1. Jerry Jones didn’t see this coming. Maybe his son-in-law should clean his glasses again. Oh man! This is almost as great a gift as when Vince Young gave us all “Dream Team”!

  2. We get decimated at one position every year. Apparently, we’ve gotten hit at two this year. The silver lining is that if you’re gonna get hit anywhere, LB and RB are the two places you can afford.

  3. There was no doubt he got banged up, you could tell watching the play, him on the sideline, and the obvious fact he never returned. That being said, the DT holding his shoulder did look awfully suspicious… Not that it’s ever going to get called though.

  4. Only Jerry wasn’t referring to Connor ( neither was Witten during the game). He was referring to the DL that fell down, grabbed his shoulder and ran off the field laughing. He came back in the next play after receiving 0 medical attention.

    Justintuckrule – if the Giants need this to motivate them, they should all retire.

  5. Give me a break.Just because Mara has the NFL in his back pocket doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.
    It’s only the Giants who look dumb because every other team and fan knows Cullen Jenkins was diving

  6. Except that Jerry said injuries, which is plural and that means more than one. Also it really is beyond the scope of sanity for a fat man to get cramps, everyone knows cramps aren’t real.

  7. You know it was Jenkins he was rubbing his calf. The trainer came out and rubbed his shoulder. He did it last year too. Flopped grabbing his calf then got up and sprinted off the field. Then there is the discount double flop against the Rams. Both them swooned like they had the vapors. Surprised then didnt throw their arms to forehead. See faking injuries has gotten to where people dont believe when you have a REAL one. Dont fear g-nads twinkle toes(your moniker for him) is back to save the day. Gmen 0-2 after Sunday. Unless Peyton takes a dive for spray and pray Elissa.

  8. If it weren’t for Wellington Mara the NFL might not even exist today, at least not as we know it. While the Giants don’t quite have the NFL in their back pocket, the Mara family is a very respected one….as it should be.

    And Jenkins may have faked his injury…and if he did, who cares? That clown Jones needs to worry more about his team coming close to losing a game that they got 6 turnovers in rather than stupidity like Jenkins “faking” an injury.

  9. Only problem is Jason Witten was screaming at Jenkins (i think) the DT that he was faking. That would be the very next play AFTER Dan Conners. Anybody remember the game where 2 Giants hit the ground at the same time faking injuries. I love the fact that everyone is focusing on Conners when Jerry and Witten were not. Go YouTube the 2 giants hittin the ground at the same time… Yeah they don’t “fake”… PLEASE!

  10. The weird bitterness in Internet message boards never ceases to amaze me. I realize it is a reflection of the anger and frustration so many people have in their personal lives. The only way they have to express it is to rant on anonymous message board.

    In this case they are ranting about the Giants. They can rant all they want, but it doesn’t change that the team has won 2 Super Bowls in the last 6 years, that Eli Manning will be remembered for winning Super Bowl MVP awards, Tom Coughlin will be remembered for winning Super Bowls and the Mara family will have enjoyed those Super Bowls too. Manning, Coughlin and the Maras all have made a lot of money and gotten nationwide fame for what they did.

    Maybe you can’t stand any of them. But it only reflects on you when you rant about it. It’s the same as ranting against Jerry Jones, Bill Belichick, Aaron Rodgers, or Ray Lewis. These men have made lots of money, have nationwide prominence and have won Super Bowls. You may not like it, but your ranting just diminishes you.

    Try to enjoy your life. Football is just entertainment. Don’t rant like a wild man.

  11. Justintuckrule – if the Giants need this to motivate them, they should all retire.
    I never said anything about the glasses comment being “motivation” for the Giants. I just think its great fodder for Giants fans to throw at Cowboy fans. Just like when we jazz Eagles’ fans about the Dream Team (still not old I don’t care what anyone says!). If you can’t understand what I am telling you or you can’t read what I write, maybe you should have Jerry’s son-in-law clean your glasses too!!! see? If you can’t see, maybe you should have Jerry’s son-in-law clean your glasses!! I love it!

  12. What you don’t see is Redskin fans cry about this. Why because they ran up against a fast offense and suddenly the high and might Skins flopped on the ground as fast as they could. I bet in a few weeks after the Cowboys play the Eagles you wont hear Jerry or any other Cowboys fans complaining about fake injuries.

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